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Fortress Iron Eyes
  • 9780719821059
  • 30-06-2016
Fortress Iron Eyes (Ebook)
Rory Black

Tracking outlaws Dobie Miller and Waldo Schmitt into a deadly desert, the notorious bounty hunter Iron Eyes is closing the distance between them with every beat of his determined heart. Yet the magnificent palomino stallion beneath his ornate saddle is starting to suffer. For years the deadly Iron Eyes has never been concerned about his horses, but since acquiring the powerful stallion, his attitude has changed. Iron Eyes knows that the horse has saved his life many times, due to its remarkable strength, but now it needs water badly. Every instinct tells the bounty hunter to stop his relentless hunt for the wanted outlaws, but then his steely eyes spot something out in the sickening heat-haze: It is a towering fortress. Iron Eyes presses on.

North Wales Folk Tales for Children
  • 9780750968812
  • 15-05-2016
North Wales Folk Tales for Children (Ebook)
Fiona Collins

In these stories you will meet dragons, giants, wizards, monsters and one extremely powerful witch and of course the Tylwyth Teg, the Welsh fairies. From Once upon a time... to Happy ever after you will be transported to North Wales, where even the stones have stories to tell.

In Search of Anne Bronte
  • 9780750968690
  • 15-03-2016
In Search of Anne Bronte (Ebook)
Nick Holland

ANNE BRONTË, the youngest and most enigmatic of the Brontë sisters, remains a best-selling author nearly two centuries after her death. The brilliance of her two novels - Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall - and her poetry belies the quiet, yet courageous girl who often lived in the shadows of her more celebrated sisters. Yet her writing was the most revolutionary of all the Brontës, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable. This revealing new biography opens Anne's most private life to a new audience and shows the true nature of her relationships with her siblings, in particular with her sister Charlotte.

Flying to the Sun
  • 9780750968706
  • 15-03-2016
Flying to the Sun (Ebook)
Charles Woodley

The end of the Second World War not only brought peace to a war-weary population but also delivered a plethora of surplus transport aircraft, crew and engineers, which could be easily and cheaply repurposed to lift the mood of the British population. The dream of sun-drenched beaches in exotic places suddenly became a reality for thousands of pioneering tourists taking advantage of the air-travel revolution of the 1950s. From their humble beginnings flying holidaymakers to campsites in Corsica in war-surplus Dakota aircraft to today's flights across the globe in wide-bodied Airbuses, Flying To The Sun narrates the development of Britain s love-hate relationship with holiday charter airlines. Whilst many readers today will be more familiar with names like Ryanair and Easyjet than Clarksons or Dan-Air, this charming book serves as a fond reminder of those enterprising airlines and companies that ushered a new age of travel.

Operation Basalt
  • 9780750968720
  • 15-03-2016
Operation Basalt (Ebook)
Eric Lee

German soldiers assigned to guard the tiny Channel Island of Sark described it as a little Paradise and, because it was never bombed by the RAF, the best air-raid shelter in all of Europe. But paradise for them came to a bloody end in October 1942 when a small group of British Commandos raided the island, capturing one German soldier and killing several others. Operation Basalt would have been a footnote in history but for the reaction of Hitler, who believed that British soldiers executed several Germans who had already surrendered and whose hands were bound. Days after the raid, he issued the infamous Commando Order, a death sentence for those Allied commandos who fell into German hands. Drawing on extensive archival research and interviews with survivors of the period, Eric Lee has written the definitive account of the raid, putting it into the context of the German occupation of British lands during the war.

Dead on Time
  • 9780750968737
  • 15-03-2016
Dead on Time (Ebook)
Jean-Claude Guiet

Jean Claude Guiet, born in France and raised in the US, attended Harvard aged 18 until, as a 'naïve' 19-year-old, he entered the US Army in 1943. As a native French speaker he was quickly assigned to SOE and the OSS (the precursor of the CIA) and parachuted into occupied France in the lead up to D-Day. After the liberation of Paris he was sent to Indochina to organise and train tribes in the jungles of the Far East to fight the Japanese. Subsequently he worked for the CIA in Washington. Told with characteristic understatement and charm, Jean Claude's writing perfectly captures the variety of his own long and fascinating life. Much more than one man's memoirs, Dead on Time is a tribute to a unique generation whose lives were regularly filled with both danger and laughter.

Hannibal and Scipio pocket GIANTS
  • 9780750968744
  • 15-03-2016
Hannibal and Scipio pocket GIANTS (Ebook)
Greg Fisher

Why are Hannibal and Scipio pocket GIANTS? Because they led the epic struggle between Rome and Carthage. Because they were superb military leaders. Because their conflict changed the course of world history. Because their rivalry shows the frailty of human greatness. Greg Fisher is a graduate of the University of Oxford and teaches courses on the ancient world at Carleton University, Ottawa. He is the editor of Arabs and Empires Before Islam (Oxford, 2015), and is currently working on a book about the Second Punic War. He lives in Hudson, Quebec. 'As fast paced and skilfully executed as one of Hannibal's campaigns, this is the perfect introduction to the second Punic War. Tom Holland

Shakespeare's Bastard
  • 9780750968560
  • 15-02-2016
Shakespeare's Bastard (Ebook)
SimonAndrew Stirling

Sir William Davenant (1606?1668) - Poet Laureate and Civil War hero - is one of the most influential and neglected figures in the history of British theatre. He introduced 'opera', actresses, scenes and the proscenium arch to the English stage. Narrowly escaping execution for his Royalist activities during the Civil War, he revived theatrical performances in London, right under Oliver Cromwell's nose. Nobody, perhaps, did more to secure Shakespeare's reputation or to preserve the memory of the Bard. Davenant was known to boast over a glass of wine that he wrote 'with the very spirit' of Shakespeare and was happy to be thought of as Shakespeare's son. By recounting the story of his eventful life backwards, through his many trials and triumphs, this biography culminates with a fresh examination of the vexed issue of Davenant's paternity. Was Sir William's mother the voluptuous and maddening 'Dark Lady' of Shakespeare's Sonnets, and was he Shakespeare's 'lovely boy'?

Great War Britain Hull & The Humber
  • 9780750965743
  • 15-09-2015
Great War Britain Hull & The Humber (Ebook)
Susanna O'Neill

The First World War claimed over 995,000 British lives, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Great War Britain Hull & the Humber offers an intimate portrayal of the city and its people living in the shadow of the 'war to end all wars'. A beautifully illustrated and highly accessible volume, it describes local reaction to the outbreak of war; the experience of individuals who enlisted; the changing face of industry; the work of the many hospitals in the area; the effect of the conflict on local children; the women who defied convention to play a vital role on the home front; and concludes with a chapter dedicated to how the city and its people coped with the transition to life in peacetime once more. The Great War story of Hull is told through the voices of those who were there and is vividly illustrated through evocative images from Hull City Archives.

Haunted Bishop's Stortford
  • 9780750965767
  • 15-09-2015
Haunted Bishop's Stortford (Ebook)
Jenni Kemp

From a spectral horse and carriage heard galloping along Church Street to unexplained sightings of the market town's mysterious Grey Lady, this collection of hauntings from Bishop's Stortford is guaranteed to make your blood run cold. Featured here are reports of a shrieking woman in Water Lane, the ghost of a Victorian child at the Black Lion pub, an ominous black shape in the graveyard of St Michael's church, and even a phantom army from the days of Cromwell, among many others. So draw the curtains, dim the lights, choose your favourite chair and immerse yourself in a journey into the realms of the supernatural.

Blitz Britain
  • 9780750965583
  • 15-08-2015
Blitz Britain (Ebook)
Graham Phythian

In 1940, the Manchester and Salford Blitz saw the city and its surroundings targeted by the German Luftwaffe. The most destructive attack was launched in late December 1940; it is remembered today as the Christmas Blitz . Nearly 800 people lost their lives, and thousands more were injured, in two nights of raids ending with a devastating Christmas Eve that saw hundreds of tons of high explosive and thousands of incendiaries fall. Attacks continued into 1941 and beyond, and landmarks such as the cathedral, the Free Trade Hall, the Royal Infirmary and the Royal Exchange were all to suffer. At Old Trafford, too, a bomb wrecked the pitch and demolished the stands. This 75th anniversary narrative, based on first-hand accounts and extensive research, tells the story of how the people of Manchester, Salford, Trafford Park and Stretford endured this dark period in their history a tale of courage, sacrifice, loss and the unconquerable power of the human spirit. Richly illustrated with contemporary photographs and documents, some of which have never been published before, this book is a valuable addition to the history of Manchester and Salford.

The Trio
  • 9780750965651
  • 15-08-2015
The Trio (Ebook)
Richard Knott

The Trio tells the story of three war correspondents, two Englishmen and an Australian, all in their 30s, whose friendship was forged during the Second World War. They became so close that their colleagues dubbed them 'The Trio', sometimes out of disgruntled rivalry. Alan Moorehead, Alexander Clifford and Christopher Buckley worked for the Express, Mail and Telegraph respectively. Clifford and Moorehead lived together more closely than most married couples, and all three correspondents spent the war years travelling relentlessly, chasing news and writing stories, while being reliant on each other's friendship and mutual trust. They slept under the desert stars, in sumptuous Italian villas, in trains and army trucks. They were frequently in the line of fire, while their names became synonymous with the best war reporting. The Trio describes their relationship, what happened to each of them in the war and finally, when the fighting was over, how success gave way to personal tragedy.

Tipperary Folk Tales
  • 9780750965675
  • 15-08-2015
Tipperary Folk Tales (Ebook)
Aideen McBride

County Tipperary, the second largest county in Ireland, has a rich and colourful history that has inspired many myths and legends. A selection of the best are retold here, collected and reworked by professional storyteller Aideen McBride. Within these pages you will discover how the first settlers came to Ireland, what might happen if you join in the singing of the fairies of Knockgrafton and where treasure is said to be buried; you will learn how Lough Derg, the lake of the bloody eye, and Slievenamon Mountain, the mountain of the women, got their names; you will meet legendary Irish poets, pipers and shoemakers and the first King of Cashel, Conall Corc; and be told the stories of the legendary Battle of Widow McCormack's Cabbage Patch. From age-old legends and fantastical myths to amusing anecdotes and cautionary tales, this collection is a heady mix of bloodthirsty, funny, passionate and moving stories. It will take you into a remarkable world where you can let your imagination run wild.

Laois Folk Tales
  • 9780750965682
  • 15-08-2015
Laois Folk Tales (Ebook)
Nuala Hayes

From miracle-working saints and shape-shifting witches to silent ghosts and wailing banshees, County Laois is teeming with folk tales and a selection of the best, drawn from historical sources and interviews, have been brought to life here by storyteller by Nuala Hayes. This book will take you on a journey through the county's varied landscape, from the rugged Slieve Bloom Mountains to its fertile plains, with tales of talking cats, bewitched butter, fairy changelings and holy fish. On the way we will meet characters like the great warrior Conall Cearnach, from whom the people of Laois are said to be descended; Moll Anthony, the wisewoman of the Red Hills; and the White Lady said to haunt Durrow Castle to this day. Richly illustrated by internationally renowned artist Rita Duffy, these enchanting stories can be enjoyed and shared time and again.

Buried Lives
  • 9780750965705
  • 15-08-2015
Buried Lives (Ebook)
Robin Bury

The early twentieth century saw the transformation of the southern Irish Protestants from a once strong people into an isolated, pacified community. Their influence, status and numbers had all but disappeared by the end of the civil war in 1923 and they were to form a quiescent minority up to modern times. This book tells the tale of this transformation and their forced adaptation, exploring the lasting effect that it had on both the Protestant community and the wider Irish society and investigating how Protestants in southern Ireland view their place in the Republic today.

Barrow Steelworks
  • 9780750966122
  • 15-08-2015
Barrow Steelworks (Ebook)
Stan Henderson

During the second half of the nineteenth century, Barrow-in-Furness became a pioneer in iron and steel production. It went on to grow astronomically - owning collieries in three counties and ore mines in two - and became the largest integrated steelworks in north Lancashire and Cumberland and, at one time, the largest steelworks in the world. Its success was due, in part, to having the prestige of three dukes as directors, as well as to being only 2 miles away from one of the largest and richest iron ore mines in the country. Written by two former employees of the works, Barrow Steelworks chronicles the company's past from the early empire through the inter-war and post-war years, the development of continuous casting in the 1950s, which revolutionised steelmaking, and, finally, the struggles and ultimate demise from the 1960s onwards of this once prominent industry.

The Little Book of Bristol
  • 9780750965439
  • 15-07-2015
The Little Book of Bristol (Ebook)
Maurice Fells

A rich, and indeed sometimes bizarre, thread of history weaves its way through the Bristol story. Find out all manner of things, from why a Bristol Diamond would never be found in a jewellery shop to why local by-laws restrict carpet beating to certain hours. Along with a fresh look at city life past and present, these and many more anecdotes will surprise even those Bristolians who thought they really knew their city.

Captain Cook's Merchant Ships
  • 9780750965491
  • 15-07-2015
Captain Cook's Merchant Ships (Ebook)
Stephen Baines

While the story of Endeavour is widely written about, Captain Cook sailed in or with eight ships which began their lives as merchant ships. This detailed illustrated history tells the story of these ships and the people who sailed in them. In placing these ships and people in the personal, political, social, financial, scientific and religious contexts of their times, this book provides a readable and comprehensible account of the long Eighteenth Century. Often using contemporary sources, this gripping account fills a gap in Cook history and attempts to catch something of that exciting, violent, gossipy but largely untaught and unknown period through which these vessels and their people sailed literally and figuratively between the old world and the new.

Sligo Folk Tales
  • 9780750965552
  • 15-07-2015
Sligo Folk Tales (Ebook)
Joe McGowan

For the devotee of Irish heritage, mythology or folklore, County Sligo has everything. From the Curlew mountains in the south, where Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill defeated an English army under Sir Conyers Clifford, to Benbulben's slopes in the north, where St Colmcille battled the High King of Ireland, every hill and valley is linked by the gossamer threads of myth, folklore and legend. These stories, some age-old legends and fantastical myths, some amusing anecdotes and cautionary tales, are a heady mix of the bloodthirsty, funny and passionate and a selection of the best are retold here by professional storyteller Joe McGowan. In these pages you will find little-known anecdotes of the traditional rural ways of Sligo's residents, their customs and superstitions; you will find stories of epic battles and heroic deeds; and you will also hear the fantastical accounts of mythical creatures, faeries, witches and the ghosts of Connacht itself.

Frogley, Cockhead & Crutch
  • 9780750964692
  • 15-06-2015
Frogley, Cockhead & Crutch (Ebook)
Paul Sullivan

Willy Cockhead had to live with his name. So too did countless others lumbered with ridiculous monikers, safely hidden away in Oxford's records and censuses until now. And what names! Some rhyme (Dick Thick), a few are odd (Silly Waters), others you have to say out loud (Rhoda Turtle) and some are just groan-worthy (Blenda Belcher). Uncovered by local author Paul Sullivan and accompanied with strange-but-true anecdotes, this entertaining volume of baffling, ill-thought-out and just plain rude examples champions the people and places of Oxfordshire that got saddled with the daftest of names.

The Steam Rail Motors of the Great Western Railway
  • 9780750965958
  • 15-06-2015
The Steam Rail Motors of the Great Western Railway (Ebook)
Ken Gibbs

Self-propelled carriages were a major innovation at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the GWR was quick to develop a large number of steam motor cars to link farms and scattered villages across the South West to the new branch lines. Their steam motor cars ran from 1903 to 1935, stopping during the war, and were so effective at making rural areas accessible they became victims of their own success. Wagons brought in to meet the high demand proved too heavy for the carriages and they struggled on hills. Soon the steam rail motor services were in decline. After its cancellation all ninety-nine steam carriages were eventually scrapped. Engineer Ken Gibbs reveals the unique GWR carriages, a window into early twentieth-century transport, and the modern replica he helped build, now the only way of viewing these charming historic vehicles.

East Yorkshire Folk Tales
  • 9780750964401
  • 15-04-2015
East Yorkshire Folk Tales (Ebook)
Ingrid Barton

East Yorkshire is ripe with tales of fairy gold and illusive characters. The county's folklore is engrained in every port, cliff and bridge, passed on through whispered accounts of witches long dead, legends of strange creatures or the bawdy tales of adventuring heroes. Filey Brigg was once a dragon, the people of Skinningrove held a merman captive, and Eskdale s Beggar's Bridge holds a love story in its history. By night a mysterious traveller stalked Bowes Moor, with a shrivelled Hand of Glory in his grasp... These engaging stories, brought to life with charming illustrations, will be enjoyed by readers time and again.

Peterborough in 100 Dates
  • 9780750963268
  • 15-03-2015
Peterborough in 100 Dates (Ebook)
Jean Hooper

Experience 100 key dates that shaped Peterborough's history, highlighted its people's genius (or silliness) and embraced the unexpected. Featuringan amazing mix of social, criminal andsporting events, this book reveals a past that will fascinate, delight and surprise both residents and visitors of the city.

Bloody British History Cambridge
  • 9780750963275
  • 15-03-2015
Bloody British History Cambridge (Ebook)
David Barrowclough

CONTAINING: DEATH to students: The WEIRD ORIGINS of the University! A PLAGUE on BOTH YOUR PARISHES: BLACK DEATH in Cambridge s streets! OFF WITH HIS HEAD: The bizarre true story of OLIVER CROMWELL'S TRAVELLING SKULL! GAS! GAS! THE SECRET RESEARCH TEAM behind WWI s DEADLIEST WEAPON! THE FIFTH MAN: The truth about the CAMBRIDGE FIVE, the Soviet spies who studied! Cambridge has some of the most violent history ever recorded. From invading hordes of Vikings, Saxons and Normans to the secret Allied plans of the Second World War, it will thrill, disgust and delight in equal measure!