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Good Girls
  • 9781838894085
  • 08-10-2019
Good Girls (Audio Download)
Amanda Brookfield / Deryn Edwards

Everyone that meets Kat Keating is mesmerised. Beautiful, smart and charming, she is everything a good girl should be. Her sister Eleanor, on the other hand, knows she can't compete with Kat. On the awkward side of tall, clever enough to be bullied, and full of the responsibilities only an older sibling can understand, Eleanor grows up knowing she's not a good girl. This is the story of the Keating sisters - through a childhood fraught with secrets, adolescent rivalries, and on into adulthood with all its complexities and misunderstandings. Until a terrible truth brings the sisters crashing together and finally Eleanor begins to uncover just how good Kat really was.

Cannibals and Carnage
  • 9780750993470
  • 07-10-2019
Cannibals and Carnage (Ebook)
Graham Faiella

In the nineteenth century true stories of cannibal tribes massacring white traders (and vice versa) and missionaries fed the morbid appetites of Europeans, North Americans and colonials. Accounts of cannibalism committed by seafarers on their dead shipmates quickened the pulses of landfolk even more, and pricked their moral disquiet. Acts of desperate men committing unspeakable atrocities. The warring frenzy of cannibal headhunters and their gruesome feasting. Such was the stuff of real-life 'sixpenny romances', rich in human butchery and garnished with treachery and terror. The more atrocious the at rocities, the more exotic the locations; the more sensational the narratives, the greater was the thrall of these thrilling tales of the sea.

Great Train Robbery Confidential
  • 9780750993463
  • 04-10-2019
Great Train Robbery Confidential (Ebook)
Graham Satchwell

IN 1981, Detective Inspector Satchwell was the officer in charge of the case against Train Robber Tom Wisbey and twenty others. The case involved massive thefts from mail trains - similar to the Great Train Robbery of 1963 where £2.6 million was taken and only £400,000 ever recovered. Thirty years later their paths crossed again and an unlikely partnership was formed, with the aim of revealing the truth about the Great Train Robbery. This book reassesses the known facts about one of the most infamous crimes in modern history from the uniquely qualified insight of an experienced railway detective, presenting new theories alongside compelling evidence and correcting the widely accepted lies and half-truths surrounding this story.

Death In Captivity
  • 9781407981222
  • 01-10-2019
Death In Captivity (Audio Download)
Michael Gilbert / Gordon Griffin

A man is found dead in an escape tunnel in an Italian prisoner-of-war camp. Did he die in an accidental collapse  or was this murder? Captain Henry Cuckoo Goyles, master tunneller and amateur detective, takes up the case. This classic locked-room mystery with a closed circle of suspects is woven together with a thrilling story of escape from the camp, as the Second World War nears its endgame and the British prisoners prepare to flee into the Italian countryside.

The Peacock Room
  • 9781787822061
  • 01-10-2019
The Peacock Room (Audio Download)
Merryn Corcoran / Emily Corcoran

When Allegra discovers her husband's infidelity after putting her dreams to one side for him, her world crashes down around her. It is the ramblings of her elderly grandfather that awaken her interest in historic interior architecture. On a trip to Florence, she visits her grandfather's birth village in Tuscany. Ready to meet someone new, Allegra is beguiled by a handsome Italian man and becomes involved in a dangerous situation that is the catalyst for an unexpected discovery. Allegra returns to London only to be confronted with bad news. In the wake of her grandfather's demise, she commits to the promise she gave him to solve a family mystery. Sammezzano Castle provides the perfect historic backdrop to stimulate Allegra's love of architecture, and allow her to discover her true heritage while indulging in a passionate love affair.

Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms
  • 9781787822108
  • 01-10-2019
Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms (Audio Download)
Anita Heiss / Kathryn Hartman

August, 1944: Over a thousand Japanese soldiers attempt to break out of a prisoner of war compound near Cowra. In the carnage, hundreds are killed, many are recaptured and imprisoned, and some take their own lives rather than suffer the humiliation of ongoing defeat. But one soldier, Hiroshi, determined to avoid either fate, manages to escape... At nearby Erambie Aboriginal mission, Banjo Williams, father of nine and proud man of his community, discovers a distraught Hiroshi, pleading for help. The people of Erambie have seen enough death and heartache, so Banjo and the Erambie community decide to offer Hiroshi refuge. Mary, Banjo's daughter, is intrigued by the Japanese stranger, and is charged with his care. Love blossoms between them, and they each dream of a future together. But how long can Hiroshi be hidden safely and their bond kept secret?

Heart Of The Grass Tree
  • 9781787822146
  • 01-10-2019
Heart Of The Grass Tree (Audio Download)
Molly Murn / Josie Taylor

When Pearl's grandmother Nell dies unexpectedly, she and her family - mother Diana, sister Lucy - return to Kangaroo Island to mourn and say farewell to her. Each of them knew Nell intimately but differently, and each woman must reckon with Nell's passing in her own way. But Nell had secrets, too; and as Pearl, Diana and Lucy reflect on their feelings about the island, Pearl starts to pull together the scraps Nell left behind - her stories, poems, paintings - and unearths a connection to the island's early history, of the European sealers and their first contact with the Ngarrindjeri people. As the three women are pulled apart from each other in grief, Pearl's deepening connection to the generations before them, who formed the foundation of the island, grounds her, and will ultimately bring the women back to each other.

The Rough Guide to Jordan
  • 9781789196375
  • 01-10-2019
The Rough Guide to Jordan (Ebook)
Rough Guides

World-renowned 'tell it like it is' guidebook. Discover Jordan with this comprehensive, entertaining, 'tell it like it is' Rough Guide, packed with comprehensive practical information and our experts' honest and independent recommendations. Whether you plan to go Red Sea diving, go hiking, discover the Wadi Rum desert or explore ancient cities, The Rough Guide to Jordan will help you discover the best places to explore, sleep, eat, drink and shop along the way. Features of The Rough Guide to Jordan: Detailed regional coverage: provides in-depth practical information for each step of all kinds of trip, from intrepid off-the-beaten-track adventures, to chilled-out breaks in popular tourist areas. Regions covered include: Amman, the Dead Sea and Baptism Site, Jerash and the north, the eastern desert, the King's Highway, Petra, Aqaba and the southern desert. Honest independent reviews: written with Rough Guides' trademark blend of humour, honesty and expertise, and recommendations you can truly trust, our writers will help you get the most from your trip to Jordan.  Meticulous mapping: always full-colour, with clearly numbered, colour-coded keys. Find your way around Petra, Amman and many more locations without needing to get online. Fabulous full-colour photography: features a richness of inspirational colour photography, including the stunning sweeping open desert in Wadi Rum and the never-ending highland cliffs in Dana. Things not to miss: Rough Guides' rundown of Petra, Amman, the Baptism Site and the Dead Sea's best sights and top experiences. Itineraries: carefully planned routes will help you organise your trip, and inspire and inform your on-the-road experiences. Basics section: packed with essential pre-departure information including getting there, getting around, accommodation, food and drink, health, the media, festivals, sports and outdoor activities, culture and etiquette, shopping and more.  Background information: comprehensive Contexts chapter provides fascinating insights into Jordan, with coverage of history, religion, ethnic groups, environment, wildlife and books, plus a handy language section and glossary. Covers: Amman, the Dead Sea and Baptism Site, Jerash and the north, the eastern desert, the King's Highway, Petra and Aqaba and the southern desert.

The Keeper
  • 9781838892555
  • 01-10-2019
The Keeper (Audio Download)
Diane Saxon / Katy Sobey

Responding to reports of deadly screams in the Ironbridge Gorge, Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan is first on the scene to investigate. As the search intensifies, Jenna soon discovers her sister Fliss's severely injured Dalmatian, Domino and the naked, tortured body of an unknown woman. Who is the dead woman and where is her sister Fliss?

Christmas Every Day
  • 9781838893613
  • 17-09-2019
Christmas Every Day (Audio Download)
Beth Moran / Helen Keeley

When Jenny inherits her estranged grandmother's cottage in Sherwood Forest, she has nothing to lose - no money, no job, no friends, no family to speak of, and zero self-respect. Things can only get better... Her grumpy, but decidedly handsome new neighbour, Mack, has a habit of bestowing unsolicited good deeds on her. And when Jenny is welcomed into a rather unusual book club, life seems to be finally getting more interesting. Instead of reading, the members pledge to complete individual challenges before Christmas: from finding new love, learning to bake, to completing a daredevil bucket list. Jenny can't resist joining in, and soon a year of friendship and laughter, tears and regrets unfolds in the most unexpected ways.

  • 9781838893576
  • 10-09-2019
Stalker (Audio Download)
Gemma Rogers / Georgia Maguire

Eve Harding's world implodes one Sunday morning when she is violently assaulted and raped walking to a South London train station. As her attacker evades the Police and is left to roam the streets to stalk his next victim, Eve is forced to seek out her assailant before he strikes again. With vengeance in mind, Eve is determined to find him in time and deliver justice on her own terms. In a game of cat and mouse, who is stalking who?

The Orphan Daughter
  • 9781838893590
  • 05-09-2019
The Orphan Daughter (Audio Download)
Sheila Riley / Marlene Sidaway

Evie Kilgaren is a fighter. Abandoned by her mother and with her father long gone, she is left to raise her siblings in dockside Liverpool, as they battle against the coldest winter on record. But she is determined to make a life for herself and create a happy home for what's left of her family. Desperate for work, Evie takes a job at the Tram Tavern under the kindly watch of pub landlady, and pillar of the community, Connie Sharp. But Connie has problems of her own when her quiet life of spinsterhood is upturned with the arrival of a mysterious undercover detective from out of town. When melting ice reveals a body in the canal, things take a turn for the worst for the residents of Reckoner's Row. Who could be responsible for such a brutal attack? And can Evie keep her family safe before they strike again?

The Secret To Happiness
  • 9781838893637
  • 03-09-2019
The Secret To Happiness (Audio Download)
Jessica Redland / Lucy Brownhill

Danniella is running from her past, so when she arrives at the beautiful seaside resort of Whitsborough Bay, the last thing on her mind is making friends. After all, they might find out her secrets... Alison is fun, caring and doesn't take herself too seriously. But beneath the front, she is a lost soul, stuck in a terrible relationship, with body confidence issues and no family to support her. All she really needs is a friend. Karen's romance has taken a back seat to her fitness business. But she doesn't want to give up on love quite yet. If only those mysterious texts would stop coming through... When the women meet at their local bootcamp, a deep friendship blossoms. And soon they realise that the secret to happiness is where they least expected to find it...

Long Distance Love
  • 9781787821804
  • 01-09-2019
Long Distance Love (Audio Download)
AnneMarie Brear / Antonia Whillans

Fleur Stanthorpe, an Australian, arrives in Whitby to live out a dream after surviving cancer. She plans to rent a shop and open a bookshop cafe, and experience the English way of life for the summer before returning home and settling down. Only, she hasn't counted on meeting gorgeous Irishman Patrick Donnelly. Their attraction is instant, their goals a world apart. He's looking for a solid relationship for the first time since his divorce five years ago, while she's having her last fling at freedom before returning home to family and responsibilities. Their problems reach beyond surviving a hot summer of romance, as both of them wonder what will happen when the season draws to an end and Fleur returns to the other side of the world. Can one brief but delicious affair be enough to keep them together?

Every Yesterday
  • 9781787821873
  • 01-09-2019
Every Yesterday (Audio Download)
Noelene Jenkinson / Kirsty Gillmore

New South Wales, Australia: Three sisters reconnect and forge new lives. Coming home to attend her mother's funeral, Daisy Sheldon discovers fond memories at the childhood cottage she must now sell, and decides to cast aside her nomadic lifestyle to settle in the nearby town of Inlet Creek. But can a passionate romance with an older man offer the future she wants? After a tragedy, Maddie is torn: should she stay and help her father run the family's sheep farm, or pursue a new relationship with a man of mystery? When he learns about her past, will she face rejection? And the death of a dear relative is the catalyst that gives Lilly the time and space to rethink her life - and the need for a fresh start, leaving England for Inlet Creek and the comforts of family and home.

Villa Of Sun And Secrets
  • 9781838893552
  • 08-08-2019
Villa Of Sun And Secrets (Audio Download)
Jennifer Bohnet / Julia Franklin

Carla Sullivan's 50th birthday is fast approaching when her whole world is turned upside down. Discovering her feckless husband is having yet another affair and following her mother's death, she is in need of an escape. Finding an envelope addressed to her mother's estranged sister Josette in the South of France gives Carla the perfect plan. Seizing the moment, she packs her bags and heads to Antibes to seek out the enigma known as Tante Josette. But as the two women begin to forge a tentative relationship, family secrets start to unravel, forcing Carla to question her life as she has always known it.

Honeymoon For One
  • 9781838893514
  • 06-08-2019
Honeymoon For One (Audio Download)
Frankie Collins / Karen Cass

As a published novelist, Lila Rose has been writing about fictional weddings all her life. But disaster strikes on her own big day when she hears her philandering fiancé, Daniel whispering sweet nothings to someone else. With her dream day shattered, all Lila wants to do is run and hide, so she decides to fly solo on her own honeymoon. When Daniel arrives in the resort with his new squeeze, Lila strikes up a 'showmance' with hot new movie star, Freddie Bianchi. Freddie is perfect for the part and Lila soon relaxes into her leading lady role. But as truth starts to merge with fiction, could real love be in the air?

The Autumn Murders
  • 9781787821651
  • 01-08-2019
The Autumn Murders (Audio Download)
Robert Gott / Adam Fitzgerald

In the autumn of 1944, George Starling prepares to exact revenge on the person he hates most in the world (and Starling has a long list of people he hates): Detective Joe Sable of the Melbourne Homicide division. Driven by his dark passion for Nazism, Starling is going to make sure that nothing and no one will stand in his way and survive. In the meantime, Homicide is in turmoil. Riven by internal divisions and disrupted by the war, it has become a dangerous place for Joe to work. Constable Helen Lord, suspended from her position in Homicide, and battling grief, is also in Starling's sights. Knowing that Inspector Titus Lambert can't protect them from Starling's ruthless aim, Helen and Joe decide to set their own trap. But when the trap is sprung, who will be caught in it?

Hare's Fur
  • 9781787821699
  • 01-08-2019
Hare's Fur (Audio Download)
Trevor Shearston / Paul Haley

Russell Bass is a potter living on the edge of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. His wife has been dead less than a year, and although he has a few close friends, he is living a mostly solitary life. Each month he hikes into the valley below his house to collect rock for glazes from a remote creek bed. One autumn morning, he finds a chocolate wrapper on the path. His curiosity leads him to a cave where three siblings - two young children and a teenage girl - are camped out, hiding from social services and the police. Although they bolt at first, Russell slowly gains their trust; and little by little, this unlikely group of outsiders begins to form a fragile bond. HARE'S FUR is a story of grief, kindness, art, and the transformation that can grow from the seeds of trust.

The Blue Rose
  • 9781787821767
  • 01-08-2019
The Blue Rose (Audio Download)
Kate Forsyth / Karen Cass

Viviane de Faitaud has grown up alone at her family's chateau, for her father, the Marquis de Valaine, lives at the court of Louis XVI in Versailles. After a hailstorm destroys the chateau's orchards, gardens and fields, an ambitious young Welshman, David Stronach, accepts the commission to plan new gardens in the hope of making his name as a landscape designer. However, the love that blossoms between them is doomed: Viviane is betrothed to a duke, and David is forced to leave the property. In the aftermath, Viviane enters an unhappy marriage and moves to Versailles, while David embarks upon a mission to China to procure the secrets of tea-growing. There, he is inspired by the story of the Blue Rose, a fable of impossible love. Can he and Viviane - a world apart - ever hope to rekindle what they had together?

The Daughter In Law
  • 9781838893538
  • 01-08-2019
The Daughter In Law (Audio Download)
Nina Manning / Candida Gubbins & Helen Keeley

No one is good enough for her son... As a single mother, Annie has an especially close relationship with her son, Ben. They have always been together. Just the two of them. So, when Ben brings home his mysterious beautiful new wife, Daisy, immediately Annie doesn't trust her. Who is this woman who has taken her son away from her? And what is she hiding? She'll protect him with her life... When Ben disappears, suddenly Annie and Daisy are all the other one has. Alone in Annie's big, remote house, just the two of them, the tension is rising. And like any protective mother, Annie will stop at nothing to expose her new daughter in law, and the secrets she is hiding...

Nicola's Virtue
  • 9781787821507
  • 01-07-2019
Nicola's Virtue (Audio Download)
AnneMarie Brear / Colleen Prendergast

1867: Nicola Douglas attends a lecture given by Miss Maria Rye, the founder of the Female Middle Class Emigration Society, which inspires her to change her life. With no family, but a good education, she boards a ship to Australia with high hopes of a fresh start in a new country as a governess. Sydney is full of young women with similar ambitions and equally poor prospects - but when a wealthy benefactor appears, she finds a foothold. What she never anticipated was the attention of two suitors: Nathaniel, a privileged and attractive English gentleman; and Hilton, a beguiling American. Nicola reaches a crisis - the prospects of finding love, and being married, show how empty her life has been since her parents' death. However, her career at the Governess Home is vital to her. Can she have both? Or would her career alone ever be enough to sustain her?

The Port Fairy Murders
  • 9781787821576
  • 01-07-2019
The Port Fairy Murders (Audio Download)
Robert Gott / Adam Fitzgerald

1943: The newly formed Homicide division of the Victoria Police has been struggling to counter little-known fascist groups, particularly an organisation called Australia First that has been festering since before the war. And now there's an extra problem: the bitter divide between Catholics and Protestants, which is especially raw in small rural communities. Detective Joe Sable and Constable Helen Lord are working to track down the ruthless George Starling, who in turn is planning to wreak vengeance on them for the downfall of his nationalist group and mentor. At the same time, the duo is called to investigate a double murder in the fishing village of Port Fairy. The solution seems straightforward, but it soon becomes apparent that nothing about the incident is as it seems - and that investigations which appeared unrelated are tied by a disturbing thread.

Love Song
  • 9781787821613
  • 01-07-2019
Love Song (Audio Download)
Sasha Wasley / Olivia Beardsley

As a vulnerable seventeen-year-old, Beth Paterson gave a fellow student private tutoring. She didn't expect to fall deeply in love with him and have her life changed forever in just a couple of months. And she didn't expect him to vanish without even saying goodbye. Now an accomplished businesswoman and doctor, Beth's life is thrown into turmoil when Charlie Campbell comes back to town to help his family. He's a big star on the alternative rock scene these days - but he remembers Beth and seems just as mad at her as she is at him. Embroiled in the community's struggle, Beth can't help but cross paths with Charlie any more than she can fight the resurgence of that wild attraction between them. But Beth Paterson is no dummy - there's no way Charlie Campbell is ever getting back inside her heart...