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A Midnight Kiss On Ever After Street
  • 9781804838525
  • 04-07-2023
A Midnight Kiss On Ever After Street
  • 9781804838549
  • 04-07-2023
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A Midnight Kiss On Ever After Street
  • 9781804838570
  • 04-07-2023
The Vet, The Pup And The Paramedic
  • 9780263297225
  • 01-07-2023
The Vet, The Pup And The Paramedic (Hardcover)
Tina Beckett

Is home a place... ...or a person? Vet Jessie Swinton wants one thing: to forget her ex the minute she arrives in her new home, Santa Medina. But, whilst the small town is the perfect place to start over, it's not the Sierra Nevada mountains that Jessie finds solace in - it's paramedic Cabe McBride and his adorable pup! He understands her fear of heartbreak better than anybody else. So why does he also tempt Jessie to give love a second chance?

Miracle Twins For The Midwife
  • 9780263297232
  • 01-07-2023
Miracle Twins For The Midwife (Hardcover)
Louisa Heaton

New job, new year... babies! Midwife Natalie arrives in New York determined to focus on her new job...a fresh beginning. She might never have her own children, but her life will be full of babies. And then a New Year's Eve kiss leads to a spontaneous night that changes everything. Because the stranger she felt instantly connected to turns out to be her colleague, closed-off doctor Henry. And, shockingly, she has to tell him she's pregnant - with their miracle twins!

Rules Of Their Fake Florida Fling
  • 9780263297249
  • 01-07-2023
Rules Of Their Fake Florida Fling (Hardcover)
Juliette Hyland

Rules can be broken... Can hearts be mended? Hotshot neurosurgeon Asher needs cool, controlled anaesthetist Rory on his team. The only problem? While Rory can't deny his skill, she finds his carefree attitude infuriating. So when Asher learns Rory is to be bridesmaid for her sister - whose groom is her ex-fiancé! - Asher proposes a pretend fling in return for her expertise. The terms are simple: six weeks, one wedding, no falling in love. Easier said than done when their attraction becomes anything but fake...

Single Mum's New Year Wish
  • 9780263297256
  • 01-07-2023
Single Mum's New Year Wish (Hardcover)
Sue MacKay

Swept off her feet... ...and into his arms! Single mum Claire will do anything for her daughter. But when her Christmas wish is the one thing Claire can't give her - a cuddle from the daddy she's never known - Claire's devastated. Until new colleague nurse Nicolas goes above and beyond to make this their best festive season ever. After his divorce, Nicolas doesn't believe in his connection with Claire is unexpected - and undeniable! This New Year, can he make all their wishes come true?

The GP's Royal Secret
  • 9780263297263
  • 01-07-2023
The GP's Royal Secret (Hardcover)
Traci Douglass

Reunited in the Mediterranean... Bound by her revelation... After taking a locum position aboard a luxury yacht, GP Cate is stunned to come face to face with her ex, Prince Davian. She now has the chance to tell him her biggest secret - she's had his child! When they were medical residents Davian kept his identity hidden and, duty-bound, left without saying goodbye. Now, as they set sail, old flames are reignited and passion takes over... But can they cope with the pressures of their new royal reality?

Pregnant With The Secret Prince's Babies
  • 9780263297270
  • 01-07-2023
Pregnant With The Secret Prince's Babies (Hardcover)
Deanne Anders

A twin surprise... A royal shock! There's no doubt about it. Nurse Summer Madison is pregnant with twins... The pile of positive pregnancy tests is proof of that! But, whilst Summer is prepared for the way two children will change her life, she isn't prepared for Dr Alex Leonelli's reaction. Summer thinks their relationship is unshakable. Until Alex's revelation shakes her world beyond compare. Because it turns out Alex is a prince - and their babies will be his royal heirs!

The Housekeeper's Invitation To Italy
  • 9780263308099
  • 01-07-2023
The Housekeeper's Invitation To Italy (Hardcover)
Cathy Williams

Will Cinderella say yes... a flight on the Italian's private jet? Housekeeper Sophie Court has seen plenty about Alessio Rossi-White and his sinful good looks in the headlines. Now she must face him in person, honour-bound to reveal the shocking secrets that her boss, Alessio's father, has hidden from him. Still, Sophie doesn't expect Alessio to make her the solution to his family's problems - by inviting her to Lake Garda as his pretend girlfriend! For love-weary Sophie such a deal should be easy. But accepting feels riskier by the minute...because a connection this powerful can't possibly be fake!

Reunited By The Greek's Baby
  • 9780263308105
  • 01-07-2023
Reunited By The Greek's Baby (Hardcover)
Annie West

He pushed her away to protect her Now he'll finally claim her! When Theo Karalis was wrongfully imprisoned, ending his affair with Isla Jacobs was vital for her safety. Proved innocent at last, he discovers she's pregnant! Nothing will stop Theo from giving his child everything his own father denied him. Isla tried to move on after Theo refused all contact. Now, seeing his commitment to their baby, she finds his offer of a Greek getaway tempting...and so is rekindling their simmering chemistry! But will that be enough to convince Isla he wants her - not just his heir?

The Secret She Must Tell The Spaniard
  • 9780263308112
  • 01-07-2023
The Secret She Must Tell The Spaniard (Hardcover)
Clare Connelly

Reunited by his revenge... But bound by her bombshell! Self-made billionaire Graciano has never forgiven Alicia for choosing her family over him years ago. So when he sees her time being auctioned at a charity event he makes a winning bid! He'll whisk her away to his Spanish island and finally shake the hold she has over him... Back in Graciano's orbit, Alicia knows she must face his questions over the past. But each sultry night transforms their fiery tension. She gathers her courage to admit the truth: that after she was forced to abandon Graciano she had his daughter!

The Prince's Forbidden Cinderella
  • 9780263308129
  • 01-07-2023
The Prince's Forbidden Cinderella (Hardcover)
Kim Lawrence

The innocent in the palace: His undoing or his redemption? Consumed with guilt after his wife's death, Prince Marco fears he can't be the parent his little girl needs. Used to being in command, this royal is surprised to be taken to task by his daughter's new nanny, fiery Kate Armstrong! Kate is refreshingly honest and undeniably attractive. But Marco is most intrigued by the vulnerability that sometimes slips past her barriers. And when their forbidden connection turns into intoxicating passion, Marco finds himself dangerously close to giving in to what he's always promised never to feel...

A Convenient Ring To Claim Her
  • 9780263308136
  • 01-07-2023
A Convenient Ring To Claim Her (Hardcover)
Dani Collins

The proposal... ...she vowed never to accept! Life has taught orphan Quinn Harper to trust only herself. So whilst her secret fling with billionaire Micah Gould was her first taste of passion, it wasn't supposed to last forever. Although it gets harder and harder to pull herself away from his bed... The abominable actions of Micah's father have left a permanent mark. Love isn't in his future. Then his relationship with Quinn is suddenly exposed and, in Berlin, a new possibility presents itself. Quinn could be the convenient bride Micah needs. But can he be what she deserves?

The Boss's Stolen Bride
  • 9780263308143
  • 01-07-2023
The Boss's Stolen Bride (Hardcover)
Natalie Anderson

'You need to get married today? Then you can marry me...' Today is not only Darcie Milne's last day of working for her insufferable yet infuriatingly handsome boss, billionaire Elias Greyson, it's also her wedding day! She must marry to take custody of her orphaned goddaughter. But, arriving at the register office, Darcie finds herself without her convenient groom. Renowned businessman Elias's solution? He'll wed his irreplaceable assistant?immediately! After all, taking a bride will help him secure an important contract. But their first eye-opening kiss as man and wife suggests this marriage arrangement might not stay strictly professional...

Wed For Their Royal Heir
  • 9780263308150
  • 01-07-2023
Wed For Their Royal Heir (Hardcover)
Jackie Ashenden

Pregnant by mistake Queen by His Majesty's command In a moment of dark despair, destitute Solace Ashworth gave up her newborn baby to palace officials. She was sure his wealthy father, King Galen Kouros, would provide the kind of life she never could. Now she'll do anything to get her baby back - even blackmail the King! Facing the woman he shared one reckless night with, Galen experiences the same lightning bolt of desire. And then shame at discovering the terrible mistake which tore Solace from their son. There's only one acceptable option. And it starts with claiming Solace at the royal altar!

The Nights She Spent With The CEO
  • 9780263308167
  • 01-07-2023
The Nights She Spent With The CEO (Hardcover)
Joss Wood

What's the office protocol... ...for being snowbound with your boss? With two sisters to care for, chauffeur Lex Satchell can't risk losing her job. Ignoring her ridiculous attraction to CEO Cole Thorpe is essential. Even when it's clear that their attraction is mutual... So accompanying him on a business trip to his luxurious ski resort is pure torture! Everything changes when a snowstorm cuts them off from reality. Suddenly their passion becomes inevitable. But Lex never imagines that Cole will let her see into his hardened heart. Or that what she sees will make her dream beyond a few forbidden nights...

Tempted By Her Fake Fiance
  • 9780263308907
  • 01-07-2023
Tempted By Her Fake Fiance (Hardcover)
Kate Hardy

A fiancé for the cameras... ...or for ever? In Kate Hardy's 100th book, to secure her dream promotion, marketing executive Elle must put her childhood home on the map. Helping new manager Charlie promote Bluebell Farm as a new wedding venue is easy. Ignoring her chemistry with the brooding widower isn't! Especially when they become the focus of the campaign. Suddenly everyone thinks their posed engagement is real! Playing along with the ruse is fun...until the lines blur and Elle's tempted by a different dream...

Unbuttoning The Tuscan Tycoon
  • 9780263308914
  • 01-07-2023
Unbuttoning The Tuscan Tycoon (Hardcover)
Michelle Douglas

This summer... ...will these opposites attract? In this One Summer in Italy story, taking a break from her high-stress job, Frankie expects to be picking grapes on a vineyard - not running the restaurant instead! But instant fireworks with her brooding new boss mean he's impossible to say no to...for all the right reasons! Whilst Dante might seem uptight, Frankie enjoys the way she can use her new carefree attitude to help unbutton this tempting tycoon and reveal his long-buried playful side...

Barcelona Fling With A Secret Prince
  • 9780263308921
  • 01-07-2023
Barcelona Fling With A Secret Prince (Hardcover)
Ella Hayes

Breaking news: A royal scandal in Spain! Shy Lady Dulcibella is enduring rather than enjoying her rumbustious cousin's OTT hen do in Barcelona. Until she finds herself trapped in a hotel lift with the most gorgeous man she's ever seen! Their instant chemistry sparks a fling neither intended... Yet no matter how perfect Raffiel might appear, love-weary Dulcie is hesitant to let him in. So when the royal secret he's kept from her is revealed, will the headlines that follow stop their fling from becoming for ever?

Billionaire's Snowbound Marriage Reunion
  • 9780263308938
  • 01-07-2023
Billionaire's Snowbound Marriage Reunion (Hardcover)
Justine Lewis

Can they forgive the past... claim a future? Bestselling author Lily doesn't expect to have to share her remote cabin getaway with anyone - let alone her ex-husband, billionaire Jack! She hasn't seen him since their fledgling marriage imploded a decade ago, but her response to him is as visceral as ever... Now, snowbound together, they're forced to face the truth of what came between them. Rediscovering the connection that started it all, will they seize this second chance they never dared to dream of?

Love's Secret Ingredient
  • 9780263308945
  • 01-07-2023
Love's Secret Ingredient (Hardcover)
Michele Dunaway

She was following the recipe but... Maybe he was the something missing. When Nick Reilly enters her cookie store, baker Zoe James doesn't recognize the poor boy from school she used to sneak free cookies to. But secret billionaire Nick remembers her kindness and offers his help when Zoe is hit by a crisis. Suddenly, he's posing as her fiancé, baking treats and falling for Zoe! Can Nick reveal who he is - and convince Zoe they have the right ingredients to create the relationship they both crave?

His Maddening Matchmaker
  • 9780263309508
  • 01-07-2023
His Maddening Matchmaker (Hardcover)
Virginia Heath

They say opposites attract... But do they wed? A Very Village Scandal story. Ned Parker has spent years restoring his family's fortunes, leaving no time for courting. Now, childhood friend and self-appointed matchmaker Isobel has decided to transform this 'scruffy brute' into an eligible gentleman. Though he has no interest in re-joining Society, Ned senses Izzy needs the distraction and reluctantly goes along with her plans. Despite their differing views, a surprising new attraction grows...but Ned's doing his best to avoid it!

The Untamed Warrior's Bride
  • 9780263309515
  • 01-07-2023
The Untamed Warrior's Bride (Hardcover)
Michelle Willingham

To claim what should be his... He must claim her! Piers of Grevershire might have been born illegitimate, but he'll fight for the land he knows is his. To do so he must win Lady Gwendoline's hand in marriage! What starts as a secret mission of vengeance soon becomes more, as Gwen's unique fire ignites a powerful connection between them. And when they're married he finds earning Gwen's trust means revealing his true identity - and the betrayal that risks destroying their fledgling bond...