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Strictly Christmas Spirit
  • 9781407998640
  • 30-11-2021
Strictly Christmas Spirit (Audio Download)
Helen Buckley / Julie Maisey

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Strictly Christmas Spirit. Ex-dancer Emily Williams turned her back on popular dancing show Strictly Dancing with Celebs to help those in need. Now the only dancing she does is teaching lonely pensioners to waltz. She's certainly not star-struck when Hollywood heart-throb Blake Harris is sent to her at short notice for community service, and has no desire to babysit the arrogant actor with his bad boy antics. But Emily's reasons for abandoning her dancing passion means she understands the Hollywood wild child more than she'd like to admit. Could their time together, coupled with a dash of Christmas spirit, lead to a miracle change of heart for them both?

Wrong Sort of Girl
  • 9781407998619
  • 23-11-2021
Wrong Sort of Girl (Audio Download)
Helen Bridgett / Karen Cass

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Wrong Sort of Girl. Kelly Ingles' case should have been one to tug on the public's heartstrings: a young woman missing in the run-up to Christmas. But Kelly wasn't perfect - she liked to party, enjoyed a drink, didn't always make the best decisions. And when evidence of her drunken antics appears online, it becomes clear that Kelly might not just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time; she might also be the wrong sort of girl to encourage public sympathy. It's a case that's right up Maxie Reddick's street. But can she get the police and public on board before it's too late?

Recipe for Mr Perfect
  • 9781407997872
  • 19-11-2021
Recipe for Mr Perfect (Audio Download)
Anni Rose / Kitty Kelly

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Recipe for Mr Perfect. Jess Willersey realised things with Martin weren't perfect, but it's still a shock when he leaves. Is she destined to a singleton lifestyle, or could a certain hat-astrophic encounter with a handsome stranger at a rather unusual wedding signal a turning point? At the same time, Jess's best friends and work colleagues, Maggie and Sarah, are going through their own personal disasters - from shocking family revelations to dodgy dating app-related drama. To top it all off, it seems that the handsome stranger won't remain a stranger - and when Neil Jackson turns up at the friends' offices with yet another bombshell, how long will he stay 'Mr Perfect' in Jess's eyes?

Christmas of New Beginnings
  • 9781407998671
  • 16-11-2021
Christmas of New Beginnings (Audio Download)
Kirsty Ferry / Emily Wilden

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Christmas of New Beginnings. Folk singer Cerys Davies left Wales for the South Downs village of Padcock at Christmas, desperate for a new beginning. And she ends up having plenty of those: opening a new craft shop-tea room, helping set up the village's first festive craft fair, and, of course, falling desperately in love with Sam, the owner of the local pub. It's just too bad he's firmly in the clutches of Awful Belinda. . . But with a bit of patience, some mild espionage, a generous sprinkling of festive magic and a flock of pub-crashing sheep, could her fifth Christmas in Padcock lead to her best new beginning yet?

Her Nanny's Secret
  • 9781407996752
  • 09-11-2021
Her Nanny's Secret (Audio Download)
Jan Baynham / Deryn Edwards

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Her Nanny's Secret. 1941. Annie Beynon has just become the first stable girl for the most powerful family in her Welsh village. Whilst her gift for working with horses is clear, there are some who are willing to make her life very difficult simply for being a girl. There are other secret ways Annie is defying conventions though and as the war rages, it seems that it's only a matter of time before Annie's secret is exposed. . . It's 1963 before Annie is able to face up to the secret she chose to keep over 20 years before. Justifying that decision takes her to Normandy, and an outcome she could never have expected . . .

Lily's Little Flower Shop
  • 9781787828568
  • 01-11-2021
Lily's Little Flower Shop (Audio Download)
Lisa Darcy / Mufrida Hayes

When Lily misses out on a well-deserved promotion the day her boyfriend is offered a job overseas, she faces a choice: should she embrace an expat life, or realise her childhood dream of becoming a florist? Deciding to follow her heart, she moves to the coast to start again. But fitting into the tight-knit community there proves harder than she had expected. As she navigates new friendships, financial worries and the pull of returning to her city life, she learns how flowers can bring her the happiness she's been looking for. And when romance appears on the horizon, Lily realises she can't commit until she reconciles her mistakes. Can she overcome her past and learn the true meaning of love?

A Villa in Portofino
  • 9781407997841
  • 26-10-2021
A Villa in Portofino (Audio Download)
Evonne Wareham / Evonne Wareham

Soundings and Choc Lit present audio edition of A Villa in Portofino. When hotel cleaning temp and poetry academic Megan Morrison finds out she's inherited an Italian villa and small fortune from her estranged great-great aunt Olwen, she doesn't quite know how to react. That is, until she travels to Portofino to see Il Giardino delle Rose for herself. Then she knows exactly what she has to do: live there! Enchanted by the beauty of the house and gardens, fascinated by the history, and more than a little intrigued by handsome hired landscape gardener Gideon West, Megan can immediately see the villa's potential as a dream home. But having long-lost relatives sometimes means long-lost secrets - and it seems that Olwen had plenty of those . . .

Holy Thief, The
  • 9781399121606
  • 15-10-2021
Holy Thief, The (Audio Download)
William Ryan / Sean Barrett

Moscow, 1936. In a deconsecrated church, a young woman is found dead, her mutilated body displayed on the altar for all to see. Captain Alexei Dimitrevich Korolev is asked to investigate. But when he discovers that the victim is an American citizen, the NKVD ? the most feared organisation in Russia ? becomes involved. Soon, Korolev?s every step is under close scrutiny and one false move will mean exile to the frozen camps of the far north. Committed to uncovering the truth, Korolov enters the realm of the Thieves, who run Moscow?s underworld. And as more bodies are discovered and the pressure from above builds, Korolev will find not only his moral and political ideals threatened, but also his life?

Bloody Meadow, The
  • 9781399121620
  • 15-10-2021
Bloody Meadow, The (Audio Download)
William Ryan / Sean Barrett

Following a previous investigation, which implicated those at the very top in Soviet Russia, Captain Alexei Korolev finds himself hailed as an example to all. But Korolev lives in an uneasy peace ? if it is discovered what his real actions were during the case, he will face deportation to Siberia. Instead, Colonel Rodinov of the NKVD security service asks the detective to look into the suspected suicide of a young woman on a film set in the Ukraine. The feared Commissar for State Security, Ezhov, wants the matter looked into. And when the detective arrives on the set for The Bloody Meadow, in the bleak, battle-scarred Ukraine, he soon discovers that there is more to her death than meets the eye?

Twelfth Department, The
  • 9781399121644
  • 15-10-2021
Twelfth Department, The (Audio Download)
William Ryan / Sean Barrett

Moscow, 1937. Captain Korolev, a police investigator, is enjoying a long-overdue visit from his young son Yuri when an eminent scientist is shot dead within sight of the Kremlin and Korolev is ordered to find the killer. It soon emerges that the victim, a man who it appears would stop at nothing to fulfil his ambitions, was engaged in research of great interest to those at the very top ranks of Soviet power. When another scientist is brutally murdered, and evidence of the professors? experiments is hastily removed, Korolev begins to realise that, along with having a difficult case to solve, he?s caught in a dangerous battle between two warring factions of the NKVD. And then his son Yuri goes missing . . .

The Memory Tree
  • 9781787827295
  • 01-10-2021
The Memory Tree (Audio Download)
Jennifer Scoullar / Nicholas Osmond

When forest protests engulf a tiny Tasmanian timber town, one family's century of secrets threatens to destroy a marriage - and bring down a government. Matt Abbott, head ranger at beautiful Binburra National Park, is a man with something to hide. He confides his secret to nobody, not even his wife Penny. The deception gnaws away at their marriage. Matt's father, timber and mining magnate Fraser Abbott, stands for everything Matt hates. Son disappoints father, father disappoints son - this is their well-worn template. But Fraser seems suddenly determined to repair the rift between them at any cost, and Matt will discover that secrets run in the family. When Sarah, a visiting Californian geneticist, tries to steal Matt's heart, the scene is set for a deadly betrayal.

Waiting For Ana
  • 9781787827981
  • 01-10-2021
Waiting For Ana (Audio Download)
Annie Seaton / Olivia Beardsley

Blake Buchanan and Ana Delaney lived in a shared house at university, and could never see eye-to-eye about anything. Except for one night of passion...before Ana left without a word, never expecting to cross paths with Blake again. Years later, Blake has made his millions. He comes to Noosa to manage a corporate takeover that will close down the home-flipping business Ana has poured her heart and soul into. The fiery Ana is determined to convince money-minded Blake of her company's worth - but when a family emergency throws them together, their walls come tumbling down once again... The problem is, Blake's business-first position hasn't changed. And Ana can't fall for the man who could become her boss - especially when it's not only her job at stake, but also her heart.

True West
  • 9781787828506
  • 01-10-2021
True West (Audio Download)
David Whish-Wilson / Adam Fitzgerald

Western Australia, 1988. After betraying the Knights motorcycle gang, 17-year-old Lee Southern flees to the city with nothing left to lose. Working as a rogue tow-truck driver in Perth, he is captured by right-wing extremists whose combination of seduction and blackmail keeps him on the wrong side of the law and under their control. As the true nature of what drives his captors unfolds, Lee becomes an unwilling participant in a breathtakingly ambitious plot - and a cold-blooded crime that will show just how much he, and everyone else, still has to lose.

The Wartime Singers
  • 9781788897433
  • 01-10-2021
The Wartime Singers (Audio Download)
Lesley Eames / Julie Maisey

London, 1914. Sick and injured servicemen are returning home and Lizzie Kellaway and her godmother Margaret Penrose are determined to do their bit to help them. With Lizzie's beautiful singing voice and Margaret's talent for the piano, concerts in hospitals and convalescent homes offer the perfect opportunity to lift the spirits of men who have suffered so much. When Polly Meadows's fiancé rejects her and leaves for the war, she doesn't hesitate before travelling to London to be with her childhood friend, Lizzie. It isn't long before she's persuaded to join their efforts to entertain the troops. With all three women facing struggles, one thing is certain: these wartime singers will need each other more than ever before...

The Girls In Blue
  • 9781788897884
  • 01-10-2021
The Girls In Blue (Audio Download)
Fenella J. Miller / Annie Aldington

Jane Hadley has nothing to lose when she runs away to join the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Whatever faces her in war-torn London can't be any worse than staying at home with her abusive father. The city is nothing like she could have imagined, but she's soon on the move, travelling from base to base for her top-secret training. Making plenty of friends along the way, it doesn't take long for Jane to embrace her growing confidence - especially under the attentive eye of dashing Officer Oscar Stanton. But when Jane's father tracks her down, her life crashes to a halt. Jane will need all her strength to find her way back to the frontline and the man she loves.

Summer's Christmas
  • 9781407997186
  • 28-09-2021
Summer's Christmas (Audio Download)
Ella Cook / Julie Maisey

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Summer's Christmas. Summer by name and summer by nature - that's how people describe Evelyn's happy, outgoing daughter. Even if her favourite time of year is actually Christmas! But Summer has gone through more than any eight-year-old ever should, and that's part of the reason Evelyn is leaving everything behind to return to her childhood home in the village of Broclington. But then Evelyn receives the news that every mother dreads, and it's local vet Jake Macpearson who comes to the rescue. With the help of the Broclington community, could he be the man to bring festive magic to August, and make all of Evelyn and Summer's Christmases come at once?

A Cornish Summer at Pear Tree Farm
  • 9781407996783
  • 07-09-2021
A Cornish Summer at Pear Tree Farm (Audio Download)
Angela Britnell / Willow Nash

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of A Cornish Summer at Pear Tree Farm. Nessa Vivian is determined to keep her parents' business afloat, but Pear Tree Farm near the Cornish village of Polgarth didn't do well as farm, and it's not faring much better as a camp site. Maybe it's due to Nessa's habit of taking in troubled runaways for next to nothing. And then another troubled runaway turns up, posing the greatest threat yet. Ex-musician Ward Spencer from Tennessee is certainly intriguing, but could his plans to put nearby Tregereth House on the map mean Pear Tree Farm is finished - or does his arrival signal a second lease of life, and not just for Nessa's business?

Into The Dark
  • 9781445097039
  • 01-09-2021
Into The Dark (Audio Download)
Stuart Johnstone / David Monteath

The brutal murder of ten-year-old Callum Bradley sent shockwaves across Scotland but, as the weeks have stretched on with no solid leads, the investigation has been scaled back. Sergeant Don Colyear, Community Police Officer, is tasked with tying up a loose end: a 999 call which may have hinted at the boy's murder. However, the call was made three weeks before the crime took place. The caller turns out to be a resident at an Edinburgh care home, drifting in and out of lucidity due to dementia. Enough to write off the potential lead as a dead end. But when a fresh murder disturbs the city, the clock is ticking path to catch a violent killer.

  • 9781787824836
  • 01-09-2021
Prisoner (Audio Download)
S.R. White / Helen Walsh

When a man is found savagely 'crucified' amidst a murky swamp in northern Australia, detective Dana Russo and her team are called to a shocking scene. The victim is a convicted rapist, just released from prison, who years earlier committed an atrocious crime yards from where he was killed. Who murdered him - and why? With several potential leads, the investigation quickly becomes more complex, and sinister, than anyone imagined. And Dana realises she'll have to confront her own troubled past to understand the true motives of the killer. . .

Mara's Choice
  • 9781787826168
  • 01-09-2021
Mara's Choice (Audio Download)
Anna Jacobs / Taryn Ryan

When Mara Gregory receives a letter from the father whom she believed to have died when she was a child, her world is turned upside down. Aaron Buchanan only discovered that he had a daughter a couple of years ago and now he's desperate to play a part in her life. In the face of her mother's opposition, Mara arranges to meet her father and his family. In a breath-taking corner of the world, amid a waterfront community on Australia's west coast, will Mara find him the disappointment that her mother promises? And when Australia brings another man into her life, she's faced with some huge decisions and some heartrending choices.

Black Hands
  • 9781787827356
  • 01-09-2021
Black Hands (Audio Download)
Martin Van Beynen / Toby Webster

It's a story that began in a rickety old home on a cold June morning in 1994, where five members of a seemingly ordinary New Zealand family were gunned down. There were two suspects. One lay dead from a single bullet to the head. The other was the only survivor: David Bain. Since then, the country has asked: Who killed the Bain family? David, or his father Robin? And why? Award-winning journalist Martin van Beynen has covered the Bain story closely for decades. Now, his book brings the story completely up to date: exploring the case from start to finish, picking through evidence old and new, plumbing the mysteries and motives, interviewing never-before-spoken-to witnesses, and guiding readers through the complex police investigation and court cases, seeking to finally answer the question: Who was the killer?

Wartime With The Tram Girls
  • 9781788894142
  • 01-09-2021
Wartime With The Tram Girls (Audio Download)
Lynn Johnson / Julia Franklin

July 1914. Britain is in turmoil as WW1 begins to change the world. While the young men disappear off to foreign battlefields, the women left at home throw themselves into jobs meant for the boys. Hiding her privileged background and her suffragette past, Constance Copeland signs up to be a Clippie on the trams in Staffordshire, despite her parents' disapproval. Constance, known as Connie, soon makes fast friends with lively fellow Clippies, Betty and Jean, as well as growing closer to the charming, gentle Inspector Robert Caldwell. But Connie is haunted by another secret; and if it comes out, it could destroy her new life.

Celebrity SOS
  • 9781407996721
  • 24-08-2021
Celebrity SOS (Audio Download)
Helen Bridgett / Julie Maisey

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Celebrity SOS. When Katerina Murphy agrees to take part in Celebrity SOS, a reality TV show where celebrities have to fend for themselves in the Alaskan wilderness, she's up for the challenge. But then she locks eyes with fellow contestant Finn Drayson and realises that the show is going to push her further from her comfort zone than she ever imagined. After all, Finn wasn't just Katerina's co-star in the school play where she discovered her acting confidence, he was also her first love - and the first boy to break her heart. Will Katerina's talents stretch to staying composed in the face of Arctic winds and blasts from the past?

Summer's Secret Marigold
  • 9781407996257
  • 10-08-2021
Summer's Secret Marigold (Audio Download)
Kirsty Ferry / Charlotte Strevens

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Summer?s Secret Marigold. For two people who run competing arts centres in Cornwall, Sybill Helyer and Coren Penhaligon get on rather well. So well in fact that Sybill often wishes the owner of Pencradoc Arts Centre would look up from his spreadsheets for a minute and notice her. Unfortunately, even that?s too much to ask from workaholic Coren. However, when the pair join forces to run an exhibition on the wild and wonderful life of Elsie Pencradoc, a talented artist who lived at Coren?s estate in the early 20th century, they?re in for a surprise?