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She Had It Coming
  • 9781399114820
  • 19-01-2023
  • DL-OAK
She Had It Coming (Audio Download)
Carys Jones / Geri Allen

When Pippa's best friend goes missing on a school run, no one thinks twice. Heather is pretty, popular and more than a little wild. Most people think she ran away for the attention . . . Others say girls like her always get what's coming to them. Pippa's mother, Abbie, has never liked Heather. Or her mother Michelle, a successful doctor who thinks she's too good for the school mums' group. But when Heather turns up dead, everything changes. Because Pippa was the last person to see her alive . . . and now Abbie's own house of cards is about to come tumbling down.

Summer At Seastone
  • 9781399144704
  • 19-01-2023
Summer At Seastone (Audio Download)
Judith Lennox / Deryn Edwards

Every summer Bea, Marissa and Emma meet at Seastone, Emma's family home on the remote Suffolk coast, to retreat from their daily lives and take comfort in their friendship. Over the years, their paths have not been easy. For Bea, the aftermath of a broken-hearted love affair influences the decisions she makes. For Marissa, the fear that her traumatic past will catch up with her haunts her still. And, for Emma, the sacrifices she has made for her family leave her full of longing and regret. At Seastone, Emma's extraordinary mother, Tamar, is on hand to offer support and encouragement, but Tamar harbours her own heartrending secret that stems from a brief encounter during the Second World War. Coming together as friends each summer, these courageous women gain the strength to face the challenges that lie ahead . . .

The Drift
  • 9781399148115
  • 19-01-2023
The Drift (Audio Download)
C.J. Tudor / Richard Armitage & Nathalie Buscombe & Rachel Handshaw

During a deadly snowstorm, Hannah awakens to carnage, all mangled metal and shattered glass. Evacuated from a secluded boarding school, her coach careered off the road, trapping her with a handful of survivors. Meg awakens to a gentle rocking. She's in a cable car stranded high above snowy mountains, with five strangers and no memory of how they got on board. Carter is gazing out of the window of an isolated ski chalet that he and his companions call home. As their generator begins to waver in the storm, the threat of something lurking in the chalet's depths looms larger. Outside, the storm rages. Inside one group, a killer lurks. But which one? And who will make it out alive?

Promise Me
  • 9781399148733
  • 19-01-2023
Promise Me (Audio Download)
Jill Mansell / Katherine Press

One minute Lou is happily employed, with a perfect flat. The next, her home and job have gone. Suddenly she has to start over. The last thing Lou wants is to move to a tiny Cotswolds village. She certainly doesn't intend to work for curmudgeonly 80-year-old Edgar Allsopp. But Edgar is about to make her the kind of promise nobody could ignore. In return, she secretly vows to help him fall in love with life again. Foxwell is also home to Remy, whose charm and charisma are proving hard to ignore. But Lou hasn't recovered from the last time she fell for a charmer. She needs a distraction - and luckily one's about to turn up. Secrets never stay hidden for long in Foxwell, nor are promises always kept. And no one could guess what lies ahead...

Needless Alley
  • 9781399149488
  • 19-01-2023
Needless Alley (Audio Download)
Natalie Marlow / Paul Dela Ross

Birmingham, 1933. Private enquiry agent William Garrett, a man damaged by a dark childhood spent on Birmingham's canals, specialises in facilitating divorces for the city's male elite. With the help of his best friend - charming, out-of-work actor Ronnie Edgerton - William sets up honey traps. But photographing unsuspecting women in flagrante plagues his conscience and William heaves up his guts with remorse after every job. However, William's life changes when he accidentally meets the beautiful Clara Morton and falls in love. Little does he know she is the wife of a client - a leading fascist with a dangerous obsession. And what should have been another straightforward job turns into something far more deadly.

The Second Stranger
  • 9781399149518
  • 19-01-2023
The Second Stranger (Audio Download)
Martin Griffin / Tamsin Kennard

Remie Yorke has one shift left at the Mackinnon Hotel in the remote Scottish Highlands before she leaves for good. Then Storm Ezra hits. As temperatures plummet and phone lines go down, an injured man stumbles inside. PC Don Gaines was in a terrible accident on the mountain road. The only other survivor: the prisoner his team was transporting. When a second stranger arrives, Remie reluctantly lets him in from the blizzard. He, too, is hurt. He claims to be a police officer. His name is also Don Gaines. Someone is lying and, with no means of escape, Remie must work out who. If the cold doesn't kill her, one of these men will get there first...

Becoming Ted
  • 9781399163781
  • 19-01-2023
Becoming Ted (Audio Download)
Matt Cain / Samuel Barnett

Ted Ainsworth has always worked at his family's ice cream business in the quiet Lancashire town of St Luke's-on-Sea. But the truth is, he's never wanted to work for the family firm - he doesn't even like ice cream, though he's never told his parents that. When Ted's husband suddenly leaves him, the bottom falls out of his world. But what if this could be an opportunity to put what he wants first? This could be the chance to finally follow his secret dream: something Ted has never told anyone . .

The Marriage Act
  • 9781529071214
  • 19-01-2023
The Marriage Act (Audio Download)
John Marrs / Various

From the bestselling author of The One now an eight-part Netflix series. Set in the same world as The One The Marriage Act is a dark high-concept thriller. One of the most exciting original thriller writersTM Simon Kernick What if marriage was the law? Dare you disobey? Britain. The near-future. A right-wing government believes it has the answer to societyTMs ills - the Sanctity of Marriage Act which actively encourages marriage as the norm punishing those who choose to remain single. But four couples are about to discover just how impossible relationships can be when the government is monitoring every aspect of our personal lives monitoring every word every minor disagreement . . . and will use every tool in its arsenal to ensure everyone will love honour and obey. Black Mirror meets thriller with a dash of Naomi AldermanTMs The Power. Praise for John Marrs: Marrs is brilliant at twists . . . for the addicts of adrenaline-fuelled twisty ridesTM - Peter James Another savagely clever near-future thriller. Provocative terrifying and compulsive. If you loved The One youTMll love this!TM - Cara Hunter A tense thrilling read - I found it impossible to put down. ItTMs dark and twisted and I loved itTM - Alex Michaelides bestselling author of The Silent Patient Dark twisted and full of surprisesTM - Mark Edwards bestselling author of Here to Stay and The Retreat

My Sister's Secret
  • 9781804264836
  • 19-01-2023
My Sister's Secret (Audio Download)
Diane Saxon / Charlotte Worthing

Something happened to me when I was nine. My childhood memories before that fateful day are gone. Extinguished. The aftermath has become a living nightmare with a guilt that runs so deep that I'm not sure I can ever tell anyone. I fear I've left it too late... The burden of my secret and the hurt and pain that silence cost each and every member of my family is too overwhelming. But you can't avoid fate and now I have the opportunity to right the wrongs inflicted on us. There was no justice. Not then. Not now. But I can change that. The big question is, how far am I willing to go?

Fear And Lovely
  • 9781399147392
  • 17-01-2023
  • DL-OAK
Fear And Lovely (Audio Download)
Anjana Appachana / Esh Alladi & Gurkiran Kaur

Mallika is a painfully shy young woman growing up in the heart of a close-knit, sometimes stifling, New Delhi colony. Though she is surrounded by love, her life is complicated by secrets that she, her mother and her aunt work hard to keep. After suffering a trauma aged 19, Mallika loses three days of her memory and slowly spirals into a deep depression. She must find a way out of this abyss, back to herself and those she cares about. But she must also hide her mental illness from her community. In a narrative that unfolds elliptically from the perspectives of Mallika and the seven people closest to her, the astonishing story of these characters' lives emerges. As each gives voice to contending with their own struggles, secrets and silences shatter.

Dead Tide
  • 9781761048210
  • 17-01-2023
Dead Tide (Audio Download)
Fiona McIntosh / Jerome Pride

Newly promoted Detective Superintendent Jack Hawksworth has headed up three major serial operations in England and in each of these cases he has lost a part of himself. While on sabbatical as guest lecturer in a London university one of his female students dies under highly suspicious circumstances and he finds himself drawn into a chilling new case that reaches across the world. Jack's investigations lead him to Adelaide where he identifies a cynical international crime consortium that preys on the anguish of childless couples and vulnerable women. Together with local major crime officers he follows his leads to the windswept Yorke Peninsula and becomes caught up in an intoxicating private drama. With his personal and professional business entangled once again Jack must put his own life on the line to bring justice to those who are grieving. From the bestselling author of Mirror Man comes a heart-stopping new novel of greed and corruption that questions the price people are willing to pay for a human life.

Click or Clash?
  • 9781761340260
  • 17-01-2023
Click or Clash? (Audio Download)
Dr Ali Walker / Dr Ali Walker

Our lives are filled with relationships and daily interactions. They form a vital part of our wellbeing. But very few of us understand how we connect best who we are really compatible with and why. From the workplace to friendships old and new to family to dating and long-term romantic partners this groundbreaking book will explain and transform all of the connections in your life - the clicks and the clashes. Using her unique Connection Type model human connection scientist Dr Ali Walker reveals the tools for understanding your personal connection style and those of others recognising who you are compatible with and strengthening your sense of belonging. Prepare to discover: - the 17 connection types - including yours - your individual frequency and intensity preferences - why you bond easily with some people but have friction with others - how we make friends and fall in love - the four types of belonging (and how to achieve them) - the three types of loneliness (and how to avoid them) - how to communicate in true alignment with who you are. Based on fascinating new research and filled with real-life examples and practical advice Click or Clash? is for anyone seeking healthy happy fulfilling relationships of any kind.

Your Place Or Mine?
  • 9781804266526
  • 17-01-2023
Your Place Or Mine? (Audio Download)
Portia Macintosh / Karen Cass

Two reluctant housemates. One question: Is this your place or mine...? When Serena is kicked out of her flat, an offer from her friend, Taylor, to house sit for her while she and her husband go travelling could not be better timing. But unfortunately for Serena she's not the only one to have received this offer... Enter Ziggy: arrogant, messy (and annoyingly handsome) musician, and friend of Taylor's husband. Living with him is far from ideal, especially when he claims the best room, has loud parties - and the least said about his kitchen manner the better... There's just one solution for Serena - drive him out of the house by being twice as difficult to live with than he is! But Ziggy knows Serena's game and as war ensues between them, being forced together under one roof may result in some unexpected consequences...

One Down
  • 9781837510078
  • 16-01-2023
One Down (Audio Download)
Diana Wilkinson / Ben Higgins & Rose Robinson

I'm not being paranoid. It's all there in the crossword black and white. There's no doubt the threat is real. Today, the answers spell out my murder. May Third. Amanda. Silver Birch. Noontime. Assassination. Is Nathan, my estranged crossword-setter husband, really planning to kill me? Or is it someone closer to home? I check the door is bolted, slither to the ground, and count down the seconds to noon. There's nothing left to do, and no one I can call. Who'd believe me anyway? The lady on the ground floor has already left the building, and my new boyfriend is on holiday. Or is he? A tread of footsteps. A rap at the door, and I close my eyes, hold my breath...

The Victim
  • 9781837514175
  • 13-01-2023
The Victim (Audio Download)
John Nicholl / Julie Maisey

Alice Granger is no ordinary survivor. She has a tale to tell, a story of revenge. Alice feels driven to protect the innocent from dangerous men. Men like her father. Men who hurt children. Predators who prey on the innocent. And there's nothing Alice won't do to make them pay. Alice wants to make them suffer as their victims did. But the police are one step behind. And as the net closes, Alice's life spirals out of control, the lines between good and evil becoming ever more blurred as she attempts to escape capture. When the hunted becomes the hunter, is anyone innocent?

Lost & Found
  • 9781399114813
  • 12-01-2023
  • DL-OAK
Lost & Found (Audio Download)
James Gould-Bourn / Kris Dyer

Ronnie has resigned himself to a life of loneliness. His life in the crumbling seaside town of Bingham-on-Sea never seemed that bad, but since the loss of his father, the highlights of Ronnie's solitary days include manning the lost property office at the bus station where he works, and plaguing his local GP with increasingly outlandish ailments. Forgotten or underestimated by all those around him, Ronnie is lost, and he's not expecting to be found. But when a chance encounter leads Ronnie to reluctantly foster Hamlet, an unwanted stray dog, his empty days begin to fill with all manner of new responsibilities and experiences. Can these two lost souls help each other to find a new lease of life?

The Secrets Of Pencarrack Moor
  • 9781399128919
  • 12-01-2023
The Secrets Of Pencarrack Moor (Audio Download)
Terri Nixon

Cornwall, 1930. Bertie Fox has had her dreams of motorcycle racing cut short by a life-changing accident, but now her thrill-seeking ambitions have turned towards the skies. Along with her two friends, Gwenna and Tory, Bertie's joined the flight training school on Pencarrack Moor. When a fourth girl moves onto the base, it's clear she's hiding something from her fellow pilots, even as they try to earn her trust. But the more they get to know the secretive Irene, the more they suspect she might be just as dangerous as she is mysterious. Soon, the three young women uncover something more sinister than they could have imagined. As they're drawn into a complex web, dark pasts and uncertain futures threaten them all - and the Pencarrack girls must learn who they can trust, before it's too late...

  • 9781399144667
  • 12-01-2023
Showstopper (Audio Download)
Peter Lovesey / Peter Wickham

Since the start of the hit British TV show Swift, its cast and crew have been plagued by misfortune. There have been multiple injuries by fall, fire, or drowning; two deaths; and two missing persons cases. The media quickly decides it's a curse, but is there a criminal conspiracy afoot? Now that filming has moved to Bath, Peter Diamond, Chief of the Avon and Somerset Murder Squad, is on the case. While the investigation into one fatal accident is underway, a cameraman goes missing - how can so many things go wrong on one set in such a short time? Complicating already complex matters is the fact that Diamond's boss is trying her best to get him out of her hair; he may be forced to retire if he can't solve the case. Will this be the end for Peter Diamond?

A Gift Of Poison
  • 9781399149907
  • 12-01-2023
A Gift Of Poison (Audio Download)
Bella Ellis / Kristin Atherton

Haworth 1847 - Anne and Emily Brontë have had their books accepted for publication, while Charlotte's has been rejected everywhere, creating a strained atmosphere at the parsonage. At the same time, a shocking court case has recently concluded, acquitting a workhouse master of murdering his wife by poison. Everyone thinks this famously odious and abusive man is guilty. However, he insists he is many bad things but not a murderer. When an attempt is made on his life, he believes it to be the same person who killed his wife and applies to the detecting sisters for their help. Despite reservations, they decide that perhaps, as before, it is only they who can get to the truth and prove him innocent - or guilty - without a shadow of doubt.

Sunrise With The Silver Surfers
  • 9781801621427
  • 12-01-2023
Sunrise With The Silver Surfers (Audio Download)
Maddie Please / Penelope Freeman

Newly single at sixty, Elin Anderson decides it's finally time for an adventure of her own. With her marriage to tedious Tom now officially over, Elin plans to visit the family she hasn't seen in years. First stop: Australia! But going home is harder than Elin thought. Everywhere she turns Elin sees brightness and colour, which only makes her own life seem even more drab and beige. How has she let herself fade away? Determined to have some fun, Elin reluctantly agrees to join The Silver Surfers - a group of seniors who travel the coast, only caring about their next big adventure. Because life's too short to watch the ocean when you could be making waves... There's only one catch - her road trip companion, Kit Pascoe. Kit is a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word fun and makes it clear to Elin that this adventure will be subject to his own strict rules. But with every new day, Elin slowly begins to rediscover who she really is. And she's certain that rules are meant to be broken...aren't they?

Because You Loved Me
  • 9781837513277
  • 11-01-2023
Because You Loved Me (Audio Download)
Beth Moran / Paula Masterton

Marion Miller needs a fresh start. Her childhood in Northern Ireland wasn't easy, with a father who passed away when she was young and a mother who got lost in grief. Now grown-up and with family relations as tense as ever, Marion heads to England, to find out the truth about her father's mysterious past - and hopefully an extended family who will love her as much as he did. Scarlett Obermann runs a holiday park in Sherwood Forest with her daughter Grace, but what she's best at is making people feel like they belong. With her merry band of waifs and strays, Scarlett welcomes Marion with open arms, and it isn't long before Marion finally understands what it means to find a home. As she tries to uncover her father's story, Marion slowly blossoms, even daring to indulge in her crush on Reuben, the son of the Lord of the Manor, but she hasn't quite out-run her past. And as Scarlett faces her own tragedy, it's Marion's turn to take care of everyone. Because you can't choose your family, but you can make your friends the family you choose.

The Hunter
  • 9780593630396
  • 10-01-2023
The Hunter (Audio Download)
Jennifer Herrera / Rebecca Lowman

After reckless behavior costs NYPD detective Leigh O'Donnell her job and her marriage she returns with her four-year-old daughter to her beautiful hometown of Copper Falls Ohio. Leigh had stayed away for more than a decadeeven though her brother and a trio of loving uncles still call it homebecause while the town may seem idyllic something rotten lies at its core. Three men in town have drowned in what Leigh suspects to be a triple homicide. She hopes that by finding out who killed them she just might get her life back on course. Headstrong and intuitive Leigh isn't afraid to face a killer but she has to do more than that to discover the truth about what happened to those men. She must unravel a web of secrets going back generations and in doing so plumb the darkness within herself. Perfect for fans of Mare of Easttown this taut debut is a haunting look at how the search for truth often leads back to the most unlikely of places.

The One And Only Dolly Jamieson
  • 9781761340246
  • 10-01-2023
The One And Only Dolly Jamieson (Audio Download)
Lisa Ireland / Taylor Owynns

Life is full of downs and ups . . . Dolly Jamieson is not homeless she's merely between permanent abodes. The 78-year-old spends her days keeping warm at the local library where she enjoys sparring with the officious head librarian and helping herself to the free morning tea. It's not so bad really. But it's certainly a far cry from the 1960s when this humble girl from Geelong became an international star of the stage. As the acclaimed lead in the Broadway production of The Rose of France all Dolly's dreams had come true. So how in her old age did she end up here? When Jane Leveson a well-to-do newcomer to the library shows an interest in Dolly the pair strike up an unlikely friendship - and soon Jane is offering to help Dolly write her memoirs. Yet Dolly can detect a deep sadness in the younger woman's eyes. Perhaps by working together to recount the glittering highs devastating lows and tragic secrets of Dolly's life both women can finally face their pasts and start to heal . . .

  • 9781797159676
  • 10-01-2023
Poisoned (Audio Download)
Jeff Benedict / Jackie Sanders

NOW A NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY From Jeff Benedict the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Tiger Woods and The Dynasty Poisoned chronicles the events surrounding the worst food-poisoning epidemic in US history: the deadly Jack in the Box E. coli infections in 1993. On December 24 1992 six-year-old Lauren Rudolph was hospitalized with excruciating stomach pain. Less than a week later she was dead. Doctors were baffled: How could a healthy child become so sick so quickly? After a frenzied investigation public-health officials announced that the cause was E. coli O157:H7 and the source was hamburger meat served at a Jack in the Box restaurant. During this unprecedented crisis four children died and over seven hundred others became gravely ill. In Poisoned award-winning investigative journalist and #1 New York Times bestselling author Jeff Benedict delivers a jarringly candid narrative of the fast-moving disaster drawing on access to confidential documents and exclusive interviews with the real-life characters at the center of the dramathe families whose children were infected the Jack in the Box executives forced to answer for the tragedy the physicians and scientists who identified E. coli as the culprit and the legal teams on both sides of the historic lawsuits that ensued. Fast Food Nation meets A Civil Action in this riveting account of how we learned the hard way to truly watch what we eat.