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No Country For Girls Shortlisted For Davitt Awards

26 July 2023

Sisters in Crime Australia launched the Davitt Awards for best crime books by Australian women at its 10th anniversary convention, SheKilda 2001 to provide some much needed recognition for Australian women crime writers. We're pleased to see Emma Styles' No Country For Girls has been nominated in two categories: Best Adult Novel and Best Debut. Further information about the title is below.


No Country For Girls by Emma Styles
Published in Large PrintCD and MP3 CD audiobook and uLibrary eAudiobook in August 2022.
A man is dead, and now that Charlie and Nao are unwilling accomplices in his murder, there's only one thing to do: hit the road in the victim's pickup, with a bag of stolen gold stashed under the passenger seat. Suddenly criminals with the full weight of the law on their backs, they must make their way across Australia's unforgiving landscape using only their wits to survive. They will be forced to subvert every expectation placed upon them to evade capture, and escape with their lives...

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