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Blood Dancing
  • 9781846521164
  • 01-06-2007
  • SS-CD
Blood Dancing (Audio CD)
Jonathan Gash / Graham Padden

Wanting to rid Manchester of evil, an assassin scours the newspaper headlines for his next victim... Meanwhile a young prostitute is viciously attacked, and Doctor Clare Burtonall has to decide whether or not to terminate her life support. As Clare contemplates the girl's future, her boyfriend - the handsome and intelligent Bonn - looks after the working girls on Manchester's seedy streets. A high-class male escort, he understands the tough and lonely world they inhabit, and he knows the imminent release of a paedophile back into the area will cause waves on streets already seething with suppressed anger.

The Foxglove Tree
  • 9781846521225
  • 01-06-2007
  • SS-CD
The Foxglove Tree (Audio CD)
Elizabeth Gill / Trudy Harris

Allan Jamieson is hailed as a hero of the Great War, but inside he is so affected by his experience that he withdraws from his wife Kaye and their young son. His best friend Jake, grieving for his beloved wife who died in childbirth whilst he was away fighting, turns to Lillian, a woman whose husband was killed in action. Allan resumes his civilian career as a respected barrister, taking on the defence of a beautiful young woman accused of killing her war-wounded husband. Alienated from his wife, it is not long before Allan and Erin have become recklessly involved...

A Cornish Maid
  • 9781846521300
  • 01-06-2007
  • SS-CD
A Cornish Maid (Audio CD)
Rachel Moore / Tanya Myers

Brought up by her grandmother, Amber Penry's sheltered Cornish childhood is shattered by the outbreak of World War II. Worse is to come when Amber learns that she'll be forced to share her home with an evacuee, but Dolly Nash will change Amber's life in ways she could never have expected. As different as chalk and cheese, the two girls slowly become friends. As they grow into beautiful young women, their friendship is put to the test when they both fall for the same man - boat-builder's son, Luke Gillam, and as old jealousies re-surface, a furious confrontation seems inevitable...

  • 9781846521768
  • 01-06-2007
  • SS-CD
Tripper (Audio CD)
Ken Mccoy / Ken McCoy

For some, death is just a living... When Ron Crusher is forced at gunpoint onto the parapet of a twelve-story office block he suspects that he's being used to distract the police while a criminal gang escapes, and that his life will be spared. Minutes later he is sent plunging to his death, without ever knowing why. Meanwhile Sam Carew, ex-cop turned builder and private detective is hired to discover whether cruise ship crooner Joey Gladstone is cheating on his wife. Departing for Barbados where the Caribbean Rose is docked, little does Sam know that he will soon be drawn into the investigation of Ron Crusher's apparently motiveless murder.

One Under
  • 9780753126967
  • 01-05-2007
One Under (Audio CD)
Graham Hurley / Tim Pepper

Two mysteries for Portsmouth based DI Faraday and DC Winter to solve DI Joe Faraday is called to the scene of a brutal death - the remains of a body chained to the railway line at Buriton tunnel, just north of Havant. Faraday has no name and no obvious leads to follow. DC Paul Winter is ordered to trawl through the missing persons list and comes across a missing man whom he suspects has fallen victim to foul play. Two men, one dead, one missing. Two detectives looking for them. Two stories entangled in the most bizarre and compelling ways.

Thinking Of You
  • 9780753127605
  • 01-05-2007
Thinking Of You (Audio CD)
Jill Mansell / Julia Barrie

Jem has headed off to university, leaving single mum Ginny with a severe case of empty nest syndrome. To make matters worse, the first gorgeous man she's clapped eyes on in years has just accused Ginny of shoplifting. She decides to advertise for a lodger but what she gets is lovelorn Laurel, who can only talk about her ex-boyfriend. But Laurel has a dangerously charming brother, Perry, and with the offer of a great new job on top of that, things seem to be looking up! Then Ginny realises that her potential boss is all too familiar, and she's given quite the wrong first impression...

A Stranger In Burracombe
  • 9781845596941
  • 01-05-2007
  • SO-CD
A Stranger In Burracombe (Audio CD)
Lilian Harry / Anne Dover

When Jennifer Tucker arrives in the sleepy Devonshire village of Burracombe, she's searching for more than a place to settle...Like the rest of the nation, the Burracombe villagers are shocked when King George VI dies suddenly. But the arrival of a stranger in the village on the very same day goes almost unnoticed - they all have their own concerns. As Jennifer Tucker looks for a family she hadn't even realised existed, the village gradually becomes involved in her search and more than one person is led to question their own ideas about families and what they mean.

The Scarlet Lion
  • 9781845597788
  • 01-05-2007
  • SO-CD
The Scarlet Lion (Audio CD)
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott

The prowess and loyalty of the great knight William Marshal have been rewarded by the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare. William has weathered the difficult years of King Richard's absence on crusade and is currently serving him on campaign in Normandy. But the stability William and Isabelle have enjoyed comes crashing down as Richard dies and his brother John becomes King. Rebellion stirs throughout the Angevin domains, and William and Isabelle distance themselves in Ireland. As the situation escalates, William steers an increasingly precarious path that will lead him, eventually, to the rule of a country in desperate straits, with Isabelle walking with him every step of the way.

Look For The Silver Lining
  • 9781846521102
  • 01-05-2007
  • SS-CD
Look For The Silver Lining (Audio CD)
June Francis / Margaret Sircom

When Nellie marries a man who does not meet with her mother's approval she is cut off from her family, and with her soldier husband Teddy away, a pregnant Nellie is forced to face the horrors of the Blitz alone. Bitterly angry and grief stricken at news of Teddy's death, the church is the last place Nellie would turn to, but when her priestly brother asks for help tending a man who has sought the sanctuary of St Joseph's, she complies. The man mysteriously disappears, but the end of the war sees his return, and a new challenge for Nellie.

Monday's Child
  • 9781846521423
  • 01-05-2007
  • SS-CD
Monday's Child (Audio CD)
Rowena Summers / Trudy Harris

Charlotte Elkins is preparing for her wedding to Melvin, the local blacksmith, and although she sometimes has second thoughts about it she thinks it is far too late to abandon the arrangements. Her wild and passionate younger sister Josie knows that Charlotte would be happier with the local newspaper reporter who has taken a shine to her - but nothing short of an earthquake will shake Charlotte's determination to go ahead with the wedding. When Josie unwittingly provides the necessary earthquake she never bargained for the chain of events that would follow, nor where one reckless decision would lead her...

Shadow Of The Silk Road
  • 9780753127162
  • 01-04-2007
Shadow Of The Silk Road (Audio CD)
Colin Thubron / Jonathan Keeble

A magnificent account of a journey through an ancient world in modern ferment Out of the heart of China into the mountains of Central Asia, across Northern Afghanistan and the plains of Iran into Kurdish Turkey, Colin Thubron undertakes a journey along the greatest land route on earth - the Silk Road. Travelling 7,000 miles in eight months, he traces the passage not only of trade and armies, but of ideas, religions and inventions. With a gift of talking to others, and of getting them to talk to him, Thubron meets some fascinating people and encounters some of the world's discontented margins, where the true boundaries are not political borders but the frontiers of tribe, ethnicity, language and religion.

Glass Houses
  • 9780753127209
  • 01-04-2007
Glass Houses (Audio CD)
Sandra Howard / Jilly Bond

Victoria James is at home awaiting a call from Downing Street - desperate for the telephone to ring but mindful of the impact a promotion could have on her husband and daughter. When she receives the summons, high office does indeed await her - and life as she knows it will never be the same again. As a young, attractive female Minister, Victoria will be living firmly in the public eye, challenged in her views at every turn. But nothing prepares her for what ultimately throws her off-balance: a love affair with a married man so well known that it can only be a matter of time before everyone knows their secret...

The Silent Sleep Of The Dying
  • 9780753127407
  • 01-04-2007
The Silent Sleep Of The Dying (Audio CD)
Keith McCarthy / Sean Barrett

When Mark Hartmann is asked to perform an autopsy on a lab assistant killed by cancer, everything looks straightforward. But his initial findings are surprising - Milicent Sweet appears to have died of several different, aggressive tumours. Before he can discuss this with colleagues, he's called to a conference in Scotland. A serious error of judgement gives a pharmaceutical company a handle on him, and they threaten to expose his excesses unless he falsifies his report on Sweet. Meanwhile, Millicent's father is suspicious about her death and has contacted lawyer Helena Flemming. Her partner, former forensic pathologist John Eisenmenger, uncovers the original autopsy and deception, and is determined to unearth the reasons behind the pharmaceutical company's actions.

The Rodriguez Affair
  • 9781407969718
  • 01-04-2007
The Rodriguez Affair (MP3 CD)
James Pattinson / Terry Wale

Harry Banner turns up in London one November evening having just got back from Venezuela. He wants to see Robert Cade - a man he'd known six years earlier in Buenos Aires. He needs to ask him for a small favour - just to keep a parcel until he calls back for it. The trouble is that Banner never does call back - the next morning he is found dead in his hotel room with a stab wound to his chest. Cade decides that a trip to Venezuela might throw some light onto the reasons for Harry's murder - but in San Borja, the climate can be very unhealthy for someone who asks too many questions.

The Rodriguez Affair
  • 9781845597207
  • 01-04-2007
  • SO-CD
The Rodriguez Affair (Audio CD)
James Pattinson / Terry Wale

Harry Banner turns up in London one November evening having just got back from Venezuela. He wants to see Robert Cade - a man he'd known six years earlier in Buenos Aires. He needs to ask him for a small favour - just to keep a parcel until he calls back for it. The trouble is that Banner never does call back - the next morning he is found dead in his hotel room with a stab wound to his chest. Cade decides that a trip to Venezuela might throw some light onto the reasons for Harry's murder - but in San Borja, the climate can be very unhealthy for someone who asks too many questions.

Tug Of War
  • 9781845597474
  • 01-04-2007
  • SO-CD
Tug Of War (Audio CD)
Barbara Cleverly / Terry Wale

Joe Sandilands has been dispatched to France to stay as the guest of a glamorous French war-widow who is determined that Joe should support her claim that a mysterious shell-shocked soldier is her husband. The problem is that four other claimants have identified him differently. Joe decides to investigate the four claimants and picks his way through a tangle of lies, deceit and manipulation, uncovering a cleverly concealed murder committed during the war years. When he finally discovers the identity of the soldier, he faces an even greater dilemma: he must not only to solve a killing in the past, but avert a tragedy in the future.

Murder Of Identity
  • 9781845598495
  • 01-04-2007
  • SO-CD
Murder Of Identity (Audio CD)
Veronica Heley / Julia Franklin

While out collecting some Portuguese laurel for the formidable flower arranger Mrs Dawes, feisty widow Ellie Quicke comes across a dead body...a corpse without an identity. Next day, Mrs Dawes is discovered by Ellie and her grandson Frank, badly beaten and close to death. Much to Ellie's dismay, the police think shaven-headed Neil, Mrs Dawes' grandson, is responsible, even after a third body comes to light. As if this were not enough, Ellie's ambitious daughter Diana has gone into partnership with a smiling, steely estate agent; Ellie's aged aunt is making plans, which are sure to cause family ructions; and their delightfully rotund vicar asks for more attention from Ellie than she can easily give.

Winter Wine
  • 9781846520518
  • 01-04-2007
  • SS-CD
Winter Wine (Audio CD)
Elizabeth Lord / Ruth Sillers

When Henry Lett dies, leaving a restaurant that is far from thriving, his nephew Edwin is loath to see the once-famous Letts pass out of the family's hands, and he persuades his aunt to sell her shares and give him a chance to set the restaurant back on its feet. Eighteen months later, as Edwin prepares to marry Helen, the daughter of restaurant manager William Goodridge, he feels everything has fallen into place, but the flame of attraction still burns between Helen and Hugh, Edwin's cousin, while a fearful Will watches over them, wondering when to reveal a devastating secret.

For Love Of Lily
  • 9781846520594
  • 01-04-2007
  • SS-CD
For Love Of Lily (Audio CD)
Maggie Bennett / Tanya Myers

At twenty-one, Lily Knowles is desperate to leave home, so she escapes to London to train as a nurse. She falls in love with dashing RAF officer Sandy Redfern, but the coming of war, with the chaos of the Blitz, brings upheavals and unforeseen entanglements. On hearing of Sandy's reckless affair with a married woman, a heartbroken Lily throws herself into her work, moving to an RAF hospital in Hampshire, where her childhood sweetheart persuades her into an engagement - but fate brings Sandy back into her life, scarred and embittered. Can they recapture their once passionate love?

Shooting Elvis
  • 9781846520693
  • 01-04-2007
  • SS-CD
Shooting Elvis (Audio CD)
Stuart Pawson / Andrew Wincott

DI Charlie Priest and his team are presented with a bizarre murder that leads to the discovery of low-tech industrial espionage, but is selling your employer's confidential records enough to warrant this particularly sadistic murder? Appearances deceive, and it transpires that the victim may have attracted the murderer because of his facial resemblance to a local serial killer known as the Midnight Strangler. The next victim is murdered in even stranger circumstances, and with old enmities surfacing within his team, Charlie begins to wonder if he himself is the catalyst that motivates the killer...

A World Full Of Weeping
  • 9780753126875
  • 01-03-2007
A World Full Of Weeping (Audio CD)
Keith McCarthy / Sean Barrett

An invitation to stay with childhood friends seems an excellent idea to aid Helena's recovery after her cancer treatment. Helena grew up with the Hickmans and had spent many happy holidays with them. The fact that they live in a castle surrounded by forest makes it an even more perfect spot to recuperate. But when a man is found burned to death in a car, the apparently irrelevant though horrific incident creates unexpected disturbances. Helena and Eisenmenger, caught in the middle of it all, cannot understand why. But the unpleasantness grows and worse is to come, for secrets are unearthed that concern not only the Hickmans, but also Helena and her past.

Miss Silver Intervenes
  • 9780753126912
  • 01-03-2007
Miss Silver Intervenes (Audio CD)
Patricia Wentworth / Diana Bishop

When her fiancé, Giles Armitage, disappears in a shipwreck, Meade Underwood is left in the company of a middle-aged aunt with nothing but a monotonous round of bridge parties and war work to fill her days. A chance encounter restores Giles to Meade but he has lost his memory, and their rediscovered happiness is threatened by the machination of the scheming Carola Roland, a figure from Giles' forgotten past. So when Carola Roland is viciously murdered, Giles becomes the chief suspect and it takes all Miss Silver's ingenuity to unravel the real significance of the crime and its electrifying consequences.

The Mercy Seat
  • 9781846520846
  • 01-03-2007
  • SS-CD
The Mercy Seat (Audio CD)
Martyn Waites / Martyn Waites

Once a renowned investigative journalist, Joe Donovan's life fell apart when his six-year-old son disappeared without trace. He is a virtual recluse when a teenage boy makes contact, in desperate need of his help. On the run for his life, Jamal has in his possession something that holds the key to Donovan's past. As long-buried secrets emerge and the bodies pile up, Donovan puts together a team of outsiders to help him, as he and Jamal are hunted by a ruthless killer. A killer who doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy.

Return To Akenfield
  • 9781845596873
  • 01-02-2007
  • SO-CD
Return To Akenfield (Audio CD)
Craig Taylor / Stephen Thorne

Thirty-five years after the publication of Ronald Blythe's classic portrait of an English village, Akenfield, Craig Taylor returned to the Suffolk village on which the book was based. He sought out locals who appeared in the original book to learn how their lives had changed, met newcomers and interviewed Ronald Blythe himself. The result reverberates with the voices of the villagers: young farmers, retired orchardmen and Eastern European migrant workers talk about farming in an age of globalisation; commuters, weekenders and retirees discuss the realities behind the rural idyll; and the local priest, teacher and pub owner describe the daily pleasures and tribulations of village life.