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Family Matters
  • 9781846520150
  • 01-02-2007
  • SS-CD
Family Matters (Audio CD)
Cathy Woodman / Tanya Myers

When Lisa Baker's wedding anniversary entirely slips her husband's mind, she decides it's time to put the va va voom back into her marriage, but everything seems to conspire against romance. Teenage daughter Jade is increasingly difficult to handle, while newborn baby Chloe brings the inevitable sleepless nights. The one thing that is going well is Lisa's cleaning business, Maids 4 U. When an attractive, slender blonde called Jacqui comes literally crashing into Lisa's life, a dented car becomes the least of her worries, as she tries to keep her husband away from temptation and her head above water!

Autumn Skies
  • 9781846520532
  • 01-02-2007
  • SS-CD
Autumn Skies (Audio CD)
Elizabeth Lord / Ruth Sillers

Since the death of her baby daughter, Mary Lett has been heading towards a nervous breakdown. Her husband Geoffrey can't understand why she finds it so difficult to let go of the memory of Marianne, and as the gap between them widens he seeks solace elsewhere. With the collapse of Mary and Geoffrey's relationship, two men are presented with a chance of happiness - Geoffrey's married brother Henry, who has always had feelings for Mary, and her former sweetheart Will Goodridge. However, they have both made lasting vows, one of monogamy, the other of celibacy - and neither will find the decisions ahead easy to make.

The Birthday Girl
  • 9780753126516
  • 01-01-2007
The Birthday Girl (Audio CD)
Stephen Leather / Martyn Read

Tony Freeman rescued Mersiha when she was fighting for her life in war-torn Yugoslavia. Now she is his adopted daughter, the perfect all-American girl - and the past is another country. Or so it seems. But Mersiha has been trained to kill. And when she discovers that Freeman's company is subject to a sinister takeover bid, she decides to help. Whatever the risks. The consequences of her actions are lethal - for Mersiha has unearthed a conspiracy of terrifying proportions...

Penguins Stopped Play
  • 9780753126585
  • 01-01-2007
Penguins Stopped Play (Audio CD)
Harry Thompson / Glen McCready

It seemed a simple enough idea at the outset: to assemble a team of eleven men to play cricket on each of the seven continents of the globe. Except...that's not a simple idea at all. And when you throw in incompetent airline officials, cunning Bajan drug dealers, overzealous American anti-terrorist police, idiotic Welshmen dressed as Santa Claus and whole armies of pitch-invading penguins, you quickly arrive at a lot more than you bargained for. Harry Thompson's hilarious book tells the story of one of those great madcap enterprises that only an Englishman could have dreamed up, and only a bunch of Englishmen could possibly have wished to carry out.

Paradise Parade
  • 9781845592691
  • 01-01-2007
  • SO-CD
Paradise Parade (Audio CD)
Anne Baker / Julia Franklin

Living above her stepfather's fish and chip shop on Merseyside's Paradise Parade, Emily Barr is glad to escape to the relative peace of her job in Whythenshaw's jewellery factory. And when she is promoted to work for young Mr Giles, the son of the owner, she is the envy of all her workmates. What a catch he would be! Much to her surprise, Emily finds the eligible Giles is trying to woo her, and when he proposes she willingly accepts. But Giles does not love her and has his own reasons for wanting to marry her. Emily soon bitterly regrets her marriage and has a long struggle to find happiness.

The Death Ship Of Dartmouth
  • 9781845596750
  • 01-01-2007
  • SO-CD
The Death Ship Of Dartmouth (Audio CD)
Michael Jecks / Michael Tudor Barnes

1324: a disastrous autumn looms large. As the leaves begin to fall there are those who wish to bring the Kingdom down as well. In Dartmouth, a man is found lying dead in the road. Dismissing his death as a drunken accident, the locals turn their attentions to more worrying matters - piracy. Rumours abound that spies are being sent to the great traitor Roger Mortimer. If this is true, civil war in England is inevitable. The Kingdom's most powerful and ruthless men demand that Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock uncover the truth, and quickly. Fail and they will be executed. Succeed and there will be others ready to silence them forever...

Across The Narrow Seas
  • 9781845596774
  • 01-01-2007
  • SO-CD
Across The Narrow Seas (Audio CD)
James Pattinson / Terry Wale

When Sergeant Fred Mason of the Maritime Royal Artillery eventually locates his new ship SS Radgate, he finds the little coaster quite a contrast to his previous posting. Despite the difficulties of working during the London bombing raids, the crew must get themselves ready for the invasion of France. Through the confusion, agony and bloodshed of D-Day, against the ever-present threat of mines, bombs and shells, the story switches from London to the Normandy beaches and Mulberry harbour as the little crew weathers storms and tragedies.

No Price Too High
  • 9781846520051
  • 01-01-2007
  • SS-CD
No Price Too High (Audio CD)
Annie Wilkinson / Trudy Harris

Shattered by the bitter end of a passionate affair, Lizzie Wilde leaves her native north east to seek fame and fortune on the London stage. Determined to make her own way in the world, she'll not let her heart be broken again, so when she meets the handsome Captain Ashton, Lizzie resists his advances, for an officer and a gentleman would never marry a lowly actress. With bombs raining down on London, every meeting might be their last, and just as Lizzie dares hope they might have a future, their love is put to the sternest of tests.

Cold Relations
  • 9781846520211
  • 01-01-2007
  • SS-CD
Cold Relations (Audio CD)
Gerald Hammond / Cathleen McCarron

Edinburgh's gorgeous Detective Sergeant Honey Laird has finally cleared her overflowing desk and is looking forward to spending some time with her husband, when an email from her old school friend provokes yet another difficult case. Honey soon finds herself trying to babysit her friend's ex-husband Andrew: a trigger-happy, former SAS officer, with a temper, a head injury and a penchant for attractive women. When Andrew's prized Springer spaniel pups go missing, Honey has no clues until Henry Colebrook, a wealthy supermarket mogul, also disappears - and his body turns up in an isolated loch...

Gates Of Paradise
  • 9781846520235
  • 01-01-2007
  • SS-CD
Gates Of Paradise (Audio CD)
Beryl Kingston / Laurence Kennedy

William Blake, the famous poet, engraver and illustrator spent three years in the small rural village of Felpham in Sussex, until in 1803 he was charged with sedition for being too vocal in his response to a solider he found trespassing in his garden. Soon after the trial he returned to London with his wife Catherine. Half a century later, Alexander Gilchrist arrives, intending to compile a biography of 'the mad poet'. Beginning his research at the Fox Inn, he soon encounters hostility when the trial is mentioned...what do the locals have to hide?

Yorkshire Transvestite Found Dead On Everest
  • 9781846520679
  • 01-01-2007
  • SS-CD
Yorkshire Transvestite Found Dead On Everest (Audio CD)
Mike Harding / Mike Harding

For a number of years now, writer, photographer, stand-up comic and folk musician Mike Harding has written a monthly column for The Great Outdoors, Britain's premier backpacking and trekking magazine. Witty, acidic and sometimes frothing over with barely concealed grump, these articles have plumbed the heights and soared to the depths of travel writing. Here is a selection of some of the best of those literary burblings. Meet the Yorkshire Transvestite and hero Maurice Wilson, climb the Devil's Bollocks, and hear the story of Akala and the Monk's Ghost. May you read them in health.

  • 9781845595920
  • 01-12-2006
  • SO-CD
Butcher (Audio CD)
Campbell Armstrong / James Bryce

Lou Perlman, officially on sick leave from Strathclyde Police, has hit the lowest point in his life. Barred from the investigation into the recent gangland slayings, and seemingly abandoned by Miriam, the nomadic object of his affection, he's a lost man. Then, cleaning out of his long-neglected house he discovers a decaying human hand in a Ziploc bag... Whose hand is it? Who cut it off? And who put it in Perlman's bedroom? These are questions he alone must answer. They take him on a baffling quest through the strata of Glasgow society, from slum tenements to casinos to New Age Temples, encountering high-flying criminals and freaks...

Blood Of The Innocents
  • 9781846520990
  • 01-12-2006
  • SS-CD
Blood Of The Innocents (Audio CD)
Chris Collett / Graham Padden

When two teenagers go missing on the same day on Mariner's patch, it seems to be nothing more than a coincidence. Yasmin Akram is the talented grammar-school educated daughter of devout Muslim professionals. Ricky Skeet disappears after storming out of his council house following a row with his mother's latest boyfriend. Mariner is not happy when - following media pressure - he is taken off the Skeet case and reassigned to the more politically sensitive investigation, but he soon finds that the picture of Yasmin her schoolfriends paint is far from her parents' description of her as a total innocent...

Home To The High Fells
  • 9781859039939
  • 01-12-2006
  • SS-CD
Home To The High Fells (Audio CD)
Elizabeth Gill / Rachel Bavidge

When Rosalind West leaves her native Durham for a job in London with the Doxbridge Motor Company she is determined to build a new life. London in 1958 is tantalisingly glamorous - especially when she meets aristocratic rally driver Freddie Harlington, son of a once-wealthy Northumberland landowner. Against the better judgement of Rosalind's boss and old friend, Jack Neville, Freddie and Rosalind fall in love, but Freddie's family have plans for him which do not include marrying a Durham miner's daughter. Rosalind turns to Jack, and finds herself torn between two men, both with strong passions and fierce ambition...

The Chinese Takeout
  • 9780753126271
  • 01-11-2006
The Chinese Takeout (Audio CD)
Judith Cutler / Diana Bishop

Morning service in the quiet village church. Josie Welford, licensee of the White Hart, is daydreaming during Father Tim Martin's sermon. The peace is shattered when a filthy Chinese youth flings himself into the church demanding sanctuary. The Church must decide whether to accede to a request that no long has legal standing or to hand Tang over to the authorities. Josie's friend and long-term lodger, Nick Thomas, fears for the boy's life. Tang is almost certainly an illegal immigrant whose gang-masters would rather have dead than able to betray them. It's not long before the media are involved and the subsequent publicity brings tragic results, not just to the priest and the refugee, but to St Jude's itself.

Dead And Buried
  • 9780753126295
  • 01-11-2006
Dead And Buried (Audio CD)
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

DCC Bob Skinner has a failed marriage on his hands, and a death on his conscience, but little time to deal with either as he faces the biggest challenge of his career within the secret corridors where dark power is wielded. But this isn't his only issue: he's also trying to protect his daughter from a stalker; a bookmaker has taken one gamble too many and paid his debt in a gruesome fashion; and a casual call to the Chief Constable sets him on a personal crusade, which quickly points to a bigamist at work. Or is it worse? Four crimes, four crises: can Skinner and his people solve them?

The Penultimate Chance Saloon
  • 9780753126356
  • 01-11-2006
The Penultimate Chance Saloon (Audio CD)
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

On the verge of his 60th birthday, Bill Stratton's wife told him she was leaving for another man. He'd been under the impression they had a happy marriage. She assured him that since the second week of their honeymoon, she'd known she'd married the wrong person. This all came as a bit of a shock to Bill. And now, after a little soul searching, Bill Stratton, a mildly famous television newsreader who's managed to hold on to (most of) his looks, is about to discover the world of post-menopausal dating.

Shelter From The Storm
  • 9781846520099
  • 01-11-2006
  • SS-CD
Shelter From The Storm (Audio CD)
Rowena Summers / Julie Maisey

The Retreat is owned and run by Donald and Ruth Elkins, their three daughters, and Clover, their delightfully eccentric grandmother. Charlotte is hoping for a marriage proposal, Josie, at 15, is more interested in the annual fair, while Milly, aged 10, has high hopes of going to the local grammar school. Meanwhile Clover's nightly wanderings along the seafront are a constant worry. One night a violent storm sweeps up the Channel, demolishing the sea wall and flooding The Retreat. When bones are found in the cellars it seems only a miracle can save the Elkins family from ruin.

To Light A Candle
  • 9781846520976
  • 01-11-2006
  • SS-CD
To Light A Candle (Audio CD)
Connie Monk / Willow Nash

Cynny Barlow is just eighteen when she falls in love with actor Ralph Clinton, but when Ralph is talent-spotted by a film producer he leaves for the big time, with no idea that Cynny is pregnant. Her friend, vicar's wife Kate Bainbridge, is sympathetic but has her own problems. Kate yearns for more passion than her husband Richard seems able to give, and has been charmed by his old friend Perry Sylvester, but when Perry makes Cynny's acquaintance, he recognises that her rare singing talent would perfectly match the jazz he plays in the nightclubs of London...

Angel In The House
  • 9781846520983
  • 01-11-2006
  • SS-CD
Angel In The House (Audio CD)
Mike Ripley / Dave John

Angel, faced with impending parenthood, has to do the unthinkable and get a job. Working for Rudgard & Blugden Confidential Investigations, he has to plug the leak of stolen Botox from a supposedly secure laboratory, but he is distracted by a redhead with a passion for salsa dancing, a Russian sailor with a passion for old East German cars, an estate agent with a passion for Audrey Hepburn, and a redundant KGB officer trying to retrain as a gangster! Oh, and which brave soul is going to tell Angel's fearsome hippy mother that she's soon to be a grandmother?

Watch Me Disappear
  • 9780753126127
  • 01-10-2006
Watch Me Disappear (Audio CD)
Jill Dawson / Jilly Bond

Does the past yield its secrets if we search hard enough? And where is the line between ordinary lust and something altogether murkier? A marine biologist specialising in seahorses, Tina is returning for her brother's wedding to the Fenland village where she grew up. A moment of panic about her ten-year-old daughter has triggered a vision of her best friend, Mandy Baker, who went missing without trace at the same age three decades ago. And the more Tina replays events and relives her tempestuous upbringing, the more she believes she knows what happened to Mandy - and who was responsible. Jill Dawson's affecting novel is an incisive and disturbing exploration of desire and childhood.

The Wrong Kind Of Blood
  • 9780753126158
  • 01-10-2006
The Wrong Kind Of Blood (Audio CD)
Declan Hughes / Stanley Townsend

Ed Loy hasn't been back to Dublin for 20 years. But his mother is dead and he has returned home to bury her. He soon realises that the world waiting for him is very different from the one he left behind all those years ago. An old classmate, Linda Dawson, pleads with him to find her missing husband, Peter. She doesn't want the police involved. When Loy finds an old photograph of his long-missing father on Peter Dawson's boat, and a corpse is discovered in the foundations of the local town hall, things begin to get personal. Suddenly, in this place where he grew up, he finds himself thrown into a world of organised crime, long-hidden secrets, corruption and violence, and murder.

The Long Shot
  • 9780753126226
  • 01-10-2006
The Long Shot (Audio CD)
Stephen Leather / Martyn Read

The plan is so complex, the target so well protected that the three snipers have to rehearse the killing in the seclusion of the Arizona desert. Cole Howard of the FBI knows he has only days to prevent the audacious assassination. But he doesn't know who the target is or where the crack marksmen will strike. Former SAS sergeant Mike Cramer is also on the trail, infiltrating the Irish community in New York as he tracks down Mary Hennessy, the ruthless killer who tore his life apart. Unless Cramer and Howard agree to cooperate, the world will witness the most spectacular terrorist coup of all time...

Ocean Prize
  • 9781407969749
  • 01-10-2006
Ocean Prize (MP3 CD)
James Pattinson / Terry Wale

When a valuable cargo ship is abandoned in the mid-Atlantic, Captain Barling of the S.S. Hopeful Enterprise has his own special reasons for wishing to tow it into port. But is he justified in risking men's lives for the sake of his own desires? Shipmate Adam Loder thinks it is nothing but a wild goose chase and chief engineer Jonah Madden is worried about his ailing engines; but Charlie Wilson is hiding a deeper concern... But Barling has more than fearsome gales to contend with as a tenacious rival threatens his chances.