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Double Or Nothing
  • 9781444849875
  • 01-01-2023
Double Or Nothing (Softcover)
Kim Sherwood

JAMES BOND IS MISSING. 007 has been captured, perhaps even killed, by a sinister private military company. His whereabouts are unknown. MEET THE NEW GENERATION OF SPIES. Johanna Harwood, 003. Joseph Dryden, 004. Sid Bashir, 009. Together, they represent the very best and brightest of MI6. Skilled, determined and with a licence to kill, they will do anything to protect their country. THE FATE OF THE WORLD RESTS IN THEIR HANDS. Tech billionaire Sir Bertram Paradise claims he can reverse the climate crisis and save the planet. But can he really? The new spies must uncover the truth, because the future of humanity hangs in the balance. TIME IS RUNNING OUT...

The Other Place
  • 9781444849899
  • 01-01-2023
The Other Place (Softcover)
Dawn Knox

As children, orphans Keziah Bonner and her younger brother Henry suffered in St Margaret's Parish Workhouse. Hoping for an easier existence, they volunteered to go with Mr Rigby and work in his cotton mill. But the world of the mill is harsh and dangerous, and years on, Keziah still dreams of a better life. Then Matthew Gregory, Mr Rigby's charismatic but irresponsible nephew, takes a shine to Keziah...but will he be the ruin of her, or elevate her to new heights?

The Cottage On The Cliff
  • 9781444849905
  • 01-01-2023
The Cottage On The Cliff (Softcover)
Anne Holman

Devon, 1948. Invalided out of the WRNS, Mary is recuperating at Cliff Top Cottage, inherited from her late aunt. Missing the service, she's uncertain of her future, and of how to readjust to civilian life. Then Simon North - newly demobbed from the RAF - turns up, along with his two nephews. Will the pair be able to put their war years behind them, and create a new life together?

Double Trouble
  • 9781444849912
  • 01-01-2023
Double Trouble (Softcover)
Debbie Chase

How many times would Lucy look back to that fateful meeting in 1960s London with a woman who looked exactly like her? Not to mention her moment of madness when she suggested that they swap lives for six months! Their escapade would lead to the uncovering of secrets darker and more horrifying than Lucy could have ever imagined. But had she not gone ahead with the game, she might never have met a certain deliciously handsome antiques dealer...

The Bingo Hall Detectives
  • 9781444849981
  • 01-01-2023
The Bingo Hall Detectives (Softcover)
Jonathan Whitelaw

Jason Brazel is an out-of-work journalist who lives in Penrith with his family and mother-in-law, Amita Khatri. She knows everyone and everything that's going on in this corner of the Lakes. So when it's discovered that Madeleine Frobisher - one of Amita's fellow bingo regulars, and winner of last month's rollover jackpot - has died, found by the postman outside her crumbling country home close to Ullswater Lake, she senses immediately this is no accident. The trouble is, nobody else seems to take her suspicions seriously. That is, until she enlists the help of her friends at the Penrith Bingo Club. Dismissed by many as eccentric, over the hill or out of touch, it's unlucky for some that these amateur sleuths are on the case...

Never On Saturday
  • 9781444850000
  • 01-01-2023
Never On Saturday (Softcover)
Sue Barnard

Leaving her native France and arriving in North Wales as a postgraduate student of History and Folklore, Mel is cautiously optimistic that she can escape from her troubled past and begin a new and happier life. Then she meets Ray: charming, down-to-earth, and devastatingly handsome. Despite her failure with previous relationships, she allows herself to hope that this time, at last, she can make it work. But Mel is hiding a dark and terrible secret, which Ray must never discover...

The Orchard Murders
  • 9781787829596
  • 01-01-2023
The Orchard Murders (Softcover)
Robert Gott

In 1944, in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Nunawading, the brutal deaths of a family herald the return of a long-forgotten cult. A man named Anthony Prescott has declared himself the Messiah, and has promised his followers immortality. There are those who believe him - and who are ready to kill in his name. Inspector Titus Lambert of the Melbourne Homicide unit, whose detectives are over-stretched, requests the discreet assistance of Helen Lord and Joe Sable: once members of his unit, now private inquiry agents. The investigation is more perilous than any of them realise, and will have tragic consequences.

Murder In The Manger
  • 9781804830772
  • 16-12-2022
Murder In The Manger (Softcover)
Debbie Young

When Sophie Sayers' plans for a cosy English country Christmas are interrupted by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, her troubles are only just beginning. Before long, the whole village stands accused of murder. Damian says he's come to direct the village nativity play, but Sophie thinks he's up to no good. What are those noises coming from his van? Who is the stranger lurking in the shadows? And whose baby, abandoned in the manger, disappears in plain sight? Enjoy the fun of a traditional Cotswold festive season, as Sophie seeks a happy ending for her latest village mystery - and for her new romance with charming local bookseller Hector Munro.

Murder At The Well
  • 9781804830871
  • 16-12-2022
Murder At The Well (Softcover)
Debbie Young

While Sophie and her friends celebrate Valentine's Night in The Bluebird, a dead body plummets to the bottom of the village well - and nobody hears it fall. In this close-knit community where everyone knows each other's business, is it possible for anyone to get away with murder? Sophie's about to find out - and to discover some extraordinary secrets about her boyfriend Hector and his family along the way. Colourful new characters join the regular Wendlebury cast in this cosy mystery.

Family Secrets At The Inglenook Inn
  • 9781804155271
  • 15-12-2022
Family Secrets At The Inglenook Inn (Softcover)
Helen Rolfe

Welcome back to the Inglenook Inn, a cosy and welcoming place that instantly feels like home. Rupert has been the chef at the Inglenook Inn for years. He loves working at the boutique hotel, crafting exquisite meals and fantastic desserts for each and every guest. When his boss, who is practically family, is called away on an emergency, Rupert has to step up and run the place. That would be challenge enough, but when his sister Natalie shows up, she brings a whole lot more baggage than her belongings. Katy is out of a job and out of luck until she lands a temporary job at the Inglenook Inn. With her years of experience, helping to manage a hotel is a challenge she relishes. But there's more drama under the one roof than she ever expected and on top of that she's worried her dad might be making a major decision he'll regret. Rupert and Katy have their hands full, but there's magic in the air at the Inglenook Inn, and as they work side by side they discover something new and unexpected. Is it possible to fall in love in just a few short days?

  • 9781802804102
  • 14-12-2022
Hunter (Softcover)
Ross Greenwood

There's a killer on the streets, and no one is safe? First there was the drowned man, but maybe his death was an accident? Then there were the decapitated bodies, the burnt girl, the women pursued in the dark. Finally the police have to admit there's a serial killer on the loose and he seems set on revenge. His name is Abel and his crimes are escalating every day. Dan Flood, Olivia Jones and their two young children are a family at breaking point. The mundane juggle of parenting and work means that the romance is draining away. Living in a community that is growing ever more fearful, just adds to the pressure in their lives. But when Abel turns his attention on Olivia, only Dan can save her...

The Cop
  • 9781804263785
  • 13-12-2022
The Cop (Softcover)
John Nicholl

Kathy thought she'd met her soulmate. But Police Inspector Michael Conner's behaviour changes on the day of their wedding. Showing his true colours for the first time, Conner becomes increasingly manipulative, controlling, and cruel as the months pass. When Kathy tries to escape, Connor does his best to convince everyone that she is mentally ill. But Anna, Kathy's identical twin sister, doesn't believe it. After a tragic event, Kathy decides enough is enough and elicits Anna's help to rid herself of Connor for good. But will Connor simply let Kathy walk away, or have the sisters bitten off more than they can chew?

The Student
  • 9781804263884
  • 13-12-2022
The Student (Softcover)
John Nicholl

Harry Gilmore has no idea of the terrible danger he faces when he meets a beautiful girl in a local student bar. Drugged and abducted, Harry wakes up in a secure wooden compound deep in the Welsh countryside, where he is groomed by the leaders of a manipulative cult, run by the self-proclaimed new messiah known as The Master. When the true nature of the cult becomes apparent, Harry looks for any opportunity to escape. But as time passes, he questions if the master's extreme behaviour and teachings are the one true religion. With Harry's life hanging by a thread, a team of officers, led by Detective Inspector Laura Kesey, investigate his disappearance. But will they find him before it's too late?

Celebrity Shopper
  • 9781802805321
  • 12-12-2022
Celebrity Shopper (Softcover)
Carmen Reid

She's hit the big time...hasn't she? Personal shopper, Annie Valentine, is presenting her own popular TV fashion series. But despite this being Annie's dream job, success isn't all it's cracked up to be and suddenly Annie is feeling the pressure! Especially as boyfriend Ed is left at home looking after their brand-new twin babies, whilst Annie comes to terms with fame. And as Annie gets more and more sucked into the celebrity showbiz world, she feels like she's losing more and more of who she really is. Could the big break she's always wanted, actually be a big mistake?

Queen Of Diamonds
  • 9781802800869
  • 09-12-2022
Queen Of Diamonds (Softcover)
Gillian Godden

Is the Diamond reign over? Head of the Diamond family, Patsy is determined to make a success of husband Nick's gangland empire - whatever the cost. Nick was ruthless and cold-blooded, but he built a legacy that Patsy wants to protect. So when a mysterious woman from Nick's past turns up claiming to be Patsy's new business partner, she senses trouble. Karen Duret demands Patsy's help, but it comes with a catch. If Patsy refuses, Karen threatens to expose the Diamond family's darkest secrets... Patsy needs the help of her trusted allies more than ever, but when a rival gang start a turf war, the stakes suddenly become deadly. Torn between loyalties, Patsy knows that blood will be spilled. And as battle commences, the question on everyone's lips is - who will be crowned the queen of diamonds?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
  • 9781804268032
  • 08-12-2022
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Softcover)
Aimee Brown

Dax Hartley has made flowers his entire life, just like his late father did. When his dad's old florist's shop is up for sale, he has to have it. Only problem is, he'd need to sell a kidney to afford it. The reality show Battle of the Blossoms is the perfect opportunity to win the money he needs, but when his childhood crush blows back into his life, distractions risk taking his eyes off the prize. He needs his head and heart to start working together to ensure he doesn't miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Hollyn Matthews has made some colossal mistakes in life. When she's dumped just as she's expecting an engagement ring, she knows she's put her heart into the wrong man. Hoping for a second chance at being a grown-up, she moves home to stay with her brother and his best friend Dax, a boy whose memory faded as she ran away from her past. Facing the hurt she left behind means facing some home truths about herself, but there's one boy who has always loved her, if only she'd take the time to notice him.

Local Girl Missing
  • 9781804153550
  • 07-12-2022
Local Girl Missing (Softcover)
J.A. Baker

Missing without trace... When local woman Deborah goes missing, her colleagues Adrian, Yvonne and Merriel are all left in shock. Gossip around the office begins to swirl - what could have happened to Deborah? Is she dead or alive? And who could be responsible for her disappearance? Everyone is terrified that they could be next...except the one person who has all the answers. The last person people expect. Because Deborah is being held captive by a monster, a psychopath. But not a's someone she knows all too well...

The Golden Oldies' Book Club
  • 9781801623643
  • 06-12-2022
The Golden Oldies' Book Club (Softcover)
Judy Leigh

Deep in the Somerset countryside, the Combe Pomeroy village library hosts a monthly book club. Ruth the librarian fears she's too old to find love, but a discussion about Lady Chatterley's Lover makes her think again. Aurora doesn't feel seventy-two and longs to relive the excitement of her youth, while Verity is getting increasingly tired of her husband Mark's grumpiness and wonders if their son's imminent flight from the nest might be just the moment for her to fly too. And Danielle is fed up with her cheating husband. Surely life has more in store for her than to settle for second best? The glue that holds Combe Pomeroy together is Jeannie. Doyenne of the local cider farm and heartbeat of her family and community, no one has noticed that Jeannie needs some looking after too. Has the moment for her to retire finally arrived, and if so, what does her future hold? From a book club French exchange trip, to many celebrations at the farm, this is the year that everything changes, that lifelong friendships are tested, and for some of the women, they finally get the love they deserve.

The Cellar
  • 9781804263693
  • 03-12-2022
The Cellar (Softcover)
John Nicholl

Nurse. Protégé. Murderer. Marcus Gove has been all these things. He's reached the pinnacle of his art and now it's time for him to take a protege. Lovely Lucy is perfect for the role, or she will be... Artist. Teacher. Daughter. Lucy Williams is just like everyone else. She's had some success as an artist, not so much success in love, but she's getting by. But soon she's going to have to become something else if she wants to be a survivor. Detective. Ex-husband. Underdog. Ray Lewis's career isn't heading anywhere. But he's a solid detective and he's determined to find Lucy no matter what the upper brass throw at him. Three people. Ten days. Who will live and who will die?

Finding Family At Seabreeze Farm
  • 9781801620246
  • 02-12-2022
Finding Family At Seabreeze Farm (Softcover)
Jo Bartlett

Freya Halliwell is looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams and starting their new life together. After the death of both of her parents, Ollie, along with Freya's aunt, are the only family she has, but all the family she needs. Until Freya discovers a shocking secret that makes her question everything she thought she knew about her once happy family and especially the man she used to call dad. Devastated and feeling more alone than ever before, Freya needs time and space to come to terms with the news. But until then the wedding is off! Seabreeze Farm is the perfect place for Freya to recover. But could this beautiful farm perched high on the cliffs, also hold the answer to Freya's past and reunite her with the family she never even knew she'd been wishing for?

A Family To Save The Doctor's Heart
  • 9780263294163
  • 01-12-2022
A Family To Save The Doctor's Heart (Hardcover)
Marion Lennox

A lesson from the gorgeous doc: A family can be the greatest gift...! A year ago Jenny was an emergency doctor, loving life in fast-paced Sydney. Now, after the loss of her brother and his wife, she's living an unrecognisable life on remote Albatross Island, raising her nieces and nephews. Then Dr Silas Braden washes up on her beach, shipwrecked and injured...! Just like Jenny and the kids, Silas is no stranger to grief. But can he bring hope to Jenny, and her fledgling family too?

In Bali With The Single Dad
  • 9780263294170
  • 01-12-2022
In Bali With The Single Dad (Hardcover)
Annie O'Neil

A GP in need of escape... ...finds a fresh start in Indonesia! Floored by her ex-fiancée's betrayal, GP Rebecca is in Bali to regroup. She's not sure what her future looks like, but she's certain that she's sworn off love! Until an accident brings local doctor Noah into her life...As a new single dad to his orphaned nieces, Noah knows what it's like to have your life change instantly. Now Rebecca can't help but wonder if fate is offering them all a new happily-ever-after in paradise?

Surgeon's Second Chance In Florence
  • 9780263294187
  • 01-12-2022
Surgeon's Second Chance In Florence (Hardcover)
Kate Hardy

She's in Italy to save lives... But falling back in love...? Surgeon Sam can't believe it! Whilst she's on secondment in Florence, Dr Angelo Brunelli will be her new colleague. Two years ago he left Sam broken-hearted and without an explanation. Now she's stuck working with him-for three months! But Sam soon learns that there was more to Angelo's departure than he let her believe... Can she forgive him and claim a second chance with this gorgeous Italian doctor?

The Vet's Unexpected Houseguest
  • 9780263294194
  • 01-12-2022
The Vet's Unexpected Houseguest (Hardcover)
Juliette Hyland

Her new colleague... also her new roommate! Widowed workaholic Kit has dedicated her life to her patients. She's determined to be the best vet in town and prove herself to those who've doubted her. But when Dr August Rhodes returns to help at the clinlic-aka her boss's prodigal son - she's faced with an unexpected and irresistible houseguest! August's a distraction Kit doesn't need. Although he's certainly one she wants! Can Kit take a risk on a rebel?