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To Catch A Dream
  • 9780750542630
  • 01-06-2016
To Catch A Dream (Hardcover)
Mary Wood

Young Bridie O'Hara is torn away from her native Ireland by her father when he is forced to flee the wrath of the freedom fighters he has betrayed. Years later, violated by those who should protect her, and deceived by her lover, the dashing gypsy Seamus Finney, Bridie struggles to find her way in Victorian England. That is until Bridie meets Will Hadler, a kind hard-working miner, whose love for her knows no bounds. He rescues Bridie from working the streets of Sheffield and offers her the chance of happiness. But Bridie and her daughter have a struggle on their hands...

  • 9780750542654
  • 01-06-2016
Dangerous (Hardcover)
Jessie Keane

Fifteen-year-old Clara Dolan's world is blown apart following the death of her mother. Battling to keep what remains of her family together, Clara vows to protect her younger siblings, Bernadette and Harry, from danger, whatever the cost. With the arrival of the swinging Sixties, Clara finds herself swept up in London's dark underworld where the glamour of Soho's dazzling nightclubs sits in stark contrast to the terrifying gangland violence that threatens the new life she has worked so hard to build. Sinking further into an existence defined by murder and betrayal, Clara soon realizes that success often comes at a very high price...

The Poisonous Seed
  • 9780750542661
  • 01-06-2016
The Poisonous Seed (Hardcover)
Linda Stratmann

When a customer of William Doughty's Bayswater chemist shop dies of strychnine poisoning after drinking medicine he dispensed, William is blamed, and the family faces ruin. William's daughter, Frances, determines to redeem her ailing father's reputation and save the business. She soon becomes convinced that the death was murder, but unable to persuade the police, she turns detective. Armed only with her wits, courage and determination, Frances uncovers a startling deception and solves a ten-year-old murder. There will be more deaths, and a secret in her own family will be revealed before the killer is unmasked, and Frances will find that her life has changed forever.

Brothers In Blood
  • 9780750542685
  • 01-06-2016
Brothers In Blood (Hardcover)
David Stuart Davies

A brutal game devised by three intelligent, but bored teenagers escalates into murder. Led by the charismatic and cunning Laurence, the trio of 'brothers' meets once a year to carry out untraceable, motiveless murders - for fun. Until, years later, they must murder in order to protect one of their own, leaving themselves vulnerable to discovery. This killing is investigated by Detective Inspector Paul Snow, a complex man with a secret of his own which links him to the murder. As Snow grows closer to unmasking the killers, his professional life begins to unravel in a terrifying fashion.

Dark Briggate Blues
  • 9780750542692
  • 01-06-2016
Dark Briggate Blues (Hardcover)
Chris Nickson

When Joanna Hart came into his office, enquiry agent Dan Markham thought it would be an easy case. All the blonde with red lips and swinging hips wanted was to know if her husband was unfaithful. But when the man is killed, Markham's involvement makes him suspect number one. As the evidence piles against him, he realises someone has set him up. In a deadly game, Markham has to battle to keep his client and himself alive. All he can rely on are his wits and the rusty skills he acquired during his National Service in military intelligence.

Liberty Silk
  • 9781444828474
  • 01-06-2016
Liberty Silk (Hardcover)
Kate Beaufoy

France, 1919: Jessie is celebrating the last heady days of her honeymoon. But when her husband suddenly disappears, she finds herself bereft - until a chance encounter thrusts her into the centre of the intoxicating world of Parisian high life... Hollywood, 1942: Lisa has come a long way from her quiet, unassuming life in London and is taking Hollywood by storm. But all that glitters is not gold, and as the smoke and mirrors of the lifestyle she so longs for shatter around her, there are some secrets she can never escape... Ireland, 1969: Cat, headstrong and independent, drawn to danger and passionately opposed to injustice, has no idea of the legacy that precedes her. Once past secrets are revealed, she has the chance to find out what liberty really means...

The Witch Mark
  • 9781444828481
  • 01-06-2016
The Witch Mark (Hardcover)
Alexandra Connor

Alison had been blessed by nature all her life - only I knew the other, darker side of her character. And only I knew the pain - the torment - of a jealousy that could never be assuaged. Throughout our childhood, she stood in golden light, centre stage, while I, blinking through heavy spectacles, looked on... As we grew to adulthood, it seemed that the path fate had charted for her was smooth and straight and clear. Gradually I resigned myself to staying in her shadow, playing out the role of second sister. I would have been content that way - if only she had not fallen in love with Mark Ward...

All Roads Lead To Calvary
  • 9781444828672
  • 01-06-2016
All Roads Lead To Calvary (Softcover)
Jerome K. Jerome

'ALL ROADS LEAD TO CALVARY.' IT WAS CURIOUS HOW THE WORDS HAD DWELT WITH HER, TILL GRADUALLY THEY HAD BECOME A PART OF HER CREED... THEY HAD GROWN TO BE A PROMISE, A HOPE HELD OUT TO ALL. THE ROAD TO CALVARY! IT WAS THE ROAD TO LIFE... When Joan Allway's mother dies, she is determined to prove herself capable of earning her own living. Armed with her Girton B.A., she sets off to London to do so, seeking her own personal Calvary as she immerses herself in journalism, politics and the women's suffrage cause - and, ultimately, the field hospitals and trenches of the Front...

The Power Of Darkness
  • 9781444828696
  • 01-06-2016
The Power Of Darkness (Softcover)
Edith Nesbit

A desirable semi-detached house harbours a dreadful scene. The strains of a funeral mass carry a warning to two young lovers. A bridegroom swears that death itself would not part him from his intended; another man's wife proves this true. Spirits of long-ago women reach out across the years, whilst a corpse refuses to leave its murderer alone. Waxworks appear so lifelike, it's as if they are about to rise and walk - meanwhile, marble effigies in a village church are rumoured to do precisely that. Welcome to that other world which beats a constant undercurrent beneath our own - the world which knows the power of darkness.

Cheating The Hangman
  • 9781785411960
  • 01-06-2016
Cheating The Hangman (Hardcover)
Judith Cutler

The Reverend Tobias Campion returns from morning service on Easter Day and makes a grisly discovery: a corpse nailed to a tree. Together with his old friend, Dr Hansard, he pledges to expose the truth - though it means uncovering secrets the hostile villagers would prefer to keep hidden. Questioning the offended and resentful gentry as well, the pair hears whispers of Satanism, unsavoury pasts, and sinister obsessions. Before long, an attempt is made to silence their enquiries; Tobias, injured but no less determined, realises he must be close to the truth if someone wants him dead. With friends and colleagues either unable or unwilling to help, Tobias is forced to confront his own demons, and ask for help from the last person on earth he wants to meet again...

Bitter Almonds
  • 9781785412004
  • 01-06-2016
Bitter Almonds (Hardcover)
Lilas Taha

Omar is an orphaned Palestinian born into chaos, displaced by violence, and driven by forces beyond his control to find his place in the world. He only has one thing to hold on to: a love that propels him forward and gives him hope. Nadia is maturing into womanhood in a refugee community in Damascus. She tries hard to cope with the tough realities of her world, but she is confronted with a cruel load thrust upon her by a selfish brother. Will she break out of her traditional social mould to create her own destiny?

The School Gate Survival Guide
  • 9781785411458
  • 01-02-2016
The School Gate Survival Guide (Hardcover)
Kerry Fisher

Maia Etxeleku is a cleaner for ladies who lunch. With mop and bucket in tow, she spends her days dashing from house to house cleaning up after them, as they rush from one exhausting Pilates class to the next. But an unusual inheritance catapults her and her children into the very exclusive world of Stirling Hall School - a place where no child can survive without organic apricots and no woman goes a week without a manicure. As Maia and her children, Bronte and Harley, try to settle into their new life, she is inadvertently drawn to the one man who can help her family fit in. But is his interest in her purely professional? And will it win her any favours at the school gate?

  • 9780750541923
  • 01-01-2016
Mist (Hardcover)
Mary Fitzgerald

Lark has been wandering the country for many years, with no real place to call home. Then she meets Matthew Williams, a Canadian who has inherited a run-down hill farm in North Wales. Young and enthusiastic, Matthew has no knowledge of farming and no experience of living in the countryside. Entranced by the beauty and wildness of the place, Lark agrees to help, and together they throw themselves into getting the farm onto its feet. Until a terrible accident brings Matthew's father over from Canada, and suddenly none of their lives will be the same.

Fetch Nurse Connie
  • 9780750541732
  • 01-12-2015
Fetch Nurse Connie (Hardcover)
Jean Fullerton

Connie Byrne, a nurse in London's East End, working alongside Millie Sullivan from Call Nurse Millie, is planning her wedding to Charlie Ross, set to take place as soon as he returns from the war. But when she meets him off the train at London Bridge, she finds that his homecoming isn't going to go according to plan. Connie's busy professional life, and the larger-than-life patients offer a welcome distraction, but for how long?

Tell The Girl
  • 9781444826326
  • 01-12-2015
Tell The Girl (Hardcover)
Sandra Howard

Married four times, Susannah Forbes once had an enviably starry career as a top model, mixing with luminaries and legends like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and JFK. Her last marriage left her extremely well-off, and she is discovering that life as a rich, sought-after, still-beautiful widow has its compensations. Now, with an instinctive eye for colour and design, she finds herself in constant demand as an interior decorator. Offered a commission by a recently divorced American to make over his lavish Long Island home, Susannah accepts, bringing as her assistant a young divorcee, Daisy Mitchell. But below the surface, insecurity and infidelity are rife...

The Night Falling
  • 9781444826418
  • 01-12-2015
The Night Falling (Hardcover)
Katherine Webb

Puglia, Italy, 1921: Leandro returns home, now a rich man with a glamorous American wife. But how did he get so wealthy - and what haunts his outwardly exuberant wife? Boyd, a quiet English architect, is hired to build Leandro's dreams. But why is he so afraid of Leandro? Clare, Boyd's diffident wife, is summoned to Puglia with her stepson. At first desperate to leave, she soon finds a compelling reason to stay. Ettore, starving, poor and grieving for his lost fiancee, is too proud to ask his Uncle Leandro for help - until events conspire to force his hand. Tensions are high as poverty leads veterans of the Great War to the brink of rebellion. And under the burning sky, a reckless love and a violent enmity will bring brutal truths to light...

The End Of A Journey
  • 9781445099811
  • 01-12-2015
The End Of A Journey (Softcover)
Grace Thompson

Zena Martin and her brother, Greg, are content with their lives and plans for their future: Zena and Jake Williams are about to announce their engagement, and Greg hopes to persuade Rose Conelly to meet his family and begin the next stage of their relationship. Then their father dies suddenly and secrets come to light that change everything. Zena begins to doubt her happiness with the kind-hearted Jake when his generosity is more for others than for her. Greg is distressed when Rose leaves the town without any explanation. But it is their mother's secret that is hardest to understand. And when everything is revealed and explanations are offered, what will be left of their once optimistic future?

This Little Piggy
  • 9781785411229
  • 01-12-2015
This Little Piggy (Hardcover)
Bea Davenport

It's the summer of 1984, and there is a sense of unease on the troubled Sweetmeadows estate. The residents are in shock after the suspicious death of a baby, and tension is growing due to the ongoing miners' strike. Journalist Clare Jackson follows the story as the police bungle the inquiry and struggle to contain the escalating violence. Haunted by a personal trauma she can't face up to, Clare is shadowed by nine-year-old Amy, a bright but neglected little girl who seems to know more about the incident than she's letting on. As the days go by and the killer is not found, Clare ignores warnings not to get too close to her stories - and, in doing so, puts her own life in jeopardy.

The Blackpool Highflyer
  • 9781785411236
  • 01-12-2015
The Blackpool Highflyer (Hardcover)
Andrew Martin

Assigned to drive holidaymakers to the seaside resort of Blackpool in the hot summer of 1905, Jim Stringer is happy to have left behind the grime and danger of life in London. But his dreams of beer and pretty women are soon shattered - when his high-speed train meets a huge millstone on the line. In the months that follow, as he hunts for the saboteur, Jim is drawn into a beguiling but dangerous world of eccentrics, conmen and cowards. From ventriloquists to funfair salesmen, ticket clerks to dandies, everyone is a suspect...

Sidney Chambers And The Forgiveness Of Sins
  • 9781785411250
  • 01-12-2015
Sidney Chambers And The Forgiveness Of Sins (Hardcover)
James Runcie

Six new stories about the full-time priest and part-time detective, set in 1960s Cambridge. On a snowy Thursday morning in Lent 1964, a stranger seeks sanctuary in Grantchester's church, convinced he has murdered his wife... Sidney attends a shooting weekend in the country with his wife Hildegard, where they find their hostess has a sinister burn on her neck... A firm of removal men "accidentally" drops a Steinway piano on a musician's head outside a Cambridge college... Sidney's friend Amanda receives threatening pen letters when at last she appears to be approaching matrimony... During a cricket match, a group of schoolboys blow up their school's science block... And on a family holiday in Florence, Sidney is accused of the theft of a priceless painting.

Lacey's House
  • 9781444825947
  • 01-11-2015
Lacey's House (Hardcover)
Joanne Graham

Lacey Carmichael leads a solitary life. To her neighbours she is the mad old woman who lives at the end of the lane, crazy but harmless - until she is arrested on suspicion of murder... When Rachel Moore arrives in the village, escaping her own demons, the two women form an unlikely bond. Unravelling to each other tales of loss and heartache, they become friends. Rachel sees beyond the rumours, believing in Lacey's innocence; but as details of the older woman's life are revealed - some of them monstrous, from a past filled with the ignorance and cruelty of others - Rachel is left questioning where the truth really lies.

The Beach Hut Next Door
  • 9781444825268
  • 01-09-2015
The Beach Hut Next Door (Hardcover)
Veronica Henry

Summer appeared from nowhere that year in Everdene; and for those lucky enough to own one of the beach huts, this was the summer of their dreams. For Elodie, returning to Everdene means reawakening the memories of one summer fifty years ago. A summer when everything changed... Vince and his brother are struggling to come to terms with the death of their father, but they have very different ways of coping... And for Jenna, determined to put the past behind her, the opportunity to become the 'Ice-Cream Girl' once again might just turn her life around. But this summer is not all sunshine and surf - as secrets unfold, and some lives are changed forever...

First We Take Manhattan
  • 9781445099019
  • 01-09-2015
First We Take Manhattan (Softcover)
Colette Caddle

After graduating in millinery, identical twins, Sinead and Sheila Fields, open their own hat shop. It's only a small business, until a glamorous young actress buys one of their hats and wears it to the BAFTAs. Suddenly, success seems guaranteed. Then tragedy strikes when Sheila disappears and is presumed dead. After months of desolation, Sinead is just beginning to come to terms with her loss when there is a sighting of her sister. She is filled with excitement but also haunted by questions. Why would Sheila have deserted her twin without a word?

The Make-Up Girl
  • 9781785410895
  • 01-09-2015
The Make-Up Girl (Hardcover)
Andrea Semple

Faith works in a fabulous PR company, has loads of gorgeous, glamorous friends and, best of all, a handsome boyfriend. He never wants to watch the football, and thinks Faith is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. The only problem is, he doesn't exist. Faith has made him up, just like she's made up her perfect life. It's what she does. She's a single, lonely, low-paid make-up girl, and it's far too late to tell her family the depressing truth. Except that her sister has just got engaged, which means she's finally run out of reasons why her family can't meet her perfect, imaginary man. It's time to turn fantasy into reality...