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Rosie's Journey
  • 9780750518390
  • 01-06-2002
Rosie's Journey (Hardcover)
Sara Hylton

When her mother remarries and emigrates with her new husband, Rosie is convinced that their separation will be temporary. However, swept away by the glamorous and decadent lifestyle in Kenya, Celia seems to forget her young daughter. Left in the care of an aunt at the family home in Devon, Rosie becomes accustomed to her mother's neglect. Eventually her mother decides the time is right for Rosie to live with her, but both Africa and the reunion with her mother prove to be mixed blessings - especially when she finds her new stepfather becoming interested in her...

In The Midnight Hour
  • 9780750518215
  • 01-01-2002
In The Midnight Hour (Hardcover)
Michelle Spring

A wealthy woman befriends a handsome teenage busker, hoping he may be her son who vanished from a Norfolk beach twelve years previously. The boy offers convincing proof but her husband, Polar explorer Jack Cable, remains sceptical. Laura Principal is called in to investigate whether Liam is really the lost child or an interloper. What does he want from the Cables - and what is his connection with the violence that begins with his arrival and ends, almost inevitably, with murder? In her search for answers, Laura comes face to face with a loss that threatens to turn her own world upside down...