What we do

Ulverscroft believes that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not sustainable in today’s library market. Therefore, we have a range of services to help meet your library’s needs; from Supplier Selection to Shelf Ready Processing.

The Ulverscroft Group are able to offer the following library services to our customers.

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Supplier Selection

We are now able to offer customer specific Supplier Selection. Our Supplier Selection can save you valuable time as we will work with your budget and order requirements to ensure that you receive a well curated selection of large print and unabridged audio material for your library. This service is offered with the intention of enabling you to maximise loans.

Standing Order Plans

Ulverscroft has a range of carefully curated large print and unabridged audio SOPs to ensure your library is getting the right titles at the best possible price. Our authors and titles feature heavily in the PLR most borrowed figures, ensuring that our titles will continue to generate excellent loans.

Taking a SOP with Ulverscroft ensures your budgets are managed and comes with the additional benefits of high quality in-house servicing and free delivery.

MARC Records

All our MARC records are created in-house and are sent (emailed or uploaded via CMS) directly to customers. Our professionally qualified in-house Cataloguing team work closely with each customer to ensure that the records are exactly tailored to the individual library’s needs. RDA records are available.

Shelf Ready Processing

Ulverscroft's quality assurance program ensures that materials arrive with all processing as specified. We offer a wide range of servicing options, from the basic to more complex requirements.

  • Labels and stamps
    Spine, accession, genre and barcode – library supplied and generic.
  • Audio donuts
    No need for handwriting.
  • Protection
    A wide range of protective options, including tailored covers.
  • RFID tags
    Application, encoding and supply.
  • Security
    Trigger application and audio repackaging.
  • Braille
    Supply and application of Braille labels.

Customer Care

Our customer care team is dedicated to ensuring our customers satisfaction with our products and services. From regular and timely reporting to unexpected queries, we endeavour to deal with all enquiries in an efficient and timely manner.


Ulverscroft offer a wide variety of exclusive large print and unabridged audio books, which cannot be distributed by any other library supplier. With over 90% of the PLR’s most borrowed titles published by the Ulverscroft Group, Ulverscroft is considered the leading world-wide publisher of large print and unabridged audio books.


Ulverscroft has a dedicated marketing department to assist with your large print and audiobook promotions. From physical promotional material like bookmarks and posters, to exclusive content for your online and social media communication channels.