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Bea's Magical Summer Garden
  • 9781399145893
  • 23-05-2023
Bea's Magical Summer Garden (Audio Download)
Kirsty Ferry / Emily Wilden

What's not to love about Bea's Garden? Its higgledy-piggledy layout, fascinating plants and occasional resident black cat makes it the most charming place to visit on a sunny afternoon. Plus Bea has bees - and her Honey Festival is sure to create a buzz. But not everyone thinks Bea's Garden is the bee's knees. The Man at the Big House next door has been a thorn in Bea's side for the longest time, with his unnecessarily snippy letters about her beautiful climbing plants ruining his 'clean lines'. Could he and his poisonous project manager Carla pose problems for her Festival? Or can Bea rely on the Man's cousin - and her newest annual pass holder - Marcus Rainton to fight her corner? With bee best friends, big black cats, a secret garden gate and a surprising identity reveal, Bea's Garden is surely in line for its most magical summer yet!

Naked Ambition
  • 9781399138567
  • 02-05-2023
Naked Ambition (Audio Download)
Robert Gott / Nicholas Osmond

Up-and-coming junior minister Gregory Buchanan has had a portrait painted of himself by acclaimed artist Sophie White - a painting she intends to enter for this year's Archibald Prize. Until then, Gregory has it in pride of place on his dining-room wall. It's a life-sized standing portrait, practically photographic in nature. And it's a nude. His wife will be home soon, and he thinks the painting will be a pleasant surprise. But even more surprising will be an unexpected accumulation of guests: his sardonic mother, his fundamentalist mother-in-law, and his lycra-clad cycling-enthusiast sister. Plus the state premier Louisa Wetherly - a senior minister has just resigned in scandalous circumstances, and she needs Gregory to step into the spotlight ahead of the coming election. It's going to be a wild afternoon, and an even wilder campaign, to do something about Gregory's naked ambition...

The Coronation Party
  • 9781399131117
  • 01-05-2023
The Coronation Party (Audio Download)
Norma Curtis / Deryn Edwards

Summer 1953. The sun is shining on Little Green Street, the bunting is being brought out, and Britain is getting ready to crown its new Queen. Except Helen Jones doesn't feel much like celebrating. Her father passed away last year, on the very same day as King George. Life hasn't felt the same ever since. Her husband Tad has a plan. As the newly-appointed chair of the small town's Coronation Tea Party committee, he's hoping that the day will be the perfect moment to bring a spark of joy back to their little family - and to the whole community. But then Helen gets a letter from her mum in London, and she realises she has a bigger dream - she's going to go to see the new Queen...

Outback Escape
  • 9781399138284
  • 01-05-2023
Outback Escape (Audio Download)
Annie Seaton / Olivia Beardsley

When Sophie Cartwright comes home to Augathella, she doesn't get the welcome she expected. Her brother Braden has got his father act together, the new staff at Kilcoy Station are keeping things running, and Sophie - well, she feels...unwanted. As for her ex, Kent Mason, he and his attitude can go take a flying leap. Kent is cautious when Sophie comes home to Kilcoy Station. Maybe she's finally grown up enough to make better life choices. He doesn't have the time to worry about her anymore, and he isn't prepared to be hurt again. So how is it that they seem to end up in each other's company more than ever?

That Night In Paris
  • 9781399138475
  • 01-05-2023
That Night In Paris (Audio Download)
Sandy Barker / Nicolette Chin

Note to self: don't sleep with your flatmate after a curry and a bottle or two of wine...especially if he's secretly in love with you and wants you to meet his mum. Cat Parsons is on the run. She doesn't do relationships. After ten years of singlehood, even the hint of the 'L' word is enough to get her packing her bags and booking herself onto a two-week holiday. A European bus tour feels like a stroke of genius to dodge awkward conversations at home. But little does Cat realise that the first stop will be Paris, the city of love itself. Joined by new friends, Cat has two weeks, several stops, and a hell of a lot of wine ahead of her. As they discover hidden treasures and the camaraderie of life on the road, will she find a fresh way of looking at love?

Mila And The Bone Man
  • 9781399138789
  • 01-05-2023
Mila And The Bone Man (Audio Download)
Lauren Roche / Naomi Barton

In the forest of northern New Zealand lives Mila, a young woman descended from healers. A tragic accident in her family causes her terrible guilt, setting her on a path away from home and to the distant city. Her friend Tommy, the quirky boy next door who makes models from bones, doesn't see the world as others do. And it will be he who helps piece together the broken bits of her life, and bring her home, where she belongs. Straddling the old world and the new, MILA AND THE BONE MAN explores the corrosive power of guilt, the solace to be found in the natural world, and our capacity to heal as well as hurt.

After The Rain
  • 9781399138833
  • 26-04-2023
After The Rain (Audio Download)
Aisling Smith / Sarah Roberts

Malti Fortune is uneasy. She has turned away from her birthplace of Fiji to make a new life in Melbourne. But all that she thought was certain is now in danger of being swept away. Her husband Benjamin, a linguist, is a conundrum. He has changed. Or has she? The stories and superstitions of her childhood are telling her something she knows, but doesn't want to hear - about being a trespasser, about not belonging. In the years to come, Malti and Benjamin's daughters are also to learn some hard truths. For Ellery, the remembered fragments of good times aren't enough to sustain her anymore. Verona, on the verge of adulthood, can't imagine a world without her beloved Dad. He is her rock and hero. But Malti and Ellery both know that you cant depend on him. All three women are seeking answers, each haunted by her own ghosts - and by Benjamin...

Masquerade on the Riviera
  • 9781399145879
  • 25-04-2023
Masquerade on the Riviera (Audio Download)
Evonne Wareham / David Thorpe

Renowned Egyptologist Dr Elliott Elwood is slightly puzzled when he's invited to Torquay to take part in a bizarre bidding war for a well-known artefact collection. But, of course, he couldn't pass up the chance to view the 'Cleopatra Necklace' - an infamous piece from the collection, rumoured to be cursed. However, Elliott's weekend away with his fellow bidders, including the strangely familiar Maisie Norris - if that is her real name - ends up involving far more than afternoon tea and historical chit-chat. Cunning thievery and clever games abound in the days and weeks that follow, eventually culminating in a glitzy but potentially perilous masked ball on the Côte d'Azur. Will Elliott find an element of truth in the necklace's notorious reputation, or could his growing connection with the mysterious Maisie bring him all the luck he needs?

The Old Bookshop of New Beginnings
  • 9781399145855
  • 18-04-2023
The Old Bookshop of New Beginnings (Audio Download)
Joanne Boden / Ben Higgins

In the space of a single day, Harry Taylor achieves the impressive feat of losing a girlfriend, his London flat and his bookshop job. So, when his cousin Lucas invites him to his home in the seaside village of Little Bluewater Bay to recuperate, Harry jumps at the chance. Beth Smith works at a diner and is quickly overstaying her welcome sleeping on her friend's sofa. Overhearing a conversation about Little Bluewater Bay reminds her of better times, and she decides to throw caution to the wind and try her luck for happier memories in the coastal village. Could a bookish business proposal and oldest new bookshop in Little Bluewater Bay lead to the new beginnings Beth and Harry so desperately need?

My Sister's Killer
  • 9781399145831
  • 10-04-2023
My Sister's Killer (Audio Download)
Helen Bridgett / Karen Cass

If Professor Maxie Reddick is honest with herself, there's a very personal reason she pursued a career in criminology: the unsolved murder of her sister, Susan, nearly 30 years before, and her belief that the local police force let her family down. Now Maxie has been drafted in to help investigate a murder - nothing particularly unusual about that, except when a fingerprint at the scene provides a shocking and unexpected link to her sister's suspicious death. The link means that Maxie can't be involved in the official police investigation - but Susan's cold case is heating up, and there's no way Maxie is going to let go now, even if she has to stand up to the people who want to make sure the past stays frozen.

So Brilliantly Clever
  • 9781399138390
  • 01-04-2023
So Brilliantly Clever (Audio Download)
Peter Graham / Toby Webster

On June 22, 1954, in the depth of a southern winter, teenage friends Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker went for a walk in a park with Pauline's mother. Half an hour later the girls returned alone. Honorah Parker lay in a sea of blood on a lonely track. She had been savagely murdered. In this mesmerizing audiobook, lawyer and true-crime writer Peter Graham tells the whole story for the first time, giving a brilliant account of the murder and ensuing trial, dramatic revelations about the fates of Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker after their release from prison and their strange lives today, and a penetrating insight into the event using modern psychology.

One Summer In Santorini
  • 9781399138437
  • 01-04-2023
One Summer In Santorini (Audio Download)
Sandy Barker / Nicolette Chin

Sarah has had enough of men. It's time to rekindle her first true love - travel - so she books a sailing trip around the Greek islands with a group of strangers. The very last thing Sarah wants is to meet someone new, but then a gorgeous American man boards her yacht... And when she also encounters a handsome silver fox who promises her the world, she realises that trouble really does come in twos. Will Sarah dive into a holiday fling - or stick to her plan to steer clear of men, continue her love affair with feta, and find her own way after all?

A Lady's Risk
  • 9781399159098
  • 01-04-2023
  • DL-OAK
A Lady's Risk (Audio Download)
Felicity George / Laura Kirman

Lady Margaret has devoted herself to taking care of her young siblings and the estate while her half-brother fritters away the family fortune. Upon Edwin's death, she learns he has left them destitute and, worst of all, at the mercy of a notorious and cruel rake. Lord Nicholas would much rather be pursuing women for quick sport rather than taking care of a headstrong debutante without any prospects, as well as her siblings. But Edwin saved his life once, and now he owes him a debt. Fortunately, all he has to do is find Meggy a husband, and his debt will be paid. There's just one issue: Meggy is nothing like what he'd imagined. And the more time he spends in her company, the more he begins to wonder whether he's met his match...

Prettier If She Smiled More
  • 9781399138994
  • 29-03-2023
Prettier If She Smiled More (Audio Download)
Toni Jordan

As the eldest child of a single mother, Kylie's always had more important things on her mind than smiling. Controlling her job, her home, and her romantic life (not to mention her family) takes all her concentration. She's always succeeded, though, because that's who Kylie is. Until one Monday morning, when she discovers that the local pharmacy where she works is being taken over by a huge corporation, putting her stable job at risk. This leads to a cascade of disasters. Plus, her boyfriend is acting suspiciously, and she finds herself caring for a high-maintenance Pomeranian. When her fiercely independent mother breaks an ankle and needs help, it?s up to Kylie, as usual, to fix things. She reluctantly packs her bags, but back in her childhood home, things start to unravel. Could it be that Kylie's carefully curated life is not so perfect after all?

Paula's Way
  • 9781399138321
  • 23-03-2023
Paula's Way (Audio Download)
Anna Jacobs / Taryn Ryan

An unexpected inheritance is most people's dream, but not so for Paula. She's happy and secure in Western Australia with her own business, a complete contrast to her rootless childhood, and has little interest in the minor stately home in Wiltshire of which she is apparently now the owner. Persuaded to at least visit the property, she travels to the UK. But following on from the journey, complications personal, romantic, and financial abound - all of which will test the adage that home is where the heart is...

Recipe for Mr Ideal
  • 9781399142922
  • 21-03-2023
Recipe for Mr Ideal (Audio Download)
Anni Rose / Laura Kirman

Registrar Maddie Winter has overseen enough weddings to know that marriage is not just for Christmas (or Valentine's Day) - it's for life, and regardless of whether the ceremony involves specially trained owls, dinosaurs or the police, it should be only the beginning of a story that will end in happily-ever-after. Saying that, Maddie's own married life is far from perfect - her husband, David, is more interested in his phone than in her, and when he suddenly walks out, Maddie's long-held beliefs are put to the test. Except Maddie knows David was never really her 'Mr Ideal'; that was sweet, funny, motorbike-riding Josh Diamond - although obviously not that ideal, as he did dump her to move to the States. Even so, when Josh unexpectedly rides back into town, Maddie begins to wonder whether her happily-ever-after could still be to come.

  • 9781399137133
  • 16-03-2023
Bellevue (Audio Download)
Alison Booth / Lisa Armytage

New South Wales, 1972. Following the death of her beloved Aunt Hilda, widow Clare Barclay inherits Bellevue, an historic property in the Blue Mountains township of Numbulla, Australia. Giving up her teaching job to move there, Clare plans to restore the house to its original glory. She also hopes to track down a box of missing documents that may shed light on why her husband Jack secretly second-mortgaged their home. Clare makes friends with the locals, including a young boy named Joe. She soon hears of plans to redevelop Numbulla, and to exploit the land bordering the protected wilderness area. But as she joins the protest against the rezoning, it's clear someone doesn't want her there - and they'll do anything to stop her...

One Summer Weekend
  • 9781399163965
  • 07-03-2023
One Summer Weekend (Audio Download)
Juliet Archer / Laura Kirman

Alicia Marlowe's life as an executive coach is well under control - until she meets her new client, Jack Smith. Jack's reputation precedes him and Alicia knows immediately that he spells trouble. Not least because he reminds her of someone else - a man who broke her heart and made her resolve never to lower her guard again. Taking Jack on as a client is a risk, but one that Alicia decides to take for the good of her career. As long as she keeps him in his place, she might just make it through unscathed. But Jack has other ideas - including a 'business' trip to the Lake District. One summer weekend with him is all it takes to put Alicia's carefully organised world in a spin . . .

  • 9781399137959
  • 01-03-2023
Electra (Audio Download)
Kerry Greenwood / Deryn Edwards & Simon Mattacks & Lucy Scott

Princess of Mycenae, daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, sister of the sacrificed Iphigenia and the cursed Orestes. Electra is forced to flee her home after witnessing the shocking revenge-murder of her father, by her mother, on his return from the Trojan War. Life beyond the palace is frightening, and the scandalous behaviour of her foreign companions disturbs her, but she needs the help of the Trojan Cassandra, and her two lovers, to survive. Driven by her own desire for vengeance, Electra's life becomes one of adventure, peril, pleasure, tragedy and love.

The Askham Accusation
  • 9781399145343
  • 01-03-2023
The Askham Accusation (Audio Download)
Rebecca Tope / Julia Franklin

Set in the picturesque town of Askham, near Ullswater, the story opens with the funeral of Humphrey Craig, the builder who converted Simmy's new house in Hartsop. The following day, when Simmy goes back to look at the grave and the flowers on it, she meets two women, Lindsay Wilson, an academic in her late twenties who is writing a thesis on Charles Dickens' Dombey and Son, and Pauline Parsons, a local matriarch aged 90. Just 24 hours later, Mrs Parsons is found dead on Askham Fell and Simmy is summoned to Penrith police station. She is told that she has been identified as the prime suspect...will DI Moxon be able to help Simmy out of this unscathed?

Captured by a Scottish Lord
  • 9781399142892
  • 28-02-2023
Captured by a Scottish Lord (Audio Download)
Marie Laval / Polly Edsell

The wild Scottish landscape is a far cry from Rose Saintclair's Saharan oasis, although she'll endure it for Lord Cameron McRae, the man she married after a whirlwind romance in Algiers. But when stormy weather leads to Rose's ship docking on Cape Wrath - the land of Cameron's enemy, Bruce McGunn - could her new life already be in jeopardy? Lord McGunn was a fearless soldier, but his experiences have made him unforgiving. He knows McRae won't rest until he owns Wrath, and the man is willing to use brutal tactics. Bruce decides that he'll play McRae at his own game, take the ship and its precious occupant, and hold them hostage. Rose is determined to escape, but whilst captured she learns that there's another side to her new husband - and could her supposedly cold and ruthless kidnapper also be concealing hidden depths?

Waiting for Our Rainbow
  • 9781399145817
  • 21-02-2023
Waiting for Our Rainbow (Audio Download)
Victoria Cornwall / Laura Kirman

It should have been a time of romance and excitement for Anne - but it's 1941 and the war is raging. So instead, she spends her days repairing spitfire wings and reminding herself that the real sacrifice is going on far away from her Cornish village. When the news breaks that America has entered the war, jeeps filled with GIs eventually roll in, and it seems their little community is to play a pivotal role in the next stage of the fight. But the Americans don't just bring Hollywood glamour and optimism, they also bring something more tantalising - so when Anne meets handsome Joe Mallory, she has to remind herself of exactly why he's there; that any relationship between them could only end in goodbye. But is the inevitability of 'goodbye' powerful enough to stop what has already begun to blossom?

Red Dirt Road
  • 9781399137812
  • 16-02-2023
Red Dirt Road (Audio Download)
S.R. White / Helen Walsh

In Unamurra - a drought-scarred, one-pub town deep in the outback - two men are savagely murdered a month apart, their bodies elaborately arranged like angels. With no witnesses, no obvious motive, and no apparent connection between the killings, how can lone police officer Detective Dana Russo - flown in from hundreds of kilometres away - possibly solve such a brutal, baffling case? Met with silence and suspicion from locals who live by their own set of rules, Dana must take over a stalled investigation with only a week to make progress. But with a murderer hiding in plain sight, and the parched days rapidly passing, Dana is determined to uncover the shocking secrets of this forgotten town - a place where anyone could be a killer.

  • 9781399138000
  • 16-02-2023
Expectant (Audio Download)
Vanda Symon / Kirsty Gillmore

The shocking murder of a heavily pregnant woman throws the New Zealand city of Dunedin into a tailspin, and the devastating crime feels uncomfortably close to home for Detective Sam Shephard as she counts down the days to her own maternity leave. Confined to a desk job in the department, Sam must find the missing link between this brutal crime and a string of cases involving mothers and children in the past. As the pieces start to come together, and the realisation dawns that the killer's actions are escalating, drastic measures must be taken to prevent more tragedy. For Sam, the case becomes personal when it becomes increasingly clear that no one is safe - and the clock is ticking . . .