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The Wagging Tails Dogs' Home
  • 9781805490487
  • 31-05-2023
The Wagging Tails Dogs' Home (Softcover)
Sarah Hope

Life could not be busier for Ginny and the team at Wagging Tails. The annual dog show is looming, a crucial event when it comes to fundraising and ensuring the volunteers can continue the brilliant work they do. But their trusted newspaper reporter, who always includes them in his weekly column, is retiring, only to be replaced with a city-slicker named Darryl. And Darryl, as Ginny soon learns, has no interest in articles he deems 'below him'. Not one to take no as an answer, Ginny becomes determined to get him to meet the dogs themselves. One look at their cute faces and they'll worm their way into his heart. But what Ginny doesn't anticipate is that Darryl might be more open-hearted than he seems. And inviting him to the dogs' home might be the best decision she ever made - even if she doesn't realise it at first!

A Vintage Vacation
  • 9781804837108
  • 30-05-2023
A Vintage Vacation (Softcover)
Maddie Please

Clover Harrington might be sixty-one, but she's still bossing it in the corporate world and can still run rings around her younger colleagues. And then she is made redundant... Devastated and now suddenly the wrong side of sixty Clover doesn't know what to do with her life or her corporate wardrobe! What does she wear if not red lippy and a power suit?! Rather than offer her any support, her partner, Jack announces he's off on a golfing weekend, leaving Clover completely adrift. Desperate to get away from it all, Clover decides to visit her cousin Zoe at her small taverna in the gorgeous Italian Lakes. There she can rest and recuperate and plan the next stage of her life. Until Clover's eighty-year-old mother, Eleanor decides to turn up for the holiday too! Instead of gentle ambles around the lake, Eleanor seems more interested in late night poker and swigging Prosecco and Clover can't quite believe her mum is having more fun than she is. But as the saying goes - if you can't beat em, join em! But is Clover brave enough to live La Dolce Vita?

The Woman At Number 19
  • 9781805491484
  • 29-05-2023
The Woman At Number 19 (Softcover)
J.A. Baker

Esther lost her husband, Julian, and her children, Harriet and Dexter, in a car accident and is struggling with her grief. Spurred on by her own loneliness and a need to make amends for not being able to save her own children, Esther takes it upon herself to watch the woman who lives at number 19... But when unexplainable incidents begin to happen in Esther's house, she begins to fear for her own safety. Meanwhile, over at number 19, the woman's behaviour is becoming more explosive and unpredictable. As Esther starts to lose her grip on reality, her world begins to unravel. Just who is this strange woman at number 19? And why is Esther so obsessed with her?

The Other Mother
  • 9781805491606
  • 29-05-2023
The Other Mother (Softcover)
J.A. Baker

Three troubled women. One deadly secret. Lissy and her daughter, Rosie, live a quiet life and keep themselves to themselves. But when shocking events at Rosie's school are revealed, their peaceful existence is shattered. Meanwhile, middle-aged women Erica and Beverley appear to have perfect lives, but behind closed doors, things are not all as they seem. All three women are tied together by a terrible secret from their past - the murder of a child. And one of the women is to blame. But is the person responsible the same person who was blamed all those years ago? As the truth slowly begins to surface, it becomes clear that one of the women has revenge in their sights...

The Perfect Husband
  • 9781837510993
  • 26-05-2023
The Perfect Husband (Softcover)
Danielle Ramsay

How do you know if you've married the wrong person? It was a whirlwind romance and we had the perfect relationship. He was my dream partner, loving, caring, attentive...until the day I married him and things became toxic. I spent my wedding night in A&E with an 'unexplained' broken wrist - but I knew what happened... My romantic illusions shattered. My fear of the future heightened. The man I had fallen in love with wasn't the man I married. And that was just the start of things to come. Quickly things escalated. He isolated me from family and friends, and with no one to turn to, he began to control every part of my life. I tried to escape, but he watched my every move. Until one day he went too far, and I found my strength to fight back. I no longer wanted to be a victim. I wanted to live. I wanted my life back. But at what cost? In sickness and in health and till death us do part...

The Sugar Merchant's Wife
  • 9781837518210
  • 25-05-2023
The Sugar Merchant's Wife (Softcover)
Lizzie Lane

In the face of changing fortunes, the Strong family must unite to keep their wealth and status...or risk losing it all. As Cholera sweeps through the streets of Bristol, no one is immune. Blanche and her husband Conrad Heinkel, sugar merchant and master sugar baker, are devastated when their seven-year-old daughter Anne, is taken by the deadly disease. Lost in her own immense grief, her childhood sweetheart Tom Strong, is the only man who can heal Blanche's terrible hurt and reignite the passion for life and love that has died within her. But Horatia Strong, daughter of the eldest Strong son, has her sights on grabbing power of the Strong family dynasty. Ambitious and more ruthless than most women, she is still desperately in love with her adoptive cousin, Tom, despite his humble birth. As her brother Nelson succumbs to his opium habit, Horatia, believes that only Tom can give her the wealth and strength to take the family businesses to new heights. Will Tom be able to leave his romantic history with Blanche behind for the sake of the Strong family? Or will Blanche and Tom get their happy ending they deserve?

Secrets Of The Past
  • 9781837518319
  • 25-05-2023
Secrets Of The Past (Softcover)
Lizzie Lane

The Strong family has survived against all odds, but their greatest test is still to come. After a seemingly endless labour, Horatia Strong is delighted to announce that she's given her husband, Tom, a much-needed son and heir to the entire Strong fortune. But the birth of the child is soon shrouded in secrets and Horatia will do anything to keep the truth from her husband - it could destroy the Strong family completely. Tom's enduring love for Blanche is still as deep as ever, but his marriage to Horatia is the only thing keeping the Strong family - and his new baby son - from destitution. Can he really risk their safety for passion? But, Horatia's jealousy knows no bounds and she is not prepared to play second fiddle to anyone, especially Blanche and is determined to hold onto Tom. Locked in a powerful emotional love triangle, will Tom stand by his wife as her mistakes of the past come to light or will his anger outweigh anything he ever felt for both her and the Strong family and ruin everything they have?

Daughter Of Destiny
  • 9781837518524
  • 25-05-2023
Daughter Of Destiny (Softcover)
Lizzie Lane

Barbados 1818. One fateful night, a terrible tragedy occurs at the Strong family sugar plantation on the paradise island of Barbados. The Strong family quickly move to keep the shocking event a secret. But secrets can't stay hidden forever... Twenty-two years later Blanche Strong, the living, breathing proof of that night, is left following her mother's sudden death. Now, alone in the world Blanche is determined to get answers about her past. Otis Strong, the second eldest son of the Strong Sugar dynasty arranges for Blanche to travel to Bristol and be installed in the Strong family home at Marstone House, where they can keep her under their watchful eye. Lulled into a false sense of security and harbouring her own suspicions surrounding her parentage, Blanche dreams that she will be acknowledged as the daughter of one of the three sons. But her hopes are dashed when on arrival she is treated as nothing more than a servant. Only her friend, Captain Tom Strong, adopted son of Jeb Strong, youngest of the three brothers, shows her any kindness. Whoever her father is remains a secret. One of many that the Strong family wish to keep to themselves.

  • 9781801629522
  • 24-05-2023
Revenge (Softcover)
Kerry Kaya

Damage will be done... After the brutal gangland murder of her husband Terry, Tracey Tempest just wants to move on. She'll never get over Terry's betrayal, but she's determined his shady past won't spoil life for her and her beloved boys Ricky and Jamie. Max Hardcastle just wants a quiet life and to maybe see how things go between him and Tracey. He knows she's been hurt in the past, but he's nothing like Terry and he'll do anything to keep Tracey happy and safe. But some people have other ideas. When Max's car garage is torched, he's certain someone still has a grudge to settle. And when the Tempest boys discover one last secret Terry's been keeping, the fallout could tear their family apart.

Hard Times On Weaver Street
  • 9781802809510
  • 23-05-2023
Hard Times On Weaver Street (Softcover)
Chrissie Walsh

As Liverpool and its residents begin to heal from the wounds and memories of World War I, life on Weaver Street in 1924 is blessedly peaceful. At number eleven, widow Kitty Conlon is dreaming about her upcoming wedding to John, while at number nine her best friend Maggie is cursing her bad luck as she juggles the demands of her cantankerous mother, stroppy daughter and fly-by-night beau. At number fifteen, Mavis has a mysterious new lodger, while further along the street the O'Malley family are missing their beloved Ireland. But as the Depression begins to bite, and the arrival of the Muller family on Weaver Street signals the worrying drumbeats of conflict coming from Germany, the fragile happiness and peace Liverpool has been enjoying looks destined to end. And as the neighbours pull together in the toughest of times, the women on Weaver Street face the prospect of waving their menfolk off to war.

An Unsuitable Heiress
  • 9781804835357
  • 22-05-2023
An Unsuitable Heiress (Softcover)
Jane Dunn

'Do you realise, Corinna, just how hard it is for a young woman of irregular birth, without family, fortune or friends in the world? Marriage is the only way to get any chance of a life.' Following the death of her mother, Corinna Ormesby has lived a quiet life in the countryside with her cantankerous Cousin Agnes. Her father's identity has been a tantalising mystery, but now at nineteen Corinna knows that finding him may be her only way to avoid marriage to the odious Mr Beech. Deciding to head to London, Corinna dons a male disguise. Travelling alone as a young woman risks scandal and danger, but when, masquerading as a youth, she is befriended by three dashing blades, handsome and capable Alick Wolfe, dandy Ferdinand Shilton and the incorrigible Lord Purfoy, Corinna now has access to the male-only world of Regency England. And when she meets Alick's turbulent brother Darius, a betrayal of trust leads to deadly combat which only one of the brothers may survive. From gambling in gentleman's clubs to meeting the courtesans of Covent Garden, Corinna's country naivety soon falls away. But when she finds her father at last, learns the truth about her parentage and discovers her fortunes transformed, she must quickly decide how to reveal her true identity, while hoping that one young man in particular can see her for the beauty and Lady she really is.

Winter Whimsy On The Boardwalk
  • 9781804260784
  • 19-05-2023
Winter Whimsy On The Boardwalk (Softcover)
Georgina Troy

Zip up your puffer coat, winter has arrived! When Lexi Davies discovers that her father has sold the fishermen's cottages she runs as holiday lets and where she also lives, she is heartbroken. Then Oliver Whimsy arrives at the boardwalk and announces that he is the new owner and Lexi realises that the future she was looking forward to enjoying at her cottages is over. Oliver might be handsome, wealthy and very sexy, but he's new to the island and has already made a terrible impression on the locals. When the Scottish entrepreneur offers Lexi a job, she's unsure whether she should accept. Unfortunately, she has little alternative if she wants to keep a roof over her head for the winter. As Lexi gets to know him better, she discovers there's far more to Oliver Whimsy than she or anyone else had imagined. Just what is the heartache Oliver's trying so desperately to hide? And why was he so determined to buy the cottages? Lexi wants to find out, but in order to do so she's going to have to spend rather a lot of time with him...

Savage Sisters
  • 9781804151914
  • 18-05-2023
Savage Sisters (Softcover)
Heather Atkinson

Jane, Carly and Rose Savage are savage by name, savage by nature. Having lost their mum too young, and with a bedridden father too ill to work, the sisters learnt early to stand on their own two feet. The family's flat in the rough streets of Glasgow's Haghill is their fortress, but when Carly's ex-boyfriend Cole Alexander is released from prison, trouble soon comes knocking at their door. The Alexanders have beef with the Savages, so the girls call for back up in the shape of their uncle Eddie and his two gorgeous but dangerous sons, Harry and Dean. As a turf war breaks out, the Savage sisters have choices to make. Stick to the straight and narrow or fight for what they deserve? And when the vicious girl gang Jane used to lead, the Unbeatable Bitches, are thrown into the mix, their minds might be made up for them. Because once a Savage always a Savage, and when the chips are down, there's no one more deadly than a Savage sister.

A Mother's War
  • 9781837515288
  • 17-05-2023
A Mother's War (Softcover)
Helen Parusel

A forbidden romance in occupied Norway... Narvik, 1940. After Laila awakens to the sight of warships in the fjord, it isn't long before she turns resistor to the brutal Nazi regime. She is horrified when local girls begin affairs with enemy soldiers, yet against her own principles, she finds herself falling in love with German soldier, Josef. Josef is not like the others. He becomes involved in helping her and the locals with resistance activities, risking his life on more than one occasion. But then Laila finds out she is pregnant. With Josef sent to the Russian front, and Laila cast out by her family, she turns to a home for women which promises to care for her and her unborn child. But instead, she finds herself caught in a system of evil far beyond what she thought possible...

The Memory Of You
  • 9781804154274
  • 16-05-2023
The Memory Of You (Softcover)
Samantha Tonge

Alex would like to believe she's a woman who has it all. Or that's what she tells everyone, including herself. But this is far from true. Actually she's on the cusp of losing her home, her dream career as a writer is in tatters, her ex won't speak to her, and her mother's gone forever. But then a chance meeting with a stranger named Hope gives her the opportunity of a lifetime, when Hope jokes that perhaps Alex should take over her job in a café while she goes travelling. Just at that moment, it sounds like the answer to all her problems. So Alex persuades Hope to let her step into her shoes for a month. She brushes away Hope's attempts to explain about the café, instead demanding to know more about the owner Tom. But she should have asked to know more. Because the 'Wrong Order Café' isn't like anywhere she's ever been before. And Alex's life is about to change forever...

A Taste Of Italian Sunshine
  • 9781804158432
  • 12-05-2023
A Taste Of Italian Sunshine (Softcover)
Leonie Mack

Jenn has always prided herself on being a city girl - she insists on easy access to good coffee, great food from around the globe, not to mention an easy commute. So, when her job takes her to one of the most famous Italian wine regions in search of the perfect Prosecco, travelling to meetings on a tractor is a bit of a culture shock. Tiziano hates the city. He was made for the mountains and vineyards of Veneto, and generations of his family have earnt their living from the land. But times are changing even in the Italian countryside, and the arrival of Jenn at his grandmother's B&B opens up a window on a different world. Jenn has two months to persuade the Prosecco producers to trust her with their business, and Tiziano has one summer to persuade Jenn that there's more to life than the rat race. But can a city girl and a country boy ever find enough in common to see a future beyond one long summer of sun...

The Body At Carnival Bridge
  • 9781837510597
  • 11-05-2023
The Body At Carnival Bridge (Softcover)
Michelle Salter

How deadly is the fight for equality? It's 1922, and after spending a year travelling through Europe, Iris Woodmore returns home to find a changed Walden. Wealthy businesswoman Constance Timpson has introduced equal pay in her factories and allows women to retain their jobs after they marry. But these radical new working practices have made her deadly enemies. A mysterious sniper fires a single shot at Constance - is it a warning, or did they shoot to kill? When one of her female employees is murdered, it's clear the threat is all too real - and it's not just Constance in danger. As amateur sleuth Iris investigates, she realises the sniper isn't the only hidden enemy preying on women.

A Contest To Kill For
  • 9781804835760
  • 10-05-2023
A Contest To Kill For (Softcover)
E.V. Hunter

The competition is fierce... Desperate to rebuild the reputation of Hopgood Hall, owners Alexi Ellis and Cheryl and Drew Hopgood agree to host a reality TV baking show, spearheaded by their arrogant but enigmatic head chef Marcel Gasquet. Hopefully the ratings will bring in bookings to the struggling hotel and Cosmo, Alexi's antisocial feral cat, is hoping to get a starring role too! The temperature is high... Fiery and hot-headed, Marcel's antics make for brilliant television, but off-screen trouble is brewing. One of the contestants, femme fatale Juliette Hammond, makes it clear that she will do anything to secure the winning prize - even if it means sweetening up the prima donna chef. The results are deadly! So when Juliette is found dead, all eyes turn to Marcel. Has his fiery temper got the better of him or has someone else fallen victim to Juliette's devious ways? With the reputation of the hotel in tatters and Marcel's liberty on the line, Alexi needs answers and fast. And the only person she can turn to for help is her old friend Jack Maddox. Jack can't refuse Alexi and he knows more than anyone that this murder could cost them everything!

You've Got This
  • 9781801626521
  • 09-05-2023
You've Got This (Softcover)
Maxine Morrey

To find true love, first you have to truly love yourself... Fleur French does not have the best of luck when it comes to life and love, and her current boyfriend Jasper is yet another person who only seems to like Fleur when she moulds herself into his idea of the perfect partner. So, when she finds herself single, jobless and homeless, Fleur has to decide if she's ready to finally be herself - if only she knew who that was. Matt Morgan saw things he'll never forget when he was deployed in the military, but now back home in Wales, the recuperative powers of the stunning countryside are working their magic. And when Fleur takes a job at his mother's hotel, Matt senses she could benefit from that same magic - if only Fleur realised it too. It's hard to be yourself, when you've never felt you quite fitted in. But with new days come new opportunities, and as Fleur begins to flourish and find out who she really is, her luck in love might be about to change too.

The Sandycove Sunset Swimmers
  • 9781804269947
  • 08-05-2023
The Sandycove Sunset Swimmers (Softcover)
Sian O'Gorman

Can learning to say 'yes' change your life? When Cat Jones is given the opportunity of a lifetime to present one of Ireland's most popular live daytime shows, alongside TV royalty David Fitzgerald she isn't sure she is ready for the challenge. But after being pushed by her mother's friend Lorraine to say 'yes' to everything for a month, she reluctantly agrees. What follows is a whirlwind of opportunities where Cat is forced outside her comfort zone with varying degrees of success. Once she accepts the challenge to take the plunge with the eclectic sea swimming tribe The Forty Footers in Dublin Bay, she never looks back. She is warmly welcomed into their lives, and learns to find reserves of strength she never knew existed which helps her deal with a toxic ex, and a growing attraction for a handsome TV executive. With best friends, Becca and Sinead also in need of a re-boot, can Cat empower them to choose 'risk and adventure' or will they go back to their old, safe lives? Say 'yes' and your whole life will open up in wonderful ways...

The Godmother
  • 9781838896348
  • 05-05-2023
The Godmother (Softcover)
Amanda Brookfield

'Stop trying to be brave all the time, Rachel. Fear is a necessary part of being alive. Sometimes we have to let it show. We have to own up to it or it drives us mad.' Rachel Elliot is single and attractive, a director of a successful advertising agency, with a handsome lover, close friends, and a clutch of beloved godchildren. But as her fortieth birthday approaches, so does a whispering fear that she might have missed the point... Almost imperceptibly over the years her friends and contemporaries have settled down and started families. Rather less subtly her parents have been urging Rachel to do the same. Managing a shocking incident at work is soon taking up all her energies and she adores her godchildren. So, is a child of her own what she really wants? Or is motherhood just what everyone else wants for her? If she picks the wrong path, there will be no turning back...

  • 9781805495390
  • 04-05-2023
Adrift (Softcover)
M.A. Hunter

A stag do, six old friends...and a secret they'd all kill to protect. When Pete and his friends set sail on a private yacht in the Balearics to celebrate Fergus' upcoming wedding, they're all looking forward to sun, sea and copious quantities of alcohol. But there's a reason they are still entwined in each other's lives a decade after leaving university. A terrible event they've all been trying their hardest to forget. They say you can't outrun the past... And these six friends are about to find that out the hard way.

Eagle Of Mercia
  • 9781802807837
  • 03-05-2023
Eagle Of Mercia (Softcover)
MJ Porter

A mercy mission in the heart of Wessex is beset with deadly, bloody dangers. Tamworth AD831 Icel's profile continues to rise. Lord of Budworth and warrior of Mercia, he's acknowledged by King Wiglaf and his comrades to keep Mercia safe from the ravages of Wessex, the king-slayer of the East Angles, and the Viking raiders. But, danger looms. Alongside Spring's arrival comes the almost certain threat of the Viking raiders return. When Lord Coenwulf of Kingsholm is apprehended by a Viking and held captive on the Isle of Sheppey in Wessex held Kent, Icel is implored by Lady Cynehild to rescue her husband. To rescue Lord Coenwulf, Icel and his fellow warriors must risk themselves twice over, for not only must they overpower the Viking raiders, they must also counter the threat of Mercia's ancient enemy, the kingdom of Wessex as they travel through their lands. Far from home and threatened on all sides, have Icel and his fellow warriors sworn to carry out an impossible duty?

One Moment In Time
  • 9781804268711
  • 02-05-2023
One Moment In Time (Softcover)
Shari Low

Sometimes the best surprises reveal the most shocking secrets. After three decades of marriage, Brenda Jones has decided to leave her husband, just as soon as they both return from a mystery trip with their daughter Zara. But she has no idea that Zara is flying them to Las Vegas to renew their vows. Zara Jones has recreated almost every detail of her parent's original wedding - now her only challenge is tracking down the two friends who were pictured with her mum and dad back in 1993. Aiden Gregg is dealing with his own relationship woes when he receives an unexpected message from a complete stranger. With the help of Facebook, Zara has tracked him down and is asking if his parents are the other couple in the old photo? And if so, could he bring them to Vegas for a surprise reunion? What Zara and Aiden don't know is that thirty years ago, One Moment In Time changed everything. Will rewinding the clock right the wrongs of the past? Or are they all counting down to a rendezvous with disaster?