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The Stolen Crown
  • 9781399158886
  • 18-05-2023
  • DL-OAK
The Stolen Crown (Audio Download)
Carol Mcgrath

When Princess Matilda is 18 years old, tragedy strikes the royal family, and she becomes the only child of the king of England - the de facto heir to the throne. As her dying father persuades the barons to pledge allegiance to her, Matilda returns to England - but the lords and clergy do not like an independent woman. And Matilda is nothing if not headstrong. . . When the old king dies, the country is plunged into instant chaos. So begins a fierce battle between cousins that will go down in history as a time called 'The Anarchy'. And Matilda must race across England, evading capture until she can demand the crown. . .

The Last Passenger
  • 9781399150071
  • 11-05-2023
The Last Passenger (Audio Download)
Will Dean

This was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime for Cas. Now she just needs to survive.

Music In The Dark
  • 9781399150972
  • 11-05-2023
Music In The Dark (Audio Download)
Sally Magnusson

1884. In a tenement room and kitchen in the town of Rutherglen, near Glasgow, a woman with stark injuries to her face and her mind, and a man who has recently arrived from America, spend the night together. As the night progresses, the couple discover that their past lives were once entwined in ways they hadn't realised, and that they are linked by a shared past; the eviction of Greenyards, Strathcarron in 1854. Separately and together the couple reflect on the shocking brutality of the glen's clearance 30 years earlier, exploring notions of love, commitment, trauma and happiness, and discovering what it means to take care of another person's soul.

Thirty Days Of Darkness
  • 9781399158749
  • 11-05-2023
  • DL-OAK
Thirty Days Of Darkness (Audio Download)
Jenny Lund Madsen

Copenhagen author Hannah is the darling of the literary community and her novels have achieved massive critical acclaim. But nobody actually reads them, and frustrated by writer's block, Hannah has the feeling that she's doing something wrong. When she expresses her contempt for genre fiction, Hanna is publicly challenged to write a crime novel in 30 days. Scared that she will lose face, she accepts, and her editor sends her to Húsafjöður; a quiet, tight-knit village in Iceland, filled with colourful local characters - for inspiration. But two days after her arrival, the body of a fisherman's young son is pulled from the water. . . and what begins as a search for plot material quickly turns into a messy and dangerous investigation that threatens to uncover secrets that put everything at risk. . . including Hannah.

Christmas With The Single Dad Doc
  • 9780263297102
  • 01-05-2023
Christmas With The Single Dad Doc (Hardcover)
Annie O'Neil

Can she prove to him... ...the magic of Christmas still exists? In this Carey Cove Midwives story, determined to forget her cheating ex, Kiara moves to a new job in Cornwall. She intends to throw herself into her favourite things: Christmas and midwifery! Working closely with widower GP Dr Lucas and meeting his little son Harry makes Kiara long to bring festive cheer - into their quiet lives. But she doesn't expect an innocent mistletoe kiss with this off-limits single dad to change everything...

Festive Fling To Forever
  • 9780263297119
  • 01-05-2023
Festive Fling To Forever (Hardcover)
Karin Baine

The paramedic's return... ...could turn her world upside down! In this Carey Cove Midwives story, daredevil helicopter paramedic Roman Callahan storms back into midwife Sophie's sheltered life, ten years after he left. The unquestionable chemistry between them is still there and giving into a one-off fling is inevitable. But after Christmas he's due to leave again... Sophie has spent a lifetime protecting her heart, is what they share worth taking her first ever risk on?

The Doctor's Christmas Homecoming
  • 9780263297126
  • 01-05-2023
The Doctor's Christmas Homecoming (Hardcover)
Alison Roberts

When running from her past... ...leads to an unexpected future! ER specialist Matilda Dawson is returning home. Her father is sick, and she's determined to prove she's settled and happy by accepting colleague Dr Harry Doyle's offer to come too - as her 'pretend' boyfriend! Harry has left his roots behind him, so with nowhere to go this year Christmas with Matilda's family could be fun! Except when the lines blur, feelings they didn't believe were possible make this homecoming hard to walk away from...

A Mistletoe Kiss In Manhattan
  • 9780263297133
  • 01-05-2023
A Mistletoe Kiss In Manhattan (Hardcover)
Traci Douglass

The surgeon Grinch who stole... ...her heart! Tasked with granting a sick child a special Christmas wish, ER nurse Emma Trudeau can think of no better person to help her pull it off than wealthy New York cardiothoracic surgeon Thad Markson. His reputation as a real-life Grinch precedes him, but Emma is undeterred! And, as much as Thad tries to resist Emma's persuasive charms, it's not long before she begins to melt his icy heart - with a magical kiss...

Snowbound With Her Off-Limits GP
  • 9780263297140
  • 01-05-2023
Snowbound With Her Off-Limits GP (Hardcover)
Annie Claydon

As the snow starts to fall... ...their connection heats up! Since she was forced to cancel her own wedding, Dr Eloise Grant has known that 'I do' can't guarantee love or happiness. So celebrating her grandfather's upcoming marriage at his beautiful Norfolk manor house is bittersweet. Especially as it involves meeting dark, equally hurt and brooding GP Sam Douglas. Yet when a blizzard sees them snowbound and working together, the connection between them quickly goes from frosty to flirtatious!

The Prince's One-Night Baby
  • 9780263297157
  • 01-05-2023
The Prince's One-Night Baby (Hardcover)
Juliette Hyland

A passionate encounter... ...with royal consequences! Meeting midwife Calla on his flight home makes Dr Kostas's long journey far more exciting. Especially when their instant attraction leads to a red-hot layover! But Kostas can only offer one night of pure passion. Because, unbeknownst to Calla, he's also a prince with no intention of inflicting the pressures of royal life on anyone again. So, it's a shock to discover they'll be colleagues at his new clinic and an even bigger shock is heading their way...

The Italian's Bride Worth Billions
  • 9780263307931
  • 01-05-2023
The Italian's Bride Worth Billions (Hardcover)
Lynne Graham

His ring will save her from ruin Her 'I do' will save him from scandal! Gianni Renzetti wastes no time planning the restoration of his reputation when the rumour mill threatens his position as CEO. Asking childhood friend Josephine Hamilton to be his convenient bride is his first task! Innocent Jo has always been there for Gianni. That doesn't mean she's in any way prepared for his proposal...and yet to save her family from bankruptcy she must say yes! But when life as Mrs Renzetti feels passionately real, can she trust herself to remember their vows were just for show?

Rules Of Their Royal Wedding Night
  • 9780263307948
  • 01-05-2023
Rules Of Their Royal Wedding Night (Hardcover)
Michelle Smart

Rule #1: They meet once a week... In the royal marriage bed! After marrying solely for convenience and to produce an heir, Crown Prince Amadeo doesn't expect to find such passion on his wedding night. He senses there's more to shy Elsbeth than she reveals, but self-controlled Amadeo cannot allow emotion to distract him from his duty... Elsbeth is prepared for a loveless union - anything's better than the cruelty she's left behind. She's unprepared for her growing anticipation of being in Amadeo's arms... But when her husband always follows the rules, how can she convince him to break them...for her?

The Cost Of Cinderella's Confession
  • 9780263307955
  • 01-05-2023
The Cost Of Cinderella's Confession (Hardcover)
Julia James

Her scandalous claim And the Italian's revenge! It takes all Ariana Killane's courage to stand up at her cousin's wedding and confess... One night with the groom, Luca Farnese, has left her pregnant! She knows the lie will incur the billionaire's wrath. Still, it's the only way to help her cousin escape an unwanted marriage... Luca is utterly outraged! Ariana will face the consequences for ruining his perfect plans. But going toe-to-toe with her is a wild, uncontrollable ride. Because as much as Luca's head seeks revenge, his body calls for the one place he and Ariana appear to agree...his bed!

The Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot
  • 9780263307962
  • 01-05-2023
The Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot (Hardcover)
Pippa Roscoe

His wife is back... Can he make sure it's for good? When Emily is called to her estranged husband's bedside after an accident, amnesia is the word on everyone's lips. But the arrogance in Javier Casas's powerful gaze tells a different story... Although Javier might wish he didn't recall the pain of Emily walking out six years ago, his memory is perfectly intact. Yet the misdiagnosis provides the ideal opportunity for him to finally discover why she left. And to remind Emily of the connection he's not ready to forget...not when every heated look makes it clear she still feels it too!

His Pregnant Desert Queen
  • 9780263307979
  • 01-05-2023
His Pregnant Desert Queen (Hardcover)
Maya Blake

From shock royal bride To carrying his baby! When the kingdom of Riyaal is tragically left without a ruler, spare heir Prince Javid must step up to settle public unrest. The notorious playboy has never dreamed of ruling - and he has certainly never imagined needing a convenient marriage to lady-in-waiting Anaïs Dupont to take his crown! Pulled from the shadows and thrust onto an undesired throne, Anaïs knows her vows to the Sheikh are destined to be temporary. Only their honeymoon sparks much more than their arrangement promised...especially when their surrender to a sizzling chemistry has a shocking consequence!

The Accidental Accardi Heir
  • 9780263307986
  • 01-05-2023
The Accidental Accardi Heir (Hardcover)
Caitlin Crews

An unforgettable encounter... To bind her to the billionaire! When Ago Accardi's brother jilts business deal bride Victoria Cameron, proud and dutiful Ago is quick to make amends. But he intended only to apologise - not to take the beautiful heiress to bed! All her life Victoria's virginity has been used as a bargaining chip by her domineering father. Her glorious night with Ago meant freedom, even if he clearly wanted nothing more to do with her. Now, months later, she must face the uncompromising Italian's reaction to her shocking news... She's having his child!

A Baby Scandal In Italy
  • 9780263307993
  • 01-05-2023
A Baby Scandal In Italy (Hardcover)
Chantelle Shaw

Her boardroom bombshell Will change their lives! Bursting into Rafael Vieri's business meeting in Rome, penniless Ivy has one goal: to get the billionaire named as her orphaned nephew's father and for him to take responsibility for his child. So she's shocked to discover she's exposed the wrong man! Bitter experience has taught Rafael to be wary of anyone trying to enter his ultra-rich world. And Ivy's claim is almost as outrageous as the instant chemistry between them. Now, to stop the truth from ripping his life apart, Rafael has no choice but to bind them all demanding Ivy wears his ring!

Stranded With My Forbidden Billionaire
  • 9780263308006
  • 01-05-2023
Stranded With My Forbidden Billionaire (Hardcover)
Lucy King

My heart is off-limits... ...but our attraction is off the charts! My brother's best friend Nick Morgan has always hated me. Then I won millions in the lottery. As my past has left me with no one to trust, super-rich financier Nick is the only person I can rely on to help me. And he's demanded I join him in paradise...on his Indian Ocean island! But no sooner do I arrive than a tropical storm has us stuck together - indefinitely! Making me aware that the hostility between us that's kept Nick out-of-bounds is morphing into a dangerously irresistible desire that I didn't see coming...

Their Icelandic Marriage Reunion
  • 9780263308808
  • 01-05-2023
Their Icelandic Marriage Reunion (Hardcover)
Sophie Pembroke

A second chance... In a far-flung place? In this Dream Destinations story, Winter and Josh were the most envied celebrity couple in Hollywood. But the world didn't see the heartbreak of them having the fairytale ? and losing it! Now, they're unexpectedly reunited in Iceland, and the press are watching! Time apart has changed them, but their undeniable connection is more magnetic than ever. Keeping their budding renewal secret adds an excitement they haven't felt in a while. Is it enough to spark a forever reunion?

Snowed In With The Billionaire
  • 9780263308815
  • 01-05-2023
Snowed In With The Billionaire (Hardcover)
Cara Colter

A blast from the past... An unexpected future? Two years ago, billionaire Trevor lost his wife and Jacey lost her best friend. Meeting each other again at an exclusive ski resort, they find a surprising attraction is revealed... But with so much heartache in their past they're determined to resist each other - until an avalanche leaves them snowed in together! Now, after putting their lives on hold for so long, Jacey's guard is starting to drop, and Trevor is daring to dream of a new life for them both...

Their Wildest Safari Dream
  • 9780263308822
  • 01-05-2023
Their Wildest Safari Dream (Hardcover)
Suzanne Merchant

Returning home... a dream come true? Stepping into the heat of the African sun is a reminder of the only place zoologist Anna ever called home. Yet her painful memories of leaving are still fresh. Seeing unrequited love Jack again sets her temperature soaring. With a fiercely shielded heart, Jack's focus has always been the Themba game reserve, but he's never forgotten Anna. Now she's back, and the chemistry they once tried to ignore is electrifying. Will it be enough to make Anna stay?

Cinderella's Second Chance In Paris
  • 9780263308839
  • 01-05-2023
Cinderella's Second Chance In Paris (Hardcover)
Michele Renae

Who said happy-ever-afters... ...only happen once? Down on her luck, widow Viviane is ready to start over. And refurbishing a beautiful Parisian conservatory is the perfect way to get her career flourishing again. But owner brooding billionaire Rezin Ricard has different ideas! Having lost his wife, and his memory, in a tragic accident, he struggles to let anyone in. As they grow closer Viv realises she must teach Rez that sometimes you have to let go in order to be found again...

No Rings Attached
  • 9780263308846
  • 01-05-2023
No Rings Attached (Hardcover)
Mona Shroff

No love. No commitment. No problem, right? Fleeing her own nuptials wasn't part of wedding planner Sangeeta Parikh's design for her life. Neither was stumbling into chef Sonny Pandya's arms, nor the video that went viral. Now they're an internet sensation! So why not fake the relationship with no commitment? Sangeeta can save face and her job, and Sonny gets needed exposure for his restaurant. It's a good plan for two commitmentphobes...until all that pretend hand-holding and kissing start to feel real.

Lord Martin's Scandalous Bluestocking
  • 9780263309409
  • 01-05-2023
Lord Martin's Scandalous Bluestocking (Hardcover)
Elizabeth Rolls

Torn apart by scandal Reunited by passion! Since Kit Selbourne scandalously broke her betrothal to Lord Martin Lacy she's become an independent woman, running her uncle's bookshop. But when her uncle is murdered Kit must turn to Martin for help - and she discovers the desire between them still burns strongly. Yet Kit is wedded to her new, free life...unless Martin can finally convince his courageous bluestocking that their marriage would be one of equals...