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  • 9780753124901
  • 01-12-2005
Rage (Audio CD)
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

Eight years ago, psychologist Alex Delaware evaluated two teenage boys charged with the shocking murder of two-year-old Kristal Malley. Now Rand Duchay is out of prison and urgently wants to meet with Alex. But Rand doesn't make the meeting - and the next day his body is found in a notoriously dangerous park. Was Rand Duchay just another victim of an LA street crime? Or is something more sinister going on? Alex and Detective Milo Sturgis mean to find out...As they retrace their steps through the grisly murder case, they discover a chilling legacy of madness, suicide and multiple killings - and even uglier truths waiting to be unearthed. The nearer they come to understanding an unspeakable crime, the closer they come to unmasking a monster hiding in plain sight.

Darkest Before Dawn
  • 9781845593155
  • 01-12-2005
  • SO-CD
Darkest Before Dawn (Audio CD)
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

When the Todd's move into a flat on the Scotland Road, they are strangers to city life: their previous home was a canal barge. Harry gets a job as warehouse manager and his wife, Martha, works in a grocer's shop, whilst Seraphina trains as a teacher, Angela works in Bunney's Department Store and young Evie starts at regular school. Then circumstances change and Seraphina takes a job in Lyons Corner House. Customers vie for her favours, including an old friend Toby. When war is declared, the older girls join up, leaving Evie and Martha to cope with rationing and the terrible raids on Liverpool. Meanwhile, Toby is a Japanese POW, working on the Burma railway and dreaming of Seraphina...

The Question
  • 9781846480126
  • 01-12-2005
The Question (Audio CD)
Jane Asher / Charlotte Strevens

A casual remark on the telephone leads Eleanor Hamilton to an appalling and deeply disturbing discovery: John, her husband of 20 years, has been leading a life of duplicity and betrayal. Shock, jealousy and anger drive Eleanor to extraordinary limits in her desire for revenge. But then fate intervenes in the shape of a terrible accident...

The Kingdom Of The Rose
  • 9781846480133
  • 01-12-2005
The Kingdom Of The Rose (Audio CD)
Margaret Bacon / Jacqueline King

With the death of her first love in the Great War, independent-minded Eglantine Thorpe decides to devote herself to school teaching. Rejecting a proposal of marriage, she weathers the storms ahead alone - until young Nell enters her life. Bright, fearless and outspoken, Nell becomes the daughter Eglantine never had.

  • 9781846480140
  • 01-12-2005
Adept (Audio CD)
Robert Finn / David Thorpe

When insurance investigator David Braun probes a particularly violent break-in, the crime scene raises more questions than it answers. Turning to Susan Milton of the London School of Antiquities for help, they find themselves the target of a ruthless and elusive killer as they risk their lives to expose a horrifying centuries-old secret.

No Peace For The Wicked
  • 9781859039137
  • 01-12-2005
  • SS-CD
No Peace For The Wicked (Audio CD)
Pip Granger / Maggie Mash

Quiet, unassuming Lizzie Robbins lives in Soho near her friends Maggie, Bert and little Rosie, who run a cafe in Old Compton Street, but her well-ordered life changes dramatically when Peace comes to stay. A beautiful half-Chinese girl, Peace has run away from boarding school, and doesn't intend to return. When Peace goes missing a second time, Lizzie asks TC, Rosie's policeman dad, to accompany her to the seedy docks around Limehouse where she thinks Peace may be hiding. Home to the Chinese community, it's a very dangerous place indeed.

Last Lullaby
  • 9781859039144
  • 01-12-2005
  • SS-CD
Last Lullaby (Audio CD)
Denise Hamilton / Amy Finegan

Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond is working at the airport when a flight from Beijing arrives. Suddenly shots ring out and three people are dead, including an elegant woman carrying a toddler. Who is this sad little girl? Her passport says she's Japanese, but she doesn't seem to understand the language. Was the dead woman really her mother? Why does the INS whisk her immediately into hiding? Eve's search for answers takes her from sleazy hotels to trendy restaurants and high-powered human rights lawyers - and into danger. Why does nobody want Eve to find the child?

Whatever It Takes
  • 9781859039151
  • 01-12-2005
  • SS-CD
Whatever It Takes (Audio CD)
Lynda Page / Carolyn Oldershaw

Kay Clifton has waited five lonely years for her husband Bob to come home from the war. Their whirlwind romance prior to his departure makes her feel she hardly knows him, but her hopes for the start of their blissfully happy marriage are dashed by the presence of Bob's fellow soldier Tony. Bob is indebted to Tony for saving his life and seems hellbent on repaying that debt, but as Tony starts acting more and more strangely Kay worries that something else happened in the war that Bob is keeping secret...

The Road To Kandahar
  • 9781859039168
  • 01-12-2005
  • SS-CD
The Road To Kandahar (Audio CD)
John Wilcox / Graham Padden

In 1879 the North West Frontier, India's border with Afghanistan, provides an opportunity for action and advancement for officers in the British army, but the fierce Pathan warriors of the Afghan hills are a constant threat to the Queen's men. Captain Simon Fonthill, having cut his teeth in battle in the Zulu War, accepts the hazardous mission of riding into the hills and passing vital intelligence back to to camp. Accompanied by his servant, '352' Jenkins, and an eccentric but fearless Sikh translator known as W.G. Grace, Fonthill steels himself for what is surely the most dangerous posting of his career...

  • 9780753124765
  • 01-11-2005
Brandenburg (Audio CD)
Henry Porter / Sean Barrett

Dr Rudi Rosenharte - once a double agent, now an art historian living quietly in Dresden - is summoned to Trieste for a rendezvous with former lover and colleague, Annalise Schering. But Rosenharte knows she's dead: he'd seen her himself, lying in her own bloodied bathwater. So who is this woman?...Stasi intelligence believes she's the real Annalise and that she has vital information to impart to Rosenharte. To ensure that Rosenharte plays their game, they have imprisoned his family and will only release them when Rudi has got the information they so desperately seek. But the Stasi is not the only intelligence organisation with its claws in Rudi Rosenharte. He must face a stark choice: to leave those he loves to the mercy of the Stasi; or to return to East Germany to carry out a dangerous assignment under the state's auspicious eye.

44 Scotland Street
  • 9780753124819
  • 01-11-2005
44 Scotland Street (Audio CD)
Alexander Mccall Smith / Hilary Neville

The story revolves around the comings and goings at No. forty-four Scotland Street, a fictitious building in a real street in Edinburgh. Immediately recognisable are the Edinburgh chartered surveyor, stalwart of the Conservative Association, who dreams of membership of Scotland's most exclusive golf club. There is the pushy Stockbridge mother and her prodigiously talented five-year-old son, who is making good progress with the saxophone and with his Italian. Then there is Domenica Macdonald who is that type of Edinburgh lady who sees herself as a citizen of a broader intellectual world...

Death Of A Go-between
  • 9781407969770
  • 01-11-2005
Death Of A Go-between (MP3 CD)
James Pattinson / Gordon Griffin

The search for Arnie Walker was not a job that Sam Grant was particularly keen to undertake. But Miss Gloriana Goldstar was so pressing in her demand that he should do so, and Cynara Jones was so ardent in her support, that it became impossible to refuse. Besides, business was slack and Miss Goldstar was generous with her money... A trip to Amsterdam seemed a pleasant enough prospect but when there are people there intent on bringing your life to an abrupt end, the experience becomes rather less than enjoyable. All he was doing was trying to find Mr Walker and urge him to return to Miss Goldstar's loving arms. How was he to foresee that, in the process, he would upset so many other people and with such deadly consequences?

Death Of A Go-between
  • 9781845593032
  • 01-11-2005
  • SO-CD
Death Of A Go-between (Audio CD)
James Pattinson / Gordon Griffin

The search for Arnie Walker was not a job that Sam Grant was particularly keen to undertake. But Miss Gloriana Goldstar was so pressing in her demand that he should do so, and Cynara Jones was so ardent in her support, that it became impossible to refuse. Besides, business was slack and Miss Goldstar was generous with her money... A trip to Amsterdam seemed a pleasant enough prospect but when there are people there intent on bringing your life to an abrupt end, the experience becomes rather less than enjoyable. All he was doing was trying to find Mr Walker and urge him to return to Miss Goldstar's loving arms. How was he to foresee that, in the process, he would upset so many other people and with such deadly consequences?

A Child Of Her Time
  • 9781859039090
  • 01-11-2005
  • SS-CD
A Child Of Her Time (Audio CD)
Maggie Bennett / Tanya Myers

At twenty-five, teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents, her brothers lost in the Great War. Desperate to break out of her mundane existence, Phyllis becomes nursery maid in the house of playwright Harold Berridge, and is befriended by actress Maud Ling. Dazzled by the glamorous world of the cinema, Phyllis falls for Maud's brother Teddy, but his heart lies elsewhere and, heartbroken, she has to rebuild her life. Invited to a party at Maud Ling's film studios Phyllis falls under the spell of the charming but devious American actor, Denver Towers, with disastrous consequences...

Evil Intent
  • 9781859039106
  • 01-11-2005
  • SS-CD
Evil Intent (Audio CD)
Kate Charles / Annie Aldington

Clergy life is quiet and peaceful - or so Callie Anson believes when she begins her new job as a curate in Paddington. Knowing that women in the clergy are still disapproved of in certain quarters, Callie is prepared to face some criticism, but the deep-seated hatred shown by some of her male colleagues takes her by surprise, particularly the spiteful attack made by Father Jonah Adimola. Callie's mentor Frances Cherry leaps to her defence, but when Father Adimola is strangled and Frances is suspected of the crime, DI Neville Stewart's investigation begins to reveal secrets hidden behind the ecclesiastical facade.

We'll Sing At Dawn
  • 9781859039113
  • 01-11-2005
  • SS-CD
We'll Sing At Dawn (Audio CD)
Victor Pemberton / Patience Tomlinson

September 1940, Islington. The Blitz is taking its toll on Beth Shanks and her family. She works in a munitions factory in North Finchley, dodging falling shrapnel on her way to work, while her father is away fighting and her mother Connie gives piano lessons to children who've escaped evacuation. Connie despairs that Beth won't learn to play the piano properly and will only play by ear, but when she hears Beth playing to lift the spirits of those trapped in an air raid, she realises there is much more to music than she ever realised.

Some Assured
  • 9781859039120
  • 01-11-2005
  • SS-CD
Some Assured (Audio CD)
Nicholas Rhea / Graham Padden

When Matthew Taylor exchanged his job as a butcher for a career as a local insurance agent he never anticipated that on his first day he would deliver a stallion foal and kill seven pigs - all without selling a penn'orth of insurance. In the 1950s in rural Delverdale this is all in a day's work, and Matthew and his new family are happy to rise to the challenge, though persuading hard-headed Yorkshire folk to part with their money for 'summat thoo can't see' means Matthew has his work cut out for him!

Birmingham Friends
  • 9781845592967
  • 01-10-2005
  • SO-CD
Birmingham Friends (Audio CD)
Annie Murray / Annie Aldington

Anna Craven grew up captivated by stories of her mother's childhood in Birmingham and of Kate's friend, Olivia. Theirs was a magical friendship and Anna always regretted that, with Olivia's tragic death during the war, she would never meet the woman her mother loved so deeply, But when Kate dies, she leaves her daughter one final story - the whole truth of her life with Olivia Kemp. Anna is shocked to discover how little she really knew about the mother with whom she once felt so close. With Kate's word of caution ringing in her ears, she goes in search of the one woman, very much alive, who can answer the urgent questions she now has.

Anything Goes
  • 9781845592998
  • 01-10-2005
  • SO-CD
Anything Goes (Audio CD)
Billy Hopkins / Christopher Kay

It's December 1963 when Billy Hopkins and his wife Laura arrive home in Manchester after five years in Africa. The world they left behind has changed beyond recognition: now, it's the swinging sixties, with headlines full of the Beatles and the pill, LSD and mini skirts...As a father of four, Billy might have cause to worry. But his youngest son still believes in Santa Clause and while his daughter's reading Jackie, she's not even a teenager yet. Billy's more concerned about the welfare of his increasingly forgetful father and about the daily (and sometimes exquisitely humorous) challenges he faces as a college lecturer than about the impact of modern society on his offspring. When the four junior Hopkins start to choose their own, unexpected paths in life, though, Billy finds it harder than usual to see the funny side of things...

The Kitchen Maid
  • 9781845593001
  • 01-10-2005
  • SO-CD
The Kitchen Maid (Audio CD)
Valerie Wood / Valerie Wood

Determined to make her own way in the world, Jenny secures a job as the kitchen maid in a grand house in Beverley. She gradually gains the attention of Christy, the young master of the house, and they fall in love. But their hopes and dreams turn to nightmares, culminating in a scandal that forces Jenny to leave Beverley...Cast aside by her family, and all alone in the world, Jenny has to rely on her Aunt Agnes and her husband Stephen St John Laslett. Times are hard and as Agnes grows weak with illness, she asks Stephen to make her an unusual promise...When Jenny becomes the mistress of Laslett Hall, she tries to fit in with the world that she now inhabits but she never forgets the words that the gypsy told her: that one day she will return to where she was happy - and there she will find her true love.

The Playroom
  • 9781859039052
  • 01-10-2005
  • SS-CD
The Playroom (Audio CD)
John Connor / Maggie Mash

On her thirteenth birthday the daughter of a Bradford judge is kidnapped, sparking a massive police operation led by Detective chief Superintendent John Munro. Left off the investigation because of her past encounters with Munro, DC Karen Sharpe is pursuing an enquiry into allegations of child abuse by a local MP ten years ago, and she uncovers connections with the present day disappearance of Sophie Kenyon. As she races to find the clues that will save Sophie's life, Karen is confronted by a man who will stop at nothing to keep the past hidden.

Connie's Courage
  • 9781859039069
  • 01-10-2005
  • SS-CD
Connie's Courage (Audio CD)
Annie Groves / Margaret Sircom

When Connie Pride finds herself alone and pregnant in the rough courts of Liverpool, she despairs. Deserted by her lover and too proud to ask her estranged family for help, there seems no hope, until she is offered the chance to train as a nurse. Finally Connie has a purpose in life, especially when the wounded of World War I start to arrive in droves, but when a face from the past turns up to disrupt Connie's new life, all she has built up is threatened. She will need every ounce of courage - and help from old friends and new.

Watch For The Talleyman
  • 9781859039076
  • 01-10-2005
  • SS-CD
Watch For The Talleyman (Audio CD)
Freda Lightfoot / Patricia Gallimore

Dolly Tomkins knows what it's like to live hand to mouth. In the mean streets of 1920s Salford, the only one making a decent living is the talleyman - and Nifty Jack has a moneybag where his heart should be. Dolly's mam is in hock up to her ears, but when Jack offers to wipe the slate clean in return for Dolly's favours, the girl just can't bring herself to do it. Instead she takes him on at his own game, and in the process is in danger of losing the love of her life.

The Occupation
  • 9781859039083
  • 01-10-2005
  • SS-CD
The Occupation (Audio CD)
Guy Walters / Jack Paulin

February 1945. In his bunker in Berlin Hitler makes a decision. He will deploy the V3 - a weapon so secret that its exact nature is unclear even to those constructing it deep beneath the island of Alderney. June 1990. Workmen digging foundations for a new hotel on Alderney start to fall sick with an illness similar to that suffered by many islanders over the last half-century. Journalist Robert Lebonneur makes a startling discovery - a diary written by Lieutenant-Colonel Max Von Luck during the occupation, a diary which makes it clear that much more is at stake than a mysterious illness...