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Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell
  • 9780263294231
  • 01-01-2023
Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell (Hardcover)
Traci Douglass

One hot encounter... One shocking consequence! Paramedic Isabella Rivas doesn't do commitment and entanglement. She had enough of that raising her five siblings after their mother died. But one red-hot night with a sexy stranger doesn't count, right? Except that single passionate encounter results in an unexpected pregnancy! And when she meets Carlos Martinez's familiar guarded eyes over a patient in the ER she realises that life has just got a whole lot more complicated...

A Paramedic To Change Her Life
  • 9780263294248
  • 01-01-2023
A Paramedic To Change Her Life (Hardcover)
Alison Roberts

Taking a risk... For the miracle of a baby! Doctor Jo has always wanted a family, but never found the right man or the right time. Now, on the eve of her forty-sixth birthday, she decides to make her dream a reality - alone. But when fearless paramedic Cade bursts into her life she falls headfirst and off track! Cade has been running from the grief of losing his wife and child...can Jo and her desire for a family be just what he really needs?

Cornish Reunion With The Heart Doctor
  • 9780263294255
  • 01-01-2023
Cornish Reunion With The Heart Doctor (Hardcover)
Louisa George

He's her best friend... but could he be something more? Paediatrician Lexi can't wait for her friend, cardiologist Jono, to move home from Australia. After pouring her heart and soul out to Jono long-distance during her divorce their emotional bond is strong, but the raw chemistry of their reunion after five years astounds her! And when a Cornish wedding leads to a night of breathtaking passion Lexi must decide - does she dare risk their precious friendship for the hope of everything she's ever wanted?

Fling With Her Long-Lost Surgeon
  • 9780263294262
  • 01-01-2023
Fling With Her Long-Lost Surgeon (Hardcover)
Sue MacKay

Is the surgeon from her past... ...the answer to her future? Gynaecologist Georgie has sworn off love for gooD - she's already lost more than she can bear. So when brooding surgeon Blake returns to town the attraction zinging between them is something she should ignore. Yet Blake understands her more than anyone... Since he's only back temporarily, a fling might be just what the doctor ordered! She tells herself it can never be for ever - until she realises how happy she is in his arms!

Saving The Single Mum's Heart
  • 9780263294279
  • 01-01-2023
Saving The Single Mum's Heart (Hardcover)
Allie Kincheloe

Can he give her the happy-ever-after... ...she's stopped herself dreaming of? Seven years ago nurse Jess was pregnant and abandoned by her son's father. Ever since, it's been Jess's little family against the world! So the last thing the single mum needs is for the arrival of handsome emergency medical technician Beckett to throw her finally well-ordered life into chaos. When a storm arrives, Jess and Beckett must fight to save their town. But can their intense connection also save her broken heart?

Baby On The Rebel Heir's Doorstep
  • 9780263294835
  • 01-01-2023
Baby On The Rebel Heir's Doorstep (Hardcover)
Sophie Pembroke

Brought back together... an abandoned baby! Max Blythe no longer has his former bad-boy reputation, but when he bumps into ex-fling Lena Phillips there are still fireworks flying between them! Whilst their reunion is thrilling...finding a baby in front of Max's manor doorstep is astonishing. Now Max, to whom life has given every reason to be aloof and brooding, and sunshine-personified Lena must find a way to give this newborn a new start?together!

The Heir's Cinderella Bride
  • 9780263294842
  • 01-01-2023
The Heir's Cinderella Bride (Hardcover)
Donna Alward

From Cinderella in the shadows... bride in the spotlight? When Esme's family is struck by tragedy, she takes on the role of Chatsworth Manor's housekeeper. The last person she expects to see is her childhood friend Stephen - the new Earl. Both have been changed by their years apart, but one thing is obvious: their connection has never gone away. Esme doesn't think she belongs in Stephen's world...but will a surprise proposal change her mind?

Pregnancy Shock For The Greek Billionaire
  • 9780263294859
  • 01-01-2023
Pregnancy Shock For The Greek Billionaire (Hardcover)
Kandy Shepherd

Her revelation: 'I'm pregnant.' His reaction: 'Come to Greece with me.' Entrepreneur Claudia can't believe it. How can she have gone from not seeing ex Stefanos in ten years to a one-night reunion that's left her pregnant? But there's no time to think when the billionaire whisks her away to his private Mediterranean island! While Stefanos is determined to claim the family that once slipped through his fingers, Claudia refuses to marry for convenience. Even though saying 'I do' to a second chance is oh-so-tempting...

Their Surprise Safari Reunion
  • 9780263294866
  • 01-01-2023
Their Surprise Safari Reunion (Hardcover)
Ella Hayes

Will the truth... ...finally give them for ever? When travel blogger extraordinaire Maddie is invited on safari, she can't get on the private jet fast enough! It's the perfect way to escape London and her painful past. Until, to her amazement, Maddie finds Kaden Barr waiting for her in the bushveld. He's the guy Maddie never got to say goodbye to - and the mystery owner of Masoka game reserve. Maddie's spent her whole life running... This time, will she stay with Kaden?

Lights, Camera...Wedding?
  • 9780263294873
  • 01-01-2023
Lights, Camera...Wedding? (Hardcover)
Laurel Greer

A pretend wedding should be easy So why do her groom's kisses mean faking it is impossible? Fledgling florist Bea Halloran has banked her reputation and love life on her upcoming reality TV Christmas wedding. When her fiancé walks out, she is terrified her business will go belly-up. But Bea's best friend, Brody Emerson, steps in as the fake groom, relieving her...and making her feel passion she barely recognizes. And Brody's smoldering glances and knee-weakening kisses might just put their platonic vows to the test...

The Secret That Shocked Cinderella
  • 9780263295764
  • 01-01-2023
The Secret That Shocked Cinderella (Hardcover)
Maisey Yates

The blazing nights she forgot... And the billionaire who claimed her... Waking from a coma, Riot Phillips has no memory of the past year, the brooding man by her bedside claiming to be her fiancé, or her baby! Kravann Valenti has been given a second chance. Riot's amnesia means he can rewrite his whirlwind love affair with the innocent - and get it right this time. But when Riot remembers the truth Krav must face his darkest fears and show Riot all of him - or risk losing her, their passion, and their precious daughter...

Willed To Wed Him
  • 9780263295771
  • 01-01-2023
Willed To Wed Him (Hardcover)
Caitlin Crews

Her father's will is excruciatingly clear... Marry - or lose everything! To save her family legacy, Annika Schuyler must tie herself to the one man who infuriates her most. But even though she knows intimidating Ranieri Furlan is marrying her in cold blood, he ignites a fire in her she's never dreamed possible... CEO Ranieri will fulfil his mentor's dying wish, but no matter how much he desires innocent Annika he can never love her. Yet behind the doors of his Manhattan penthouse their convenient marriage becomes something more... Something that threatens to melt even this billionaire's frozen heart!

Claimed To Save His Crown
  • 9780263295788
  • 01-01-2023
Claimed To Save His Crown (Hardcover)
Pippa Roscoe

From Cinderella in the palace shadows... To his unexpected queen! Lady-in-waiting Henna would do anything for the royal family who gave her a home when her own wouldn't. So, after she stops a marriage that would protect King Aleksander's throne but ruin his life, she must face the Ice King's fury! Aleks's cold-hearted reputation isn't a secret. His tough exterior is designed to guard fiercely against the heartbreak that once tore his world apart. But then a transformational kiss with Henna awakens him to a surprising new possibility that might save his crown... And it starts with her!

Stolen For My Spanish Scandal
  • 9780263295795
  • 01-01-2023
Stolen For My Spanish Scandal (Hardcover)
Jackie Ashenden

The consequences of one night... ...that never should have happened! My stepbrother Constantine Silvera was always my rock - until the day he ruthlessly cut me off. Then we collided again, resulting in an explosion of forbidden and utterly unforgettable passion...leaving me pregnant! Certain he couldn't love me, I was determined to raise our baby alone. But billionaire Con had different ideas and now here I am: unceremoniously kidnapped and stranded in his beautiful manor house! But still I crave his electrifying touch... If Con is going to demand his child, I'm going to demand he let me in...

Innocent Until His Forbidden Touch
  • 9780263295801
  • 01-01-2023
Innocent Until His Forbidden Touch (Hardcover)
Carol Marinelli

A promise of pleasure... ...neither can deny! PR pro Beatrice Taylor's brief is simple: clean up playboy Prince Julius's image before he becomes King - a challenge made infinitely more complicated by the heat she feels for her scandalous off-limits client! For the first time innocent Beatrice wants to give in to wild temptation... Julius's royal duty doesn't leave room for private desire. Discovering what lies beyond Beatrice's impenetrable emotional walls shouldn't be his priority. But she fascinates him... And one stolen moment presents him with an impossible choice: his kingdom or the woman he can't live without!

Emergency Marriage To The Greek
  • 9780263295818
  • 01-01-2023
Emergency Marriage To The Greek (Hardcover)
Clare Connelly

Her only hope is the Greek... And the scorching terms that bind them Tessa Anastakos has everything to lose after a disastrous relationship leaves her in ruin. She needs to save her family business, and the man she walked away from years ago might be the answer to all her prayers. If he accepts her outrageous emergency proposal! The passion between tycoon Alexandros Zacharidis and Tessa is far from dormant. Still, before he agrees to her scandalous deal he has some conditions of his own. First: he wants a real marriage. Then: he wants an heir!

The Desert King Meets His Match
  • 9780263295825
  • 01-01-2023
The Desert King Meets His Match (Hardcover)
Annie West

His royal matchmaker Or his perfect match? The new Sheikh of Dhalkur must find a wife - immediately - so he outsources the task to an expert. But once he's introduced to matchmaker Rosanna MacIain, Salim is hit with a red-hot jolt of recognition. She's the captivating stranger from an electric encounter he's never forgotten! Unfazed by his royal status, Rosanna challenges Salim like no one ever has. And she ignites a desire in him like no one ever has! She's entirely unsuitable as his queen, but their unique chemistry is enough to drive all other candidates from his mind...

The Powerful Boss She Craves
  • 9780263295832
  • 01-01-2023
The Powerful Boss She Craves (Hardcover)
Joss Wood

Her compelling attraction... the CEO she shouldn't want! South African event planner Ella Yeung is done with men who call the shots. So when commanding Micah Le Roux requests her assistance in finding a last-minute venue for his sister's society wedding she can't believe she's even considering it... Only there's something about her steel-edged new boss that intrigues and attracts Ella beyond reason. Yielding temporarily to the passion between them might help them both move on from the past - but the intensity of their connection tells a different and more permanent story!

How To Woo A Wallflower
  • 9780263296396
  • 01-01-2023
How To Woo A Wallflower (Hardcover)
Virginia Heath

He could have any deb Except his best friend's sister... Jasper, the Earl of Beaufort, hasn't seen Lady Harriet Fitzroy since her serious riding accident. She has grown into a kind, spirited woman, whose sinful smile plays havoc with his jaded emotions! Hattie's family disapprove of Jasper's rakish past, but when she risks her reputation to help him the least he can do is pull her from the wallflower chairs and out of the shadows...

Her Highlander For One Night
  • 9780263296402
  • 01-01-2023
Her Highlander For One Night (Hardcover)
Terri Brisbin

Claiming the warrior For one night of pleasure! When Glynnis had to make a noble marriage, Iain Mackenzie Cameron's illegitimacy stood in her way. She married another - but now she's returned to the clan a widow, and Iain is an assured warrior, the chieftain's heir. Glynnis would make him a more than suitable bride - except for her inability to produce heirs. Iain must marry elsewhere...but only after she claims one precious impassioned night with him!

A Pretend Match For The Viscount
  • 9780263296419
  • 01-01-2023
A Pretend Match For The Viscount (Hardcover)
Laura Martin

Rescued by the Viscount To save her from ruin! Miss Eliza Stanley is the life and soul of her first Season when she is scandalously compromised! Luckily, the brooding Viscount Thannock steps in to offer her a fake engagement, giving her time to find another suitor and prevent her disgrace. She's intrigued by this serious, honourable man - if only falling for him wouldn't mean giving up all she loves about her new life...

Tempting The Sensible Lady Violet
  • 9780263296426
  • 01-01-2023
Tempting The Sensible Lady Violet (Hardcover)
Eva Shepherd

Has this dissolute rogue... Finally met his match? When charged with distracting the prim and proper Lady Violet from her duties as chaperone, Lord Jake Rosemont is smugly confident of success. But Violet is far from the old maid her reputation paints her as, and charming her won't be a chore. Beautiful, intelligent, and entirely uninterested in marriage, she should be the perfect conquest - except Jake finds himself unexpectedly wanting more...

Secrets Of Her Forbidden Knight
  • 9780263296433
  • 01-01-2023
Secrets Of Her Forbidden Knight (Hardcover)
Ella Matthews

She's rescued a knight Now she needs the favour returned... When widowed Lady Johanne happens upon an injured knight she sees an opportunity to form an alliance and protect her home, Castle Brae, from her enemies. The betrothal she proposes might be merely for appearances, but the very real attraction between her and Sir Alewyn thrills and disturbs her. For it's clear he's hiding something... Can she trust him with so much at stake?

Christmas Ransom
  • 9780263296662
  • 01-01-2023
Christmas Ransom (Hardcover)
B.J. Daniels

Could a second chance at forever become a ransom demand? Former rodeo star Davy Colt traded his competition spurs for a PI license. But even after years away, he never stopped loving hometown sweetheart Carla Richmond. A robbery and hostage situation at the Lonesome bank leaves the loan officer injured and shattered. With the escaped culprit still at large, Davy will ransom his heart to the hilt to avert a deadly Christmas for Carla and their long-overdue reunion.