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A Perfect Marriage
  • 9781787821262
  • 01-06-2019
A Perfect Marriage (Audio Download)
Alison Booth / Karen Cass

Single mother Sally Lachlan has a secret that has haunted her for a decade, although perhaps it is time to let it go. A chance meeting with a fellow scientist, the charismatic geneticist Anthony Blake, reawakens her desire for love. But as Sally finally lets down her guard, her teenage daughter Charlie begins to ask questions about her late father. As Sally delves into her history, guided by her therapist Helen, old events are turned over and examined - memories of her husband Jeff, her friend Zoe, and what really happened between the three of them all those years ago. Both the past and the future are places Sally prefers not to think about, but if she wants to find happiness, she must first come to terms with her previous marriage. Only then can she be honest with Charlie...and herself.

Southern Sons
  • 9781787821309
  • 01-06-2019
Southern Sons (Audio Download)
AnneMarie Brear / Sarah Durham

1914, Australia: As war is declared, the idyllic world of Blue Water Station is torn apart when Oliver, the eldest grandson and heir, shares his desire to enlist in the army. His enthusiasm ignites his brother, cousins and friends to do the same, but upsets his sister, Tilly. After a tragic family incident, she is left to run the cattle station and take care of the older folk. A chance meeting with a sophisticated lieutenant opens up a friendship through letters, but it's a rogue stockman who attracts her attention - with dire consequences... Surviving a baptism of battle fire in Gallipoli, Oliver is sent to the Western Front. But as the terrors of war impact him, he feels the heavy guilt of encouraging the others to follow him into combat. Will he, and they, ever make it home to Blue Water?

The Ringmaster
  • 9781787821347
  • 01-06-2019
The Ringmaster (Audio Download)
Vanda Symon / Genevieve Swallow

DC Sam Shephard is stationed in Dunedin CIB, a newbie at the bottom of the pecking order. When a young university student is found battered to death and floating in the Leith, she is pushed to one side by her boss and only given grunt work. Despite this, it is Sam who discovers that there has been a string of unsolved murders on the South Island, and that each has occurred while a travelling circus was in town - the same circus that is presently in Dunedin. Angry at being marginalised, Sam decides to work alone, ignoring the attempts of her friends to help her, and keeping her lines of enquiries secret. But her headstrong attitude, and the fact that she is human and makes mistakes, put her and those she loves in very real danger...

Five Million Tides
  • 9780750991667
  • 20-05-2019
Five Million Tides (Ebook)
Christian Boulton

Five Million Tides is the story of Cornwall's Helford River from the Stone Age to the dawning of the twenty-first century. From prehistoric pioneers and their megalithic successors, this account goes on to expose a remarkable truth: the Helford became one of Europe's most significant waterways during the Iron Age and Roman periods. Despite being mainland Britain's southernmost safe haven, it has not always been a place of good fortune once a thriving seat of Celtic Christianity the river would ultimately become more synonymous with lawless seafarers. Nor could it be relied upon for sanctuary from every storm, as the graves of mariners in its village churchyards attest. Although now overshadowed by its more famous sibling estuaries, the Helford is an enigmatic beauty of the family whose rich past deserves wider knowledge.

Once Upon a Street
  • 9780750991681
  • 01-05-2019
Once Upon a Street (Ebook)
Isabelle King

Roll up, roll up for a circus adventure in Edwardian Yarmouth, merry-go-race through King's Lynn history with fabulous fairground animals, get swept back in time with the marvellous mice of Wymondham, meet the magical medieval dragon of Norwich and the musical Owl of Holt, discover the magnificent street procession of a Tudor Queen and get ready to be bedazzled by the delightful dancer of a Georgian theatre. Inspired by collections at Norfolk Heritage Centre and the history of Norfolk streets, this book consists of imaginative short stories where love and friendship take centre stage.

Red Herring
  • 9781787821101
  • 01-05-2019
Red Herring (Audio Download)
Jonothan Cullinane

1951, Auckland: A man overboard, a murder and a lot of loose ends... The workers and the government are heading for bloody confrontation and the waterfront is the frontline. But this is a war with more than two sides, and nothing is what it seems. Into the secret world of rival union politics, dark political agendas and worldwide anti-communist hysteria steps Johnny Molloy, soldier turned private eye, who has been hired by an insurance investigator to find a supposedly dead man - a major player in one of the trade unions fighting both the government and the other unions. Caitlin O'Carolan, a feisty young reporter, is following her own leads. Together they begin to uncover a conspiracy that goes to the heart of the Establishment - and which will threaten their own lives in the process.

The Guinea Pig Club
  • 9781787821149
  • 01-05-2019
The Guinea Pig Club (Audio Download)
Emily Mayhew / Karen Cass

The history of the Guinea Pig Club, the band of airmen who were seriously burned in aeroplane fires, is a truly inspiring, spine-tingling tale. Plastic surgery was in its infancy before the Second World War. The most rudimentary techniques were only known to a few surgeons worldwide. The Allies were tremendously fortunate in having maverick surgeon Archibald McIndoe - nicknamed 'the Boss', or 'the Maestro' - operating at a small hospital in East Grinstead in the south of England. McIndoe constructed a medical infrastructure from scratch. After arguing with his superiors, he set up a revolutionary new treatment regime. Uniquely concerned with the social environment, or holistic care, McIndoe also enlisted the help of the local civilian population. He rightly secured his group of patients, dubbed the 'Guinea Pig Club', an honoured place in society as heroes of Britain's war.

True Blue
  • 9781787821187
  • 01-05-2019
True Blue (Audio Download)
Sasha Wasley / Olivia Beardsley

Freya 'Free' Paterson has finally come back home. She's landed the job of her dreams working on an art project with the local school, but she hadn't planned on meeting the man of her dreams as well. With his irresistible Irish accent, Constable Finn Kelly is everything Free wants - genuine, kind...and handsome as hell. He's also everything Free isn't - stable and dependable. Yet despite the passion simmering between them, he just wants to be friends. What is he trying to hide? As Free throws herself into the challenges of her new job, fending off the unwelcome advances of a colleague and helping to save her beloved Herne River, Finn won't stay out of her way, or out of her heart. But just when she needs him the most, will Finn reveal his true colours?

The Beautiful Spy
  • 9780750991070
  • 15-04-2019
The Beautiful Spy (Ebook)
David Tremain

In September 1940 a beautiful young woman arrived by seaplane and rubber dinghy on the shores of Scotland accompanied by two men one of Germany's many attempt to penetrate British defences and infiltrate spies into the UK. This seems to be one of the few established facts in the otherwise mysterious tale of Vera Eriksen. Even the origins of the woman described as 'the most beautiful spy' remain hazy, as does her ultimate fate. David Tremain delves into the archives, and in doing so begins to reveal glimpses of her fascinating life story: her career as a dancer in Paris; a tumultuous and violent dalliance with a White Russian officer of uncertain identity; her time in England with the Duchesse de Château-Thierry, an Abwehr agent; the suspicious and untimely death of her husband, and a rumoured pregnancy. The Beautiful Spy also grapples with perhaps the biggest mystery of all: what happened to Vera after she was released by the British?

  • 9780750991605
  • 01-04-2019
Lumberjills (Ebook)
Joanna Foat

When war was declared in 1939, Britain was almost completely dependent on imported timber but only had seven months of it stockpiled. Timber was critical to the war effort: it was needed for everything from aircraft and shipbuilding to communications and coal mining. The British timber trade was in trouble. Enter the Lumberjills. Lacking in both men and timber, the government made a choice. Reluctantly, they opened lumber work for women to apply and apply they did. The Women's Timber Corps had thousands of members who would prove themselves as strong and as smart as any man: they felled and crosscut trees by hand, operated sawmills, and ran whole forestry sites. They may not have been on the front line, but they fought their own battles on the home front for respect and equality. And in the midst of heavy labour and wartime, they lived a life, making firm friends and even finding soulmates. In Lumberjills, researcher Joanna Foat tells their story for the first time, and gives them the recognition they so truly deserve.

Little Girl Lost
  • 9781787820913
  • 01-04-2019
Little Girl Lost (Audio Download)
Janet Gover / Kirsty Gillmore

When Tia Walsh rides into the small town of Coorah Creek on a Harley-Davidson, Sergeant Max Delaney senses that everything about her spells trouble. But Tia's trouble is not all of her own making, and the dangerous past she tried to leave behind is hot on her heels. Sarah Travers has returned home after three years of college to help her family out at the general store - the only store in town - only to find they have been keeping a devastating secret. Her childhood crush, Pete Rankin, is facing his own struggle with a harsh reality that will take him away from the girl and the life that he loves. Tia, Max, Sarah and Pete are all trying to find their future; but when a little girl goes missing in the harsh outback, nothing else matters except finding her safe...

Maggie's Garden
  • 9781787820951
  • 01-04-2019
Maggie's Garden (Audio Download)
Noelene Jenkinson / Kirsty Gillmore

On the rebound from being dumped after ten years with the man she'd hoped would be the father of her children, Maggie Ellis buys a neglected cottage in Tingara on acreage to start her life over and fulfil her dream of owning a garden nursery. Divorced truck driver and single dad Nick Logan has his hands full enough raising three sons alone without getting distracted by his new neighbour. As determined as Maggie and Nick are to leave their pasts behind and forget about relationships for a while, however, they can't deny the chemistry between them. But Nick already has a family, and Maggie wants children of her own. Can the two of them overcome their difficulties and allow their love to grow?

  • 9781787821033
  • 01-04-2019
Overkill (Audio Download)
Vanda Symon / Genevieve Swallow

Mataura is a small town in rural New Zealand where, apart from the odd tractor theft, nothing very interesting happens. But when the body of a young mother is found washed up on the banks of the Mataura River, the small rural community is rocked by her tragic suicide. All is not what it seems, however. Sam Shephard, sole-charge police constable in the town, soon discovers the death was no suicide and has to face the realisation that there is a killer in town. To complicate the situation, the murdered woman was the wife of Sam's former lover. When Sam finds herself on the list of suspects and suspended from duty, she must cast aside her personal feelings and take matters into her own hands. She has to find the murderer...and clear her name.

Animals, Beasties and Monsters of Scotland
  • 9780750991124
  • 26-03-2019
Animals, Beasties and Monsters of Scotland (Ebook)
Lea Taylor

What do you think happened when Jack refused to do his chores? Do you think you're clever enough to hide from Dundee's dragon? Watch out for Lefty the spider dying to tell you his story about life in the glen... The stories in this book are of animals, beasties and monsters that are fast and cunning and scary and big. And they are ready to tell their tales to you...

Hannah's Holiday
  • 9781787820715
  • 01-03-2019
Hannah's Holiday (Audio Download)
Noelene Jenkinson / Helen Walsh

Three women arrive in Tingara for different reasons and become friends. Romance enters their lives along the way as each struggles to find what they need. Workaholic accountant, Hannah Charles, takes a leap of faith and a badly needed holiday in a house swap from the Cotswolds to converted St. Anne's church in Tingara, Australia. Easy-going architect-cum-artist, Will Bennett, has family estrangement issues and lives an alternative lifestyle in the small country town. Can an untidy artist and a guilt-ridden runaway overcome their differences and distance enough to let love grow?

Torn Apart
  • 9780750991117
  • 26-02-2019
Torn Apart (Ebook)
Ken Wharton

In the early twentieth century there was a war brewing on Britain's doorstep. Northern Ireland was filled with discrimination and suspicion, a sense of foreboding that would soon erupt into full-blown rioting. Here, veteran soldier and acclaimed Troubles writer Ken Wharton takes a thorough look at the start of the Troubles, the precursors and the explosion of violence in 1969 that would last until the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. In all, the Troubles cost 50,000 casualties and nearly 2,000 civilians' lives across Northern Ireland, the Republic and England. Utterly condemnatory of the paramilitaries, Wharton pulls no punches in his assessment of the situation then and seeks to dismiss apologists today. His sympathy lies first with those tasked with keeping order in the province, but also with the innocent civilians caught up in thirty years of bloodshed. ?Torn Apart is an in-depth look at the start of the Troubles, looking at the seminal moments and Northern Ireland today using the powerful testimony of those who were there at the time.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel
  • 9780750991087
  • 25-02-2019
The Thames Tideway Tunnel (Ebook)
Phil Stride

In 1858 the 'Great Stink of London' made much of the city along the River Thames uninhabitable. Between 1848 and 1854 nearly 25,000 Londoners died of cholera, a disease borne by foul water. Joseph Bazalgette saved the city, building sewers that would serve 4 million people and stop waste water emptying into the Thames. These remarkable sewers are still the backbone of London's sewerage system today, but the city's population is now approaching 10 million. The old sewers can't cope with the needs of modern-day London and action needs to be taken to ensure that 'The Great Stink' never happens again. This is where the Thames Tideway Tunnel comes in: a £4.2 billion, 25km-long, 7.2m-diameter tunnel that will stop virtually all of the sewer overflows into the Thames and give us a cleaner and healthier river and city. The Thames Tideway Tunnel: Preventing Another Great Stink is the inside story on the tunnel, from the very start to breaking ground and all the steps along the way. Written by Phil Stride, a leading civil engineer, it is a unique chance both to see behind the scenes of an incredible civil engineering project that will transform the environment, and to meet the people who've taken the project forward over the last ten years.

Kitty Mckenzie's Land
  • 9781787820494
  • 01-02-2019
Kitty Mckenzie's Land (Audio Download)
AnneMarie Brear / Sarah Durham

1866: Kitty McKenzie's path has taken her from the slums of York to the inhospitable bush of colonial Australia. Yet, when she believes her dreams will never be attained, she is shown that sometimes life can be even better than what you wish for. Kitty is gifted land in the far north of New South Wales. Life at the northern property is full of hardships - however, Kitty's strength of will and belief in herself give her the courage most women of her time never realize they have. A decided thorn in her side is the arrogant and patronizing Miles Grayson, owner of the adjourning run. He wants her gone so he can have her land, but he wants her even more.

Emma's Place
  • 9781787820555
  • 01-02-2019
Emma's Place (Audio Download)
Noelene Jenkinson / Kathryn Hartman

Thirty-something jeweller, Emma Hamilton, returns to her childhood home town of Tingara, a charming historic village in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Builder, Malcolm Webster, commutes to Tingara from nearby Bendigo each weekend to work on restoring a beautiful old Victorian homestead. When Emma and Mal meet, attraction flares; but he is younger and, wary after her failed marriage, Emma is not in the market for romance. Will Mal's humour and charm break down her barriers?

Kitty Mckenzie
  • 9781787820180
  • 01-01-2019
Kitty Mckenzie (Audio Download)
AnneMarie Brear / Sarah Durham

1864: Suddenly left as the head of the family, Kitty McKenzie must find her inner strength to keep her family together against the odds. Evicted from their resplendent home in the fashionable part of York after her parents' deaths, Kitty must fight the legacy of bankruptcy and homelessness to secure a home for her and her siblings. Through sheer willpower and determination she grabs opportunities with both hands, from working on a clothes and rag stall in the market to creating a teashop for the wealthy. Her road to happiness is fraught with obstacles of hardship and despair, but she refuses to let her dream of a better life for her family die. She soon learns that love and loyalty bring their own rewards.

The Cotton Lass And Other Stories
  • 9781787820241
  • 01-01-2019
The Cotton Lass And Other Stories (Audio Download)
Anna Jacobs / Lucy Brownhill & Melle Stewart

This collection of stand-alone short stories is a treat for new readers and dedicated fans alike. In each of these seventeen stories, an ordinary person takes on an extraordinary journey to a new life, discovering facets and strengths they never knew they possessed. Across a variety of time periods and settings, these stories capture Anna Jacobs' unique style and showcase her mastery of emotional tales. The collection includes: 'The Cotton Lass': Widow Sarah is struggling to make ends meet as England suffers from the cotton famine brought on by war in the United States. Will the opportunity to move to Australia provide a new life for her?

Outback Treasure
  • 9781787820289
  • 01-01-2019
Outback Treasure (Audio Download)
Noelene Jenkinson / Shaelee Rooke

Wrongly disgraced and her career left in tatters, palaeontologist Darcy Manning embarks on a mission to expose the fossil smuggling syndicate responsible, to clear her name and reputation. But how will she resist alluring country boy and fellow fossil-hunter Mitch Beaumont, when he is such a crucial piece of the puzzle? Set at Matilda Station in outback Queensland, Outback Treasure is one woman's story of a search for truth and justice, even at the risk of her own heart.

Dear Banjo
  • 9781787820456
  • 01-01-2019
Dear Banjo (Audio Download)
Sasha Wasley / Olivia Beardsley & Tim Hofmeier

They were best friends who never meant to fall in love - but for one of them, it was already too late. Willow 'Banjo' Paterson and Tom Forrest were raised on neighbouring cattle stations in the heart of the Kimberley. But as young adults, something came between them that Willow cannot forget. Now ten years have passed since she's spoken to Tom. When her father falls ill, Willow is called home to run the family property - but her vision for a sustainable organic cattle station is proving hard to achieve. She needs Tom's help, but is it too late to make amends? Tom's heartfelt, decade-old letters remain unopened, and Willow must find the courage to finally read them.

The Little Book of Cheshire
  • 9780750989633
  • 05-11-2018
The Little Book of Cheshire (Ebook)
Roger Stephens

The Little Book of Cheshire is a fast-paced, fact-packed compendium of the sort of frivolous, fantastic or simply strange information no one will want to be without. Here we find out about the most unusual crimes and punishments, eccentric inhabitants, famous sons and daughters and hundreds of other facts, plus some authentically bizarre bits of historic trivia. This is an ideal book to have by your bedside or to while away the hours on a long train journey. And if you like to take part in pub quizzes - or set them - then you will find this book a veritable treasure trove of useful information.