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We Need To Talk
  • 9781914451539
  • 02-02-2023
We Need To Talk (Audio Download)
Emily Hunt / Laurel Lefkow

Emily was in a restaurant, having lunch with her father - the next thing she remembers is waking up, naked, in a strange hotel room, next to a man she did not know. She suspected she had been drugged and raped. She later found out she had been filmed without her consent. What happened to her that night could have happened to anyone. What came next happens to far too many victims, as failures by the police, CPS and other parts of the system, led to Emily doubting she would ever find justice. Six years after her attack, Emily is an adviser to the UK Government on sexual violence. Part memoir and part investigation, Emily shines a light on the fault lines of a system and a society that is failing rape victims. We Need To Talk looks at how rape is a mainstream, everyday problem deeply damaging victims, their families, their workplaces and the economy. This is a conversation starter about why we don't talk about rape; that the only cause of rape is rapists, not rape victims; who commits rape and why; the reasons why society defaults to blaming the victim; and ultimately how we need to change and humanise the way we talk about rape in order to truly hear and support victims and end the current epidemic of sexual violence.

The Chicken Farm Fiasco
  • 9781399104432
  • 01-02-2023
The Chicken Farm Fiasco (Audio Download)
Ruth Quayle / Alex Wingfield

Joe, Tom and Pip are excited about spending the Easter holidays at Granny's in Muddlemoor village. They plan to climb trees, eat chocolate and loll around on Granny's sofa. But wait! Theyve forgotten that Muddlemoor is an absolute hotspot for crime... When a sign appears in Mr Draper's cow field, announcing plans for a horrible battery chicken farm, the children are outraged. They join a protest group to try to stop the farm and save the chickens. But they soon notice that Mr Draper's enemies keep getting sick. Oh no! Is Mr Draper poisoning them? And, if so, is Granny in danger...?

The Circus Train
  • 9781399114523
  • 01-02-2023
  • DL-OAK
The Circus Train (Audio Download)
Amita Parikh / Kristin Atherton

Europe, 1938. Even as the daughter of the extraordinary headlining illusionist, Lena Papadopoulos has never quite found her place within the World of Wonders - a travelling circus that traverses the continent in a luxury steam engine. Brilliant and curious, Lena yearns for the real-world magic of science and medicine, despite the limitations of her wheelchair. But when a young French orphan, Alexandre, comes aboard the circus train, Lena's life is infused with magic and wonder for the first time. But outside the bright lights of the circus, darkness is descending on Europe. War is about to shatter Lena's world and take away everything she holds dear. To recover what she has lost, Lena will have to believe in the impossible . . .

Clara & Olivia
  • 9781399114721
  • 01-02-2023
  • DL-OAK
Clara & Olivia (Audio Download)
Lucy Ashe / Polly Edsell & Ben Higgins

Sadler's Wells, 1933. Disciplined and dedicated, Olivia is the perfect ballerina. But no matter how hard she works, she can never match identical twin Clara's charm. As rehearsals intensify for the ballet Coppélia, the girls feel increasingly like they are being watched. And, as infatuation turns to obsession, everything begins to unravel.

All At Sea
  • 9781399123525
  • 01-02-2023
All At Sea (Audio Download)
Chris McDonald / Stephen Armstrong

Adam and Colin are aboard The Elysian, cruising towards Italy to see Adam get hitched, and are determined to stay out of trouble...On the first night, a priceless piece of art is stolen from an eccentric old lady. Adam and Colin offer to help recover it, and are convince the thief was one of their fellow dinner guests from earlier in the evening. Can the amateur sleuths reunite the painting with its owner before they dock in Venice? And, with danger lurking around every porthole, will Adam even make it to the altar?

The Cinder Path
  • 9781399126632
  • 01-02-2023
The Cinder Path (Audio Download)
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

The cinder path which led from the Northumberland farmhouse would always symbolise defeat for Charlie MacFell. People saw him as a born loser who always got the dirty end of the stick. At the root of the matter were boyhood humiliations by his brutal father - but was that all there was to Charlie MacFell? Then an opportunity emerges for Charlie to display his inner strengths and integrity, and to give the lie to those who had thought him to be of no account...

In The Mood
  • 9781399129275
  • 01-02-2023
In The Mood (Audio Download)
M.W. Arnold / Emma Powell

In February 1944, the girls of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club face the devastating personal loss of one of their own in a tragic crash. At the same time, another member is blackmailed, whilst honeymoon plans of a third are threatened by a puzzling mystery. As they share each other's joys and troubles, the friends find the comfort and strength to go on with their vital work and dangerous investigations in wartime England, even when few situations are what they seem to be. Can a marriage broken by harsh words be saved, and will injuries suffered in the line of duty heal? These courageous women do battle on multiple fronts whilst maintaining dignity and friendship.

The Ragged Valley
  • 9781399129558
  • 01-02-2023
The Ragged Valley (Audio Download)
Joanne Clague / Gareth Bennett-Ryan

Determined not to waste his life toiling for his cruel brother, Silas arrives in town to seek his fortune. Harriet has reconciled herself to a life of domestic service for her austere uncle. And John Gunson, Chief Engineer at the Sheffield Waterworks Company, has just completed his crowning glory  the Dale Dyke dam. But one stormy night, the unthinkable happens. The dam bursts. A wall of water is unleashed, destroying everything in its path. The aftershocks of the flood reach far beyond that night, with consequences that could never have been foreseen. Fatefully brought together, Silas and Harriet must now contend with their families as new love blooms. Meanwhile, Gunson faces not only an angry community but also a court of inquest looking for a scapegoat. Can any good come from the disaster, and will justice be served for those who lost everything?

The Leaning Man
  • 9781399137386
  • 01-02-2023
The Leaning Man (Audio Download)
Anne Harre / Kirsty Gillmore

The city of Wellington is unforgiving and unrepentant. Forget the politicians: they're poor amateurs in deception and crime. It's Saturday night down on the wharf. Celebrations are in full swing for the Westons' fortieth wedding anniversary. Their daughter Stella has returned from London to attend. Once shoulder-tapped as detective material, a few bad decisions and a questionable ethical dilemma saw her leave the police force under a cloud. She's now a private investigator in London, reduced to filming errant husbands for court cases. Later that night her best friend Teri is found dead in a lane in the central city. Her phone is missing. It looks like suicide, but Stella won't believe it. And she's not above taking big risks to find out the truth about her friend and the shady world she appears to have been dragged into...

  • 9781399137904
  • 01-02-2023
Cassandra (Audio Download)
Kerry Greenwood / Lucy Scott & Simon Mattacks

Princess of Troy, sister of Hector and Paris, Priestess of Apollo. Blessed by the Sun God with the gift of prophecy, and then - for rejecting his advances - cursed by him to never be believed. Diomenes, the enemy Achaean with the healing hands, and Cassandra become puppets of the gods. Their passions are thwarted, their gifts rendered useless for the sake of a wager between two immortals. And now doomed, magnificent Troy is burning. If Cassandra and Diomenes find each other, can their love survive the games of malicious gods, victorious warriors and hated kings?

New Beginnings For The Surplus Girls
  • 9781399141529
  • 01-02-2023
New Beginnings For The Surplus Girls (Audio Download)
Polly Heron / Julia Franklin

Manchester, 1923. Jess Mason is determined to make her own way in the world. When she's appointed manager for Holly Lodge, a new home for old soldiers, she must convince the owner that she can run things just as well as any man - if not better. To everyone around him, Tom Watson seems a cheerful and sociable man, but he has secretly vowed to go through life alone. However, when he takes on the renovation of Holly Lodge and meets Jess, the walls he has built around himself start to crumble. But the opening of the new soldiers' home proves to be less than straightforward, and with her affections for Tom growing stronger by each day she can't help but wonder if there is room in her life for both love and the career she's always dreamt of.

The Foxes Of Warwick
  • 9781399141901
  • 01-02-2023
The Foxes Of Warwick (Audio Download)
Edward Marston / David Thorpe

Henry Beaumont keeps a renowned pack of foxhounds, quick, brave and ruthless at the kill. One December hunt, the dogs uncover more than a fox in the woodlands - brushing aside dead leaves, Beaumont finds the crushed body of Martin Reynard, a former member of his own household. Enraged, Henry, though he has no experience in such matters, swears to find the killer, but his impetuosity and rudimentary investigative skills lead him to arrest a man of questionable guilt. Fortunately, Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret, in the area to settle a land dispute, are available to lend their expertise.

The Shining Skull
  • 9781399144155
  • 01-02-2023
The Shining Skull (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

Little Marcus Fallbrook was kidnapped in 1976 and, when he never returned home, his grieving family assumed the worst. Now, 30 years later, teenager Leah Wakefield has disappeared and DI Wesley Peterson has reason to suspect that the same kidnapper is responsible. As Wesley delves into the case, his friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, discovers a mystery of his own when he exhumes the dead from a local churchyard. A coffin is found containing one corpse too many and Neil believes it may be linked to a strange religious sect. Then, in a shocking twist, Marcus Fallbrook returns. His recollection of his past kidnapping is hazy, but Wesley hopes that, as Marcus begins to recover memories, it will lead them to a sinister criminal. But he is about to discover that the past can be a very dangerous place indeed.

The Blood Pit
  • 9781399144209
  • 01-02-2023
The Blood Pit (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

DI Wesley Peterson has never witnessed such a bizarre crime scene. A man has been brutally murdered by two precise wounds to his neck and his body drained of blood. It seems that the victim was not a popular man in the Devon area and Wesley doesn't have a shortage of suspects. But then two more victims are found killed in an identical fashion. As if Wesley didn't have enough to investigate, Wesley's friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, begins to receive disturbing anonymous letters about macabre events at a medieval abbey. The gory details bare resemblance to the recent deaths and Neil fears they are being sent by the killer. Wesley and Neil are forced to face shocking revelations as they come face to face with a murderer scarred by past sins.

A Perfect Death
  • 9781399144254
  • 01-02-2023
A Perfect Death (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

When a woman is burned to death in Grandal Field in Devon, it seems like a case of mistaken identity. Until DI Wesley Peterson learns of a legend involving a French woman who burned to death there in the 13th century. And when he discovers that records of a previous excavation on the site have vanished, and that two archaeologists involved in that dig died in tragic circumstances, Wesley starts to investigate the possibility of a link between the legend and recent events. But edging closer to the truth brings unexpected danger to Wesley. For the truth echoes a story of twisted love and obsession from many centuries ago - a truth that almost costs Wesley his life . . .

The Flesh Tailor
  • 9781399144308
  • 01-02-2023
The Flesh Tailor (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

When Dr James Dalcott is shot dead in his cottage it looks very much like an execution. And as DI Wesley Peterson begins piecing together the victim's life, he finds that the well-liked country doctor has been harbouring strange and dramatic family secrets. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson has discovered a number of skeletons in nearby Tailors Court that bear marks of dissection and might be linked to tales of body snatching by a rogue physician in the 16th century. But when Neil finds the bones of a child buried with a 1930s coin, the investigation takes a sinister turn. Who were the children evacuated to Tailors Court during World War II? And where are they now? When a link is established between the wartime evacuees and Dr Dalcott's death, Wesley is faced with his most challenging case yet.

The Jackal Man
  • 9781399144353
  • 01-02-2023
The Jackal Man (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

A teenage girl is strangled and left for dead on a lonely country lane in Devon. The police are baffled when she describes her attacker as having the head of a dog, but when the body of a woman is found mutilated and wrapped in a sheet, DI Wesley Peterson suspects the killer may be performing an ancient ritual linked to the jackal-headed Egyptian god, Anubis. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson has been called to Varley Castle to catalogue the collection of an Edwardian amateur Egyptologist. Neil discovers through his research that Wesley's strange case bears sinister similarities to four murders that took place near Varley Castle in 1903. As the Jackal Man's identity remains a frustrating enigma, it seems the killer has yet another victim in his sights. Someone close to Wesley himself . . .

The Cadaver Game
  • 9781399144407
  • 01-02-2023
The Cadaver Game (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

The decaying body of a woman is discovered in a suburban house in South Devon, following an anonymous tip off to the police. DI Wesley Peterson has problems establishing the woman's identity and, as he begins to investigate her death, another disturbing case arises. Two teenagers are found shot dead at the foot of a cliff. The teenage victims had taken part in an online game called Blood Hunt and it seems they may have been persuaded to play a sinister real-life game, which ended in their murder. When a skeleton is found near the place where the teenagers were last seen alive, Wesley must face a terrible truth . . . and a hunt to the death.

The Shadow Collector
  • 9781399144452
  • 01-02-2023
The Shadow Collector (Audio Download)
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

Lilith Benley and her mother, rumoured to be witches, were convicted of the brutal murder of two teenage girls 18 years ago. Shortly after Lilith is released from prison, a young woman is found dead at a farm close to Lilith's old home in South Devon, and DI Wesley Peterson is called in to investigate. As Wesley tries to establish whether Lilith Benley could have killed again, archaeologist Neil Watson discovers a gruesome wax doll at a house that once belonged to a woman hanged for witchcraft in the 17th century. Wesley must banish dark shadows of the past and supernatural suspicions in order to bring a dangerous killer to justice - a killer who will stop at nothing to dispense vengeance.

Secrets Of The Cottage By The Sea
  • 9781399144582
  • 01-02-2023
Secrets Of The Cottage By The Sea (Audio Download)
Rebecca Alexander / Penelope Freeman & Laura Kirman

When Ellie Roberts inherits a cottage on a remote Scilly Isle, she's shocked. She's never heard of the previous owner, Patience Ellis, so why did she leave Ellie her legacy? Overwhelmed with unanswered questions, Ellie travels to the isolated island. The house feels strangely familiar, and she has a memory of her beloved mother in the window seat overlooking the sea . . . The mother she lost when she was only a child. Determined to find out more, Ellie meets enigmatic local Branok Shore. When Branok prises open Patience's dresser, filled with letters from the Second World War, Ellie discovers something that will change her own life forever. The letters tell the story of a brutal storm in the depths of war, and of an injured soldier who begged Patience for help, and asked her to make an impossible choice . . .

The Edinburgh Mystery
  • 9781399144858
  • 01-02-2023
The Edinburgh Mystery (Audio Download)
Martin Edwards / Sarah Barron & David Monteath & Mark Meadows & John Telfer

From the dramatic Highlands to bustling cities, the unique landscapes and locales of Scotland have enthralled and shaped generations of mystery writers. This new collection presents 17 classic stories, spanning a period from the 1880s to the 1970s, by a host of Scottish authors alongside writers from south of the border inspired by the history and majesty of the storied country. Featuring vintage tales by Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson and Baroness Orczy together with mid-20th-century mini-masterpieces by Margot Bennett, Michael Innes and Cyril Hare, this anthology also includes a rare Josephine Tey short story, reprinted for the first time since 1930.

Something To Hide
  • 9781399147675
  • 01-02-2023
Something To Hide (Audio Download)
Elizabeth George / Ben Onwukwe

A Nigerian born detective sergeant working for the Metropolitan Police is found unconscious in her own flat and ends up in hospital where she dies of her injury. The post-mortem reveals that the subdural hematoma is the result of a blow to her head. DI Thomas Lynley, DS Barbara Havers and DS Winston Nkata are called in to investigate a case that touches upon not only the work and the life of the murdered detective but also upon a controversial cultural tradition that damages and often destroys the future of everyone it involves.

Love At War
  • 9781399148351
  • 01-02-2023
Love At War (Audio Download)
Sandra Howard / Polly Edsell

In March 1940 Laura boards a ship and travels through the torpedoed waters of the Mediterranean to chase after Harry whom she has fallen in love with. He was out in Uganda, but has joined up to fight with the King's African Rifles. Will she succeed in her quest? Strong-willed and proudly independent, she has many dramatic life-changing upheavals to face on the way to Uganda and beyond. Love at War is based on a true story, the loves, dramas and losses of a resourceful, exceptional girl.

Queen Of Clubs
  • 9781399149129
  • 01-02-2023
Queen Of Clubs (Audio Download)
Beezy Marsh / Rachel Atkins

1957, London. Gangland Queen Nell has the perfect life of crime as a top shoplifter by day and glamorous club owner by night. But a betrayal and botched robbery suddenly reverse her fortunes...and her old rival, Alice Diamond, is hell-bent on taking her down. After escaping a poverty-stricken childhood, nightclub dancer Zoe has more on her mind than settling scores for Alice. But the life of luxury Zoe craves comes at a terrible price. And when a vicious gang tightens its grip on Soho, all three women realise it pays to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. When the fight to save your family becomes a fight for survival, there is no honour among thieves...