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East Yorkshire Folk Tales
  • 9780750964401
  • 15-04-2015
East Yorkshire Folk Tales (Ebook)
Ingrid Barton

East Yorkshire is ripe with tales of fairy gold and illusive characters. The county's folklore is engrained in every port, cliff and bridge, passed on through whispered accounts of witches long dead, legends of strange creatures or the bawdy tales of adventuring heroes. Filey Brigg was once a dragon, the people of Skinningrove held a merman captive, and Eskdale s Beggar's Bridge holds a love story in its history. By night a mysterious traveller stalked Bowes Moor, with a shrivelled Hand of Glory in his grasp... These engaging stories, brought to life with charming illustrations, will be enjoyed by readers time and again.

Peterborough in 100 Dates
  • 9780750963268
  • 15-03-2015
Peterborough in 100 Dates (Ebook)
Jean Hooper

Experience 100 key dates that shaped Peterborough's history, highlighted its people's genius (or silliness) and embraced the unexpected. Featuringan amazing mix of social, criminal andsporting events, this book reveals a past that will fascinate, delight and surprise both residents and visitors of the city.

Bloody British History Cambridge
  • 9780750963275
  • 15-03-2015
Bloody British History Cambridge (Ebook)
David Barrowclough

CONTAINING: DEATH to students: The WEIRD ORIGINS of the University! A PLAGUE on BOTH YOUR PARISHES: BLACK DEATH in Cambridge s streets! OFF WITH HIS HEAD: The bizarre true story of OLIVER CROMWELL'S TRAVELLING SKULL! GAS! GAS! THE SECRET RESEARCH TEAM behind WWI s DEADLIEST WEAPON! THE FIFTH MAN: The truth about the CAMBRIDGE FIVE, the Soviet spies who studied! Cambridge has some of the most violent history ever recorded. From invading hordes of Vikings, Saxons and Normans to the secret Allied plans of the Second World War, it will thrill, disgust and delight in equal measure!

The P G Wodehouse Miscellany
  • 9780750963305
  • 15-03-2015
The P G Wodehouse Miscellany (Ebook)
NTP Murphy

P.G. Wodehouse saw his first article published when still at school, and went on to become the leading humour writer of the twentieth century. He created characters famous across the English-speaking world, such as Rupert Psmith, Stanley Ukridge, Uncle Fred, the inhabitants of the Drones Club, Bertie Wooster and Jeeves, and Lord Emsworth and his beloved Empress, all of whom remain as popular today as they were when they first appeared all those years ago. But behind all the brilliant metaphors that make us laugh out loud, there is a surprising background of reality. Wodehouse didn't create his stories from scratch; he used real settings and exaggerated the characteristics of people he knew. With examples of Wodehouse s unique imagery, the P.G. Wodehouse Miscellany follows the development and progress of his legendary characters, tells us where Wodehouse got his ideas from and demonstrates why his admirers included Bertrand Russell, Berthold Brecht, George Orwell, Rudyard Kipling and the Kaiser. This informative little miscellany will be a must for all fans of P.G. Wodehouse.

Verneuil 1424 The Second Agincourt
  • 9780750963350
  • 15-03-2015
Verneuil 1424 The Second Agincourt (Ebook)
Richard Wadge

In August 1424 the armies of England, Scotland and France met in the open fields outside the walls of Verneuil in a battle that would decide the future of the English conquests in France. The hero king Henry V had been dead for two years and the French felt that this was their chance to avenge their startling defeat at Agincourt, and recover the lands that Henry had won from them. Despite its importance, the battle of Verneuil is largely overlooked in accounts of the Hundred Years War, and this book is the first proper account of the battle and its significance. It is also one of the first books to outline the important part the Scots played in the wars in France in the years between the two great battles of Agincourt and Verneuil.

Swansea in 100 Dates
  • 9780750963404
  • 15-03-2015
Swansea in 100 Dates (Ebook)
Geoff Brookes

Experience 100 key dates that shaped Swansea's history, highlighted its people's genius (or silliness) and embraced the unexpected. Featuring an amazing mix of social, criminal and sporting events, this book reveals a past that will fascinate, delight and even shock both residents and visitors of the city.

Never Mind the Tartan Army
  • 9780750963442
  • 15-03-2015
Never Mind the Tartan Army (Ebook)
David Potter

Here is the ultimate quiz book on Scotland's national team. Informative and fun, this is the perfect companion for those long car journeys to Inverness or Aberdeen, or for nights down the local. An ideal gift for Tartan fans of all ages, here?s the chance to test fellow supporters on World Cups, famous games against England, favourite managers and cult heroes, including R.S. McColl, Jimmy Quinn, Jimmy McGrory and Kenny Dalglish. Cryptic to convivial, get your Tartan thinking caps on - it's quiz time!

Essex Land Girls
  • 9780750963473
  • 15-03-2015
Essex Land Girls (Ebook)
Dee Gordon

As much as 70 per cent of Essex is agricultural, and given its proximity to the capital it is not surprising that so many members of the Women's Land Army found themselves on Essex farms and in Essex fields during the two world wars, doing their bit to make sure that Britain did not starve.This book not only includes interviews with some of the last surviving land 'girls' but also contains a wealth of material unearthed in diaries, letters and in the stories handed down from one generation to the next about women in Essex who were, literally, wearing the trousers. They were not all local girls, and many arrived from the cities never having seen a cow or a tractor before. But the British spirit persevered, and the wit and camaraderie that served us so well during those tumultuous years shines through in every story.

British Leyland Motor Corporation 1968-2005
  • 9780750963497
  • 15-03-2015
British Leyland Motor Corporation 1968-2005 (Ebook)
Mike Carver

British Leyland Motor Corporation, formed in the wake of the post-war manufacturing boom, brought together almost all the British-owned car and commercial vehicle companies that then existed. At the head of the sixth largest car manufacturer in the world, its management confidently expected to give the United Kingdom a leading place in the global motor industry. Their catastrophic failure was one of the biggest and most disappointing disasters in British industrial history. From their unique insider perspective, three former employees of the brand reveal how and why, despite producing profitable marques such as Jaguar, Rover and Land Rover, as well as the iconic best-selling Mini, British Leyland came to its sad end...

Railways of the North Pennines
  • 9780750963503
  • 15-03-2015
Railways of the North Pennines (Ebook)
DrTom Bell

This illustrated history describes how the two pioneering railways of northern England, the Stockton and Darlington and Newcastle and Carlisle railways, developed from unsuccessful canal proposals and how they, with the ill-fated Stanhope and Tyne Railway, initiated the development of the railway system that served the North Pennine Orefield. It reveals the public and private railways, as well as proposed lines, and the recovery and extensions of the Stockton and Darlington Railway until the North Eastern Railway took over in the early 1860s. Dr Tom Bell's impressive research also explores the subsequent slow but continuous decline as the minerals became exhausted, to the situation today when all that is left are three different tourist lines, one of which is trying to revive the mineral traffic.

An Ornament to the City
  • 9780750963886
  • 15-03-2015
An Ornament to the City (Ebook)
Patricia Curtin-Kelly

The planning of Holy Trinity church in Cork City began in 1825, and the building was finally completed some sixty years later. The story of its completion mirrors the turbulent history of Ireland of the time, and the development of the cultural and civic life of the community, particularly in charting the life of its patron, Father Thobald Matthew and the important role of the Capuchin Order. In this new work, Patrica Curtin-Kelly chronicles the history of this journey and the contribution that it has made to the history of Cork City.

The Gaelic Games Quiz Book: Tyrone
  • 9780750963893
  • 15-03-2015
The Gaelic Games Quiz Book: Tyrone (Ebook)
Alan Rogers

This is the ultimate quiz book on Tyrone GAA. An ideal gift for fans of all ages, this is your chance to interact with the counties long and eventful history in Gaelic football, hurling and camogie from early successes and classic matches to more recent glory and cult heroes. Informative and fun, it is the perfect companion for those long match-day trips up, down and across the country or for simply testing you and your mates knowledge of our illustrious club. From the obscure to the frivolous, the book is packed with 35 themed rounds of questions designed to entertain and amuse all Tyone supporters. So get your thinking caps on it's quiz time!

Chichester in the 1960s
  • 9780750963251
  • 15-02-2015
Chichester in the 1960s (Ebook)
AlanHJ Green

Chichester is the archetypal Georgian town, with streets of elegant buildings gathered closely around the ancient cathedral. It usually appears to today's first-time visitor that the city has been largely untouched by the hand of time - particularly the destructive hand that guided the 1960s. However, this is not the case: in the 1960s, Chichester faced the same challenges as all historic towns, and much was lost - but the brakes were applied in good time and it became one of the first conservation areas in the country. This book, the first of its kind, looks at how Chichester fared in that turbulent decade, how it gained its status as a city of culture with a new theatre and museum, and how it expanded to meet the demands of its growing populace. Historical research blends with personal anecdote to produce a heartfelt portrait of the decade.

The Betrayal of Richard III
  • 9780750963329
  • 15-02-2015
The Betrayal of Richard III (Ebook)
VB Lamb

In this classic work, Peter Hammond and the late V.B. Lamb survey the life and times of Richard III and examine the contemporary evidence for the events of his reign, tracing the origins of the traditional version of his career as a murderous tyrant and its development since his death. The evident grief of the citizens of York on hearing of the death of Richard III recording in the Council Minutes that he had been 'piteously slane and murdered to the Grete hevynesse of this citie' is hardly consistent with the view of the archetypal wicked uncle who murdered his nephews, the Princes in the Tower, and there is an extraordinary discrepancy between this monster and the man as he is revealed by contemporary records. An ideal introduction to one of the greatest mysteries of English history, this new edition is revised by Peter Hammond and includes an introduction and notes.

Operation Neptune
  • 9780750954815
  • 15-02-2014
Operation Neptune (Ebook)
David Wragg

Long-awaited, the Normandy landings were the largest amphibious operation in history. Success was achieved by the advent of specialised landing craft - first seen in the landings in North Africa - heavy naval firepower and the creation of two artificial harbours, each the size of the port of Dover, and an underwater pipeline. Operation Neptune: The Prelude to D-Day tells the story of this incredible feat using eyewitness accounts of the landings and the breaching of Hitler's famed 'Atlantic Wall'. David Wragg explores the earlier Allied and Axis experiences with amphibious operations and the planning for Neptune and Overlord. He reveals the naval support needed once the armies were ashore and before continental ports could be captured and cleared of mines, with operations such as minesweeping off the Normandy coast, which led to one of the worst 'friendly fire' incidents of the war. This is the must-read book to understand what made D-Day possible.

Old East Enders
  • 9780750956291
  • 01-11-2013
Old East Enders (Ebook)
Jane Cox

Old East Enders tells East London's story from Roman Shadwell to the present day, focusing on the little-told story of the medieval and early modern Tower Hamlets. Jane Cox, the former Principal Assistant Keeper of Public Records, is an experienced author and lecturer, and her immensely readable and entertaining new book takes in recent archaeological research and a whole range of new record research. A wide range of fascinating and in some cases previously unpublished illustrations further enliven the text, which illuminates the history of this part of London as never before.

Michael Elphick
  • 9780750951647
  • 01-10-2013
Michael Elphick (Ebook)
Kate Elphick

Michael Elphick was a young electrician working at the Chichester Theatre when he was discovered by Laurence Olivier, who arranged for him to join the Central School of Drama. It was here where he met Bruce Robinson, who would later cast him in one of the most popular British films of all time - Withnail and I. Elphick's illustrious career also included major supporting roles in films such as Quadrophenia, The Elephant Man, Gorky Park and Dennis Potter's Blue Remembered Hills. On television, there was Private Schultz and Boon, which gave his acolyte and friend, Neil Morrissey, his first starring role. One of his characters' owned houses in Coronation Street whilst another wooed Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders. However, Elphick's private life was every bit as varied as his acting career. Racked by alcoholism and devastated by the early death of his partner, Julia, Elphick died at the age of 55. And yet, his friends and family will always remember his hugely humorous personality, and everyone he met was left with a 'Mike Elphick story'... Foreword by Neil Morrissey

A Man Called Harris
  • 9780750951623
  • 01-09-2013
A Man Called Harris (Ebook)
Michael Sheridan

Richard Harris was a giant who oozed charisma on screen. But off screen he was troubled and addicted to every pleasure life could offer. Coming from a repressed Irish Catholic background, he was forced by a teenage illness to abandon his beloved rugby, but not his macho appetites. Discovering theatre saved him. He had found his calling. Despite marrying the daughter of a peer, he never tried to fit in. He was always a hell-raiser to the core, along with legendary buddies Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole. But he was more; he was a gifted poet and singer. He was an intelligent family man who took great interest in his craft, a Renaissance man of the film world. Every time his excesses threatened to kill his career - and himself - he rose magnificently from the ashes, first with an Oscar-winning performance as Bull McCabe in The Field, then in the Harry Potter franchise.

The Sketchbook War
  • 9780752493930
  • 01-06-2013
The Sketchbook War (Ebook)
Richard Knott

During the Second World War, British artists produced over 6,000 works of war art, the result of a government scheme partly designed to prevent the artists being killed. This book tells the story of nine courageous war artists who ventured closer to the front line than any others in their profession. Edward Ardizzone, Edward Bawden, Barnett Freedman, Anthony Gross, Thomas Hennell, Eric Ravilious, Albert Richards, Richard Seddon and John Worsley all travelled abroad into the dangers of war to chronicle events by painting them. They formed a close bond, yet two were torpedoed, two were taken prisoner and three died, two in 1945 when peacetime was at hand. Men who had previously made a comfortable living painting in studios were transformed by military uniforms and experiences that were to shape the rest of their lives, and their work significantly influenced the way in which we view war today. Portraying how war and art came together in a moving and dramatic way, and incorporating vivid examples of their paintings, this is the true story behind the war artists who fought, lived and died for their art on the front line of the Second World War.

The Passion for Pelargoniums
  • 9780752496061
  • 01-05-2013
The Passion for Pelargoniums (Ebook)
Anne Wilkinson

Quick and reliable to grow for summer colour, and well marketed, most gardeners will have at least one pelargonium in their garden or conservatory, without realising either the number or variety of species available, nor the plant's extraordinary history. The Passion for Pelargoniums reveals the fascinating and dramatic tales of those who have been involved in finding, classifying, collecting and breeding the plants. It explodes the myth that all modern versions of the plant are descended from the oldest known variety - the seventeenth-century drab-coloured P. triste, literally translated as the sad pelargonium, and reveals that 2,000 hybrids have been developed from less than a dozen plants originally imported from the East. From the contribution of L'Heritier, whom Sir Joseph Banks named 'an impudent Frenchman', to collectors like Masson and the Marquess of Blandford (known for his 'elegant emporium'), competing nurserymen determined to make both fortunes and reputations, and the burgeoning Victorian varieties as growers searched for the holy grail of the scarlet geranium, the book recounts the plant's extraordinary history. Today, while traditional white ones, doubles, 'nosegays' and 'rosebuds' still flourish, the 'lemon-scented geranium' is only one of a number of scented varieties, while pelargoniums can have flowers of pink, red, purple, yellow or black. This is the story of how the passion felt by gardeners for their plants stirred them to bitter rivalry and criminal obsession, scandal, fraud, and fast dealing, and saw polite society being rather less than polite.

Iga and Koka Ninja Skills
  • 9780752497327
  • 31-01-2013
Iga and Koka Ninja Skills (Ebook)
Antony Cummins

'A retainer of our domain, Renpeido Chikamatsu Hikonoshin Shigenori, each morning washed his face and hands, dressed himself in Hakama and prayed in front of the kamidana alter...His prayer was thus: "Please afford me success in war." He kept to this routine all through his life.' Through patient and scholarly detective work, Antony Cummins and the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team have unearthed a Shinobi treasure. The 18th-century military historian Chikamatsu recorded the oral traditions of the Ninja and passed on those skills in lectures he gave at his Renpeido school of war in Owari domain during the early 1700s. Chikamatsu wrote specifically about the Shinobi of Iga and Koka, regions from which warriors were hired all over the land in the days of war. The lost scrolls are filled with unknown Shinobi teachings, skills that include infiltration, assassination, explosives, magic and commando tactics, including an in depth commentary on Sun Tzu's famous 13th chapter, 'The Use of Spies'.

The Stuart Courts
  • 9780752486598
  • 30-05-2012
The Stuart Courts (Ebook)
Eveline Cruickshanks

The regal courts of the English Stuart Kings, from James I (1603-1625) to the ill-fated James II (1685-1689), were magnificent affairs. In a country otherwise given to increasingly austere Puritan ways of living, the royal court shone with a brilliance usually associated with the courts of the Catholic kings of mainland Europe. They were centres of great culture, patronage, ceremony and politics. The real importance of the courts, though down-played for many years, is now beginning to be fully recognised and this first major study of the Stuart courts in England, Scotland and Ireland examines them in their full cultural and historical context. Scholars of international reputation and up and coming, younger scholars have been brought together to give us an insight into many aspects of the Stuart courts. This book includes essays on culture and patronage of the arts and social history. What was it really like at the court? What rules applied? How did the courtiers behave? Finally, the crucial interplay between court life and political life, and politics, is examined in detail. This book is a major contribution to a flourishing area of scholarship and will be required reading for anyone interested in seventeenth-century history, court studies or the arts in the early modern period.

The Nelson Companion
  • 9780752495415
  • 08-03-2012
The Nelson Companion (Ebook)
Colin White

There are few figures in British history more famous and more influential than Vice-Admiral Horatio, Lord Nelson, KB. This book offers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the Nelson story. It is complemented by a gazetteer and chronology, together with over 100 illustrations and eight pages of colour plates.

The Palace and the Bunker
  • 9780752477817
  • 30-11-2011
The Palace and the Bunker (Ebook)
Frank Millard

The part played by the many German and Austrian royal families in opposing Hitler has hitherto been overlooked. Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia was deeply involved in the German resistance movement and was questioned by the Gestapo following the 20 July plot on Hitler's life; Otto von Habsburg, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was sentenced to death and escaped through Europe to America, where he helped coordinate attempts to liberate his homeland; his Hohenberg cousins (children of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand) were incarcerated in Dachau; Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria was exiled to Italy where he was pursued by the SS - his wife and children were captured and sent to concentration camps; the exiled Prince Hubertus zu Löwenstein travelled between the USA and Britain assembling German exiles into groups representing the real Germany - that could assume power when Hitler was defeated. The sweeping away of German and Austrian monarchs in 1918 made the rise of Hitler possible; their successors helped make possible his defeat.