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Christmas At The Cat Cafe
  • 9781801624855
  • 15-09-2023
The Bad Penny
  • 9781801626910
  • 14-09-2023
The Bad Penny (Softcover)
Lindsey Hutchinson

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Secret Son To Change His Life
  • 9780263297348
  • 01-09-2023
Secret Son To Change His Life (Hardcover)
Alison Roberts

A surprise reunion... ...changes everything! In this Morgan Family Medics story, paramedic Jonno's memory of Brie is instantaneous when they meet again - and so is their mutual attraction. Whilst Brie can't disguise the flutters of excitement Jonno brings out in her, she knows she now has an opportunity to reveal what she's been longing to tell him: he has a son! Jonno wasn't planning on sticking around, but maybe Brie can give him a reason to stop running...

How To Rescue The Heart Doctor
  • 9780263297355
  • 01-09-2023
How To Rescue The Heart Doctor (Hardcover)
Alison Roberts

The family they share... ...brings them together! In this Morgan Family Medics story, paediatric heart surgeon Anthony Morgan is used to fixing tiny hearts - yet can't mend his own after becoming estranged from his son. When he meets nurse Elsie he learns some shocking news: they share a grandson! Having been alone for so long, Elsie welcomes Anthony's friendship, and is delighted when it develops into something more... But when his family problems seem insurmountable, can she rescue Anthony's heart and heal her own too?

Father For The Midwife's Twins
  • 9780263297362
  • 01-09-2023
Father For The Midwife's Twins (Hardcover)
Fiona McArthur

Two babies. One houseguest... ...A for ever family? Midwife Lisandra panics when the hospital lift gets stuck - just as her waters break! Luckily, she's trapped with obstetrician Malachi, who expertly cares for her. Having lost everything since her fiancé's death, she has nowhere to go, so Malachi offers her and her babies a temporary place to stay. But living with the brooding workaholic is less convenient when a spark ignites between them! Could her knight in shining armour also become a father for her twins?

Reunited With The Children's Doc
  • 9780263297379
  • 01-09-2023
Reunited With The Children's Doc (Hardcover)
Susan Carlisle

He loved her once... Can he risk falling for her again? Since losing her son, Marcy has had a single focus: researching a cure for cancer. Meeting doctor Dylan again is unexpected, and his compassionate warmth invades the fortress around her heart. Marcy's even more beautiful than he remembers, but Dylan's been abandoned too many times. As they fight for their patients' lives an irresistible passion flares between them. Dare they put themselves on the line again for a shot at happy-ever-after...?

Highland Fling With Her Best Friend
  • 9780263297386
  • 01-09-2023
Highland Fling With Her Best Friend (Hardcover)
Becky Wicks

A fresh start... ...with an old friend! After a bad break-up, Dr Sadie Mills is offered a new job at an exclusive health facility in Scotland with her best friend! It sounds like the perfect escape. Sadie's never worked with Dr Owen Penner before, but why would that be an issue? She loves Owen, but has never been tempted to date such a committed playboy. Yet suddenly she wants to shove him out of the friend zone - straight into her bed!

Neurosurgeon, Single Dad...Husband?
  • 9780263297393
  • 01-09-2023
Neurosurgeon, Single Dad...Husband? (Hardcover)
Charlotte Hawkes

A nurse to save... ...the single dad! When neurosurgeon and notorious bachelor Seth becomes guardian to his nephew Noah, for the first time in his life he has no idea what he's doing. Noah hasn't spoken since his mother's passing, so when nurse Andrea gets him to talk Seth enlists her help. Andrea understands what Noah is going through and brings the sparkle back into this little boy's life - and Seth's too! Is she the bright future this fledgling family deserves?

The Italian's Innocent Cinderella
  • 9780263308259
  • 01-09-2023
The Italian's Innocent Cinderella (Hardcover)
Cathy Williams

Wearing the Italian's diamond? Marks the start of her fairytale! A traumatic past event means that shy Maude's job is the only place she feels safe to shine. So when she needs a last-minute plus one she strikes a deal with the one man she trusts - her boss! But claiming to date ultra-rich Mateo Moreno makes avoiding the limelight impossible... Mateo is horrified that innocent Maude's name is being dragged into the headlines. He's even prepared to make convenient vows to protect her. But whilst Mateo thinks he can maintain iron-clad control over his emotions, their sudden, all-encompassing passion has other plans!

The Housekeeper And The Brooding Billionaire
  • 9780263308266
  • 01-09-2023
The Housekeeper And The Brooding Billionaire (Hardcover)
Annie West

Is this forbidden Cinderella... ...the key to his redemption? Rumours surround the reclusive Alessio, Conte Dal Lago, but Charlotte Symonds isn't intimidated - housekeeping for such a prestigious aristocrat will help fulfil her dreams of running her own business. Although she isn't prepared for her unexpected attraction to her new boss... Racked with guilt since his tragic loss, Alessio runs his billion-euro empire from a secluded Italian castello. Charlotte opens his eyes to the world he's been missing - and to a long-forgotten desire. But can he hope to maintain his impenetrable emotional walls once their powerful chemistry is unleashed?

Virgin's Night With The Greek
  • 9780263308273
  • 01-09-2023
Virgin's Night With The Greek (Hardcover)
Lucy King

The one thing they both agree on? Their attraction! Artist Willow Jacobs's latest high-society portrait is set to make her career. Until the subject's son, Leonidas Stanhope, demands it never sees the light of day! He's everything she isn't: uptight, reserved, and richer than sense. But that won't stop her standing her ground. And yet their negotiations can't halt her red-hot reaction to the Greek - especially when she sees the same heat reflected in Leo's fierce gaze! This could be innocent Willow's chance to experience the pleasure she believes impossible... Her next move? Asking for a night between his billion-dollar sheets!

Bound By A Sicilian Secret
  • 9780263308280
  • 01-09-2023
Bound By A Sicilian Secret (Hardcover)
Lela May Wight

When their worlds collide... They become tied for ever! Flora Bick once strayed from her carefully scripted life and lost herself in the uninhibited kisses of a stranger. Overwhelmed, she fled his bed and returned to her risk-free existence. Now he's found her, and together they discover the unimaginable - she's pregnant! After demanding Flora accompany him to Sicily, Raffaele Russo finally reveals his vast wealth...and his determination to give their child the stable upbringing he never had. But for the time being their secret remains theirs alone. And it will bind them even closer than their ever-present desire...

Stolen For His Desert Throne
  • 9780263308297
  • 01-09-2023
Stolen For His Desert Throne (Hardcover)
Heidi Rice

The woman in his bed... Must now become his bride! Desert Prince Kamal must find a wife or forfeit his crown. No one seems less suitable than headstrong Princess Kaliah - until they clash at an opulent event and their animosity is transformed into raw, intimate passion! Discovering Liah was a virgin, Kamal feels honour-bound to offer marriage. But that's the last thing independent Liah wants! There's one way to fix matters: steal her away to his private oasis and make her see reason. Instead, their time alone forces Kamal to admit that desire might have been just as much a factor in his proposal as duty...

A Baby To Make Her His Bride
  • 9780263308303
  • 01-09-2023
A Baby To Make Her His Bride (Hardcover)
Dani Collins

Unexpectedly pregnant... Scandalously wed! Fleeing her very public divorce, socialite Vienna is shocked to find her private hideaway already occupied. Gruff and brooding Jasper is presumed dead - just like Vienna's love-life! - so her instant connection to him is unexpected. Yet completely undeniable... One night is all Jasper can offer Vienna. The people closest to him always get hurt. But then scandal strikes, forcing them to fly to Chile as a couple, for the whole world to see! And when Jasper learns Vienna is carrying his baby he must take things one step further to protect them both...with his diamond ring!

Expecting Her Enemy's Heir
  • 9780263308310
  • 01-09-2023
Expecting Her Enemy's Heir (Hardcover)
Pippa Roscoe

Then: a forbidden encounter Now: a binding consequence! After working undercover at Alessandro Rossi's company for two years, Amelia Seymore is still trying to prove that the Italian billionaire stole her birthright. But the only thing she's been able to prove is her incendiary off-limits attraction to him - which explodes into life at Alessandro's irresistible touch! When Amelia tries to reignite her revenge plan it quickly comes crashing down, as she learns that she's expecting her enemy's heir! Avenging her family means everything to Amelia. Yet as she's whisked away to Alessandro's Tuscan villa is it still what she wants the most?

Hired For His Royal Revenge
  • 9780263308327
  • 01-09-2023
Hired For His Royal Revenge (Hardcover)
Lorraine Hall

She's playing the role of his princess Is he playing with fire? To avenge his parents' murder, Greek billionaire Lysias hires renowned spy Al to pose as a long-lost royal - and his fiancée. When an unruly spark flares between them, Lysias knows there's only one way to master it. By indulging it... Al is transported from her hardscrabble days on the streets to a luxurious kingdom, where she experiences breathtaking pleasure in Lysias's arms. She knows it isn't real. Still, she can't shake the feeling that somehow she belongs within these palace walls. And perhaps even by Lysias's side...

Baby Surprise In Costa Rica
  • 9780263309003
  • 01-09-2023
Baby Surprise In Costa Rica (Hardcover)
Sophie Pembroke

One hot week... with consequences! In this Dream Destinations story, the heat of the Costa Rican rainforest is nothing compared to the memories of Jenny's steamy fling with ex-Hollywood heartthrob Liam. But now she has to break the news to him - she's pregnant! Liam is blindsided by Jenny's revelation - he has spent the last few years guarding his heart. Now, with nowhere to run, they must decide on their future together and not be distracted by their chemistry...

Off-Limits Fling With The Billionaire
  • 9780263309010
  • 01-09-2023
Off-Limits Fling With The Billionaire (Hardcover)
Suzanne Merchant

The billionaire... she shouldn't fall for! Facing bankruptcy, Cassandra is forced to sell her ancestral hotel to her family's rival - billionaire developer Matheo. Not trusting his intentions, but desperate, she strikes a deal with him! The hotel in exchange for her interior design company planning its redevelopment. The only compromise is that they must work together closely on Matheo's private island! Alone with him, Cassandra sees the real Matheo...and an off-limits fling with the enemy is irresistible!

His Accidentally Pregnant Princess
  • 9780263309027
  • 01-09-2023
His Accidentally Pregnant Princess (Hardcover)
Jennifer Faye

The CEO, his housekeeper... and her double confession! In this Princesses of Rydiania story, when CEO Antoine meets a stranger in need, he offers her work and refuge as his temporary housekeeper. Their mutual attraction is intensely distracting, but Antoine knows he should resist a woman who's lost her memory. When they give in to their undeniable desire Antoine is faced with shocking consequences... Because Cecelia is actually a princess - and now she's accidentally pregnant!

Fiji Escape With Her Boss
  • 9780263309034
  • 01-09-2023
Fiji Escape With Her Boss (Hardcover)
Justine Lewis

From Fijian fling... to for ever? Single mum Lucy is nervous to be accompanying new boss Marcus on a work trip to Fiji. Having sacrificed so much for her son, she's determined to seize this career-defining moment - if she can keep her growing attraction to Marcus under control! Marcus has protected himself since a tragic accident tore his family apart. His desire for Lucy is undeniable, but can he offer her little family everything they truly deserve...?

Diving Into Forever
  • 9780263309041
  • 01-09-2023
Diving Into Forever (Hardcover)
Laurel Greer

Travel the world. Become dive-certified. Find forever love? To complete his beloved late sister's bucket list, chef Kellan Murphy needs to triumph over his fear of deep water. Enter American dive instructor Sam Walker, as kind as he is electrifying to every fiber of Kell's being. Sam's soon nudging his way into the Irishman's heart. But with Kellan's dive certification comes an inheritance...and the restaurant of his dreams a continent away. Is Kellan's future really on Oyster Island - with Sam?

The Night She Met The Duke
  • 9780263309607
  • 01-09-2023
The Night She Met The Duke (Hardcover)
Sarah Mallory

Who is her mysterious midnight visitor? The Duke! Hearing herself described as 'a lady as dull as her name' is the final straw in Prudence Clifford's disastrous Season, so she decides to stay with her aunt in Bath. But Pru's new life is anything but dull when one night she finds an uninvited, devastatingly handsome duke at her kitchen table! Pru knows she will never forget the emotional connection they shared. But it's their unexpected reunion three months later which will prove truly unforgettable...

The Housekeeper's Forbidden Earl
  • 9780263309614
  • 01-09-2023
The Housekeeper's Forbidden Earl (Hardcover)
Laura Martin

A position too good to refuse? A desire too strong to deny! After being abandoned at the altar, housekeeper Kate Winters has finally found peace working at a grand house. Until her new employer Lord Henderson unexpectedly returns, resolved to sell his estate... Determined to remind the brooding Earl of the beauty of his home, Kate begins to discover the allure of the man behind the title. Scarred by her past, does she dare risk her future by surrendering to this forbidden attraction...?

Falling For His Pretend Countess
  • 9780263309621
  • 01-09-2023
Falling For His Pretend Countess (Hardcover)
Lauri Robinson

An intriguing encounter? With the lady next door Henry, Earl of Beaufort, was London's most eligible bachelor. Only now someone is trying to frame him for murder! He finds an unexpected ally in his enchanting neighbour Suzanne who, after fleeing the American Civil War, also finds herself on the fringes of Society. She agrees to help prove his innocence, and a fake engagement provides the perfect cover. Until his real feelings threaten their charade...